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Sennen Hyouka


Ice Majesty of a Thousand Years. Effects unknown as Eva immediately absorbed it with Magia Erebea.

Krustalline Basileia

氷の女王 koori no joou

Queen of Ice. The armament form of Sennen Hyouka. According to Rakan, it creates an ice bounded circle that allows the caster to cast any ice-element magic below High-class (High Ancient?) with no incantations or limitations.

Shadow / Dunamis

WIP: no other information

虚空影爪 貫手八殺 kokuu eisou, kanshu hassatsu
Void Shadow Claws, Piercing Hand of Eight Deaths

Erebea / Negi

WIP: no other information

障壁破壊掌 試作伍号 shouheki hakaishou, shisaku gogou
Shield Destruction Palm, Test Version Five

Ariadne / Yue

WIP: want some clarification before putting up a section for Ariadne magic

Delustro Torporis

麻痺解呪 mahi kaiju

Paralysis Disenchantment. Yue’s delayed auto-revive from Quintum’s lightning attack.

Scutum Floreum

戦乙女の花楯 ikusaotome no hanatate

Flower Shield of the Valkyries. A spell which seems to use summoned swords to create a defensive bounded field.

Ariadne No. 98 Instant Absolute Anti-Material Squadron Bounded Field.


着装 chakusou

Armour. Bound equipment summon spell.

Ariadne Ikusa-otome Kishidan Doukachuu


Ariadne Valkyrie Order Powered Armour. The full name for the Ariadne Valkyrie armor.


Me Armet

装剣 – souken

“My Sword!”, or Armed Sword. Summon spell to summon their Arma (刃 yaiba).


WIP: various martial techniques for the Abilities section which I haven’t updated for a while


縛鎖爆炎陣 bakusa bakuenjin
Chaining Conflagration Ward

天魔覆滅 縛鎖地網陣 tenma fukumetsu, bakusa chimoujin
Mara’s Ruination, Chaining Net Ground Ward


爆裂螺旋勁 bakuretsu rasenkei
Rupturing Spiral Force


七条大槍 無音拳 shichijou daisou muonken
Seven Great Spears, Soundless Fist

千条閃鏃 無音拳 senjou senzoku muonken
Thousand Flashing Arrows, Soundless Fist


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