A list of Western spells.

Basic Spells

  • Ardescat
  • Cura
  • Deflexio
  • Dispulso
  • Emittam
  • Lagena Signatoria
  • Lux
  • Refectio
  • Reflexio
  • Sagitta Magica
  • Vente
  • Volatio. Levatio. Scopae Volent.

Spells by Element


  • Confirmatio Glacialis
  • Crystallizatio Tellustris
  • Frigerans Exarmatio
  • Ensis Exsequens
  • Gelidus Capulus
  • Jaculatio Grandinis
  • Malleus Aquilonis
  • Mundus Gelans
  • Nivis Casus
  • Nivis Tempestas Obscurans


  • Cataracta Quae Dividit Terrum
  • Circulus Pilorum Nigrorum
  • Lapis Niger
  • Mille Gladii Obsidianii
  • Terra Findens


  • Apes Igniferae
  • Calefaciens Exarmatio
  • Captus Flammeus
  • Flagrantia Rubicans
  • Gladius Divinus Flammae Ardentis
  • Incendium Gehennae


  • Veris Tempestas Florens


  • Magna Confractio Dimensionis


  • Confirmatio Fulminans
  • Fulguratio Albicans
  • Gungnir
  • Halebarda Fulgoris
  • Jaculatio Fulgoris
  • Jaculatio Vorticis Tempestatis
  • Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens


  • Centum Lanceae Umbrae
  • Lorica Umbrae
  • Nocturna Nigredinis
  • Umbrae Septemplex Paries Anti-corporalis


  • Magna Cataracta
  • Undans Paries Aquarius
  • Vinctus Aquarius


  • Flans Carcer Venti Vertentis
  • Flans Exarmatio
  • Flans Paries Aerialis
  • Flans Paries Venti Vertentis
  • Flans Saltatio Pulverea
  • Limes Aeriales
  • Nebula Hypnotica

Other Spells


  • Acceleret
  • Maxima Acceleratio
  • Mobiliter
  • Rapide Subsistat



  • Cantus Bellax
  • Melodia Bellax
  • Vis Maxima

High Ancient


  • Pnoe Petras [Πνοη Πετρας]
  • Kakon Omma Petroseos [Κακον Ομμα Πετρωσεως]
  • Doru Petras [Δορυ Πετρας]
  • Melan Kai Sphairikon Desmoterion [Μελαν Και Σφαιρικον Δεσμωτηριον]
  • Ho Monolithos Kion Tou Haidou [Ο Μονολιθος Κιων Του Αιδου]
  • Aionian Petrosis [Αιωνιον Πετρωσις]


  • Ourania Phlogosis [Ουρανια Φλγωσις]


  • Spelaion Mikron Baru Melan [Σπηλαιον μικρον βαρυ μελαν]


  • Kosmike Katastrophe [Κοσμικη Καταστροφη]
  • Aperantos Leukos Ouranos [Απεραντος Λευκος Ουρανος]
  • Anthos Pagetou Khilion Eton [Ανθοσ Παγετου Χιλιων Ετων]


  • Dios Tukos [Διος Τυκος]
  • Khilipl Astrape [Κιλιπλ Αστραπη]
  • Dios Logche ‘Titano-ktonon’ [Διος Λογχη Τιτανο-κτονον]


  • Negi’s Ninth Combat Spell
  • Kratiste Aigis [Κρατιστη Αιγις]

Magia Erebea


  • ‘Stagnet. Complexio. Supplementum Pro Armationem.’
  • Actus Noctis Erebeae
  • Dextra
  • Sinistra
  • Duplex


  • ???
  • Agilitas Fulminis
  • Sim Fabricatus Ab Incendio
  • He Astrape Huper Ouranou Mega Dunamene [Η Αστραπη Υπερ Ουρανου Μεγα Δυναμενη]
  • Tastrapa Huper Ouranou Mega Dunamena [Ταστλαπα Υπερ Ουρανου Μεγα Δυναμενε]
  • Krustalline Basileia [Κρυσταλλινη Βασιλεια]

Negica Magia Erebea

  • Circuli Absorptionis
  • Sinus Magnus

Basic Spells

Low-level and beginner spells, generally meant for training purposes.


火よ、灯れ hi yo, tomore

“Ignite flame.” A simple but important training spell that creates a small flame. A lighter would still be faster, though.


治癒 chiyu

Recovery. A very basic healing magic effective on bruises, sprains, scratches, and cuts, and depending on the mage’s ability, scorches and frostbite. However, it cannot treat damage from powerful offensive magic.

Tui gratia Jovis gratia sit.
“The grace of Jupiter be with you.”


風楯 fuudate

Deflexion, Wind Shield. A simple anti-physical protective magic. While its actual defensive capabilities are low compared to Flans Paries Aerialis, it is much more long-lasting and can be maintained indefinitely.

The wind variant of Reflexio.


解除 kaijo

Cancel. A spell that disperses the supernatural phenomena emitted by magic. A paradoxical ‘magic that disperses magic’ that allows no exceptions, regardless of the skill of the mage.

A required study in mid-level magic at magic schools. Magic Cancel is essentially the constant and irrevocable expansion of this spell.


解放 kaihou

Release. The general activation keyword for delayed spells. With more complicated or conditioned delays, a special password may be used instead.

Lagena Signatoria

封魔の瓶 fuuma no bin

Demon-sealing Bottle. A spell, used in conjunction with a powerful magic bottle, which can imprison and render powerless spiritually powerful existence such as demons or spirits. Through a combination of two geometric rituals,

  • Pentagram: the power of purification; protection against evil spirits
  • Hexagram: the power to turn away daemons; the union of spirit and flesh, fire and water

the power of the target is restrained, and it is sealed inside the vessel. This is a simple spell by itself, and can be performed even by complete novices.

As spiritually powerful beings can survive even the destruction of the body, it is more practical to attempt to seal them; however, spells do exist which can completely annihilate them.

Hexagramma et pentagramma, malos spiritus sigillent.
“Six-pointed star and five-pointed star, seal the malignent spirit.”


光よ hikari yo

“Light.” A simple training spell that causes light to emit. While not by any means a combat spell, the light is bright enough to temporarily blind at close range.


活力全快 katsuryoku zenkai

Full Vitality. A simple magic of refreshment and recovery from exhaustion. Negi used a scented flower as a catalyst to achieve this effect.

Fragrantia floris, meis amicis vigorem, vitalitatem, auram salutarem.
“Fragrance of the flowers, give good health, vitality, and a wind of vigour to my comrades.”


氷楯 hyoudate

Reflexion, Ice Shield. A simple anti-physical protective magic.

Unlike its wind variant Deflexio, this spell can reflect attacks.

Sagitta Magica

魔法の射手 mahou no shashu

Magic Archer. A basic attack spell taught at all magic schools which summons lower elemental spirits and fires them at the target.

This is one of two combat-oriented spells taught at all magic schools, the other being Exarmatio-type spells.


風よ kaze yo

“Wind.” A simple training spell that creates a sudden gust of wind. While lacking in force, it can for example reduce momentum while falling and soften landings, making it useful in unexpected situations – suddenly being transported four thousand metres into the air, for instance.

Vente nos.
“Winds, to us.”

A wide-area variation of the same spell.

Volatio. Levitatio. Scopae Volent.

風行。浮遊。箒よ飛べ。 Hikou. Fuyuu. Houki yo tobe.

“Fly! Float! Broom, take flight!” The simpliest and most basic component of flight magic. Trained mages like Negi, Anya or the Ariadne novices do not need to give specific commands (in other words, spells) to their flying brooms or staves except in emergencies.


Generally offensive spells involving solidification and ice-based attacks.

Confirmatio Glacialis

氷結武器強化 hyouketsu buki kyouka

Freezing Weapon Reinforcement. A spell used by Beatrix that seems to add an offensive elemental effect on the caster’s weapon.

Crystallizatio Tellustris

凍おる大地 kooru daichi

Frozen Earth. An attack spell that shoots a giant icicle from the ground. Aside from possible blunt and piercing damage, the target can be directly frozen to the pillar, restricting movement. While highly effective against a ground target, as the pillar is created from a bounded field placed on the ground, it has a range limit, rendering it fairly useless against airborne opponents.

Veniant spiritus glaciales, extendantur aeri tundram et glaciem loci noctis albae.
“Come spirits of ice, filll the atmosphere. Bring the frozen soil and the glacier of the arctic night.”

Ensis Exsequens

断罪の剣 danzai no tsurugi

Executioner sword, the Sword of Conviction. A high-level, extremely destructive attack spell, taking the form of a glowing ‘blade’ extending from the arm, which forcibly initiates phase change in certain substances, turning solids into liquid and gas, essentially vaporising any substance within range.

The process of vaporisation would generally be assumed to be an increase of temperature; however, in order to absorb the large amount of vaporisation heat and the latent heat of fusion, the temperature radically decreases. Therefore, even if the initial forced phase change was magically resisted, the target will be exposed to an extreme cold wave due to absorption of the enthalpy of fusion by the surrounding air, making this a two-fold lethal attack.

(The substance undergoing phase change does not experience a temperature increase as these are all latent heat. Thus, it is possible to cause, at one atmosphere down, the anomalous phenomenon of steam and vapour at -25 degrees Celsius. The magic’s effect weakens once the the substance has undergone phase change, allowing it to steadily release its latent heat, turning it back into mist and dust.)

Dissimilar to most cold-based spells, which generally work by freezing and solidifying the target; this magic works in reverse by reducing temperature with an induced phase change. Thus, cold-based magic is also capable of vaporisation in addition to solidification, though performing this would require a mage on the level of Evangeline, who can use this spell to match even the output of Negi’s Titano-ktonon.

断罪の剣 未完成
Imperfectus Ensis Exsequens
“Incomplete Sword of Conviction.”

Negi’s first attempt at the spell. Note that, as Evangeline can use this spell effortlessly unincanted, its full incantation has never been revealed.

Gelidus Capulus

凍てつく氷柩 itetsuku hyoukyuu

Freezing Ice Coffin. It seems to be a similar spell to Crystallizatio Tellustris, creating a giant icicle from a bounded field placed on the ground. The pillar then completely encases and traps the target, similar to the effect of Kosmike Krustallopegia.

Frigerans Exarmatio

氷結武装解除 hyouketsu busou kaijo

Freezing Disarmament. A disarming spell that freezes and shatters the target’s armaments; at the same time, it requires careful manipulation of mana to prevent direct damage to the target. As the spell cannot destroy metallic or other hard materials, the most that can be managed is having them fly off.

The ice variant of Calefaciens Exarmatio and Flans Exarmatio.

Jaculatio Grandinis

氷槍弾雨 hyousou danu

Hail of Spears. An attack spell which summons and shoots down dense packs of ice spears. Individually, each warhead is more powerful than regular ice projectiles; however, because it takes the physical form of spears, the practical applications of this spell are limited by ballistics.

The ice variant of Jaculatio Fulgoris.

Malleus Aquilonis

氷神の戦鎚 hyoujin no sentsui

Warhammer of the Ice God. An attack spell which crushes the target with a giant mass of ice.

The creation and manipulation of ice being the cornerstone of cold-based magic, this is an extremely simple spell, its only real advantange being the massive force it can bring down on the target.

Mundus Gelans

こおるせかい kooru sekai

Freezing World. An attack spell which encases the target area with ice.

Both the chant and effect suggests that this is the incomplete version of Kosmike Katastrophe but the name and incantation are rendered in Latin.

In pactione mane et oboedite mihi, regina glaciei.
“Obey the contract, obey me, queen of ice.”

Venite, tenebrae sempternae, glacialium aeternum.
“Come, everlasting darkness, the eternal glacier. ”

Omnia in magnifice carceri glaciei includite.
“Shut all within an enchanting prison of ice.”

Nivis Casus

氷爆 hyoubaku

Avalanche. Ice Blast. A highly lethal attack spell which instantaneously creates and launches a large-volume sphere of ice at the target, bursting on contact and causing blunt trauma, frostbite, and at close range, hypothermia – assuming the target is not frozen outright.

“Burst forth, freezing breath.”

Nivis Tempestas Obscurans

闇の吹雪 yami no fubuki

Snowstorm of Darkness. An attack spell which combines the forces of ice and darkness into a directed, tornado-like attack.

The ice variant of Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens; however, as the true nature of darkness spells are unknown, the actual force of this spell is also unknown.

Veniant spiritus glaciales obscurantes.
“Come, spirits of ice and darkness.”

Cum obscurationi flet tempestas nivalis.
“Attended by the darkness, let an endless night of ice and snow blow forth.”


Cataracta Quae Dividit Terrum

地を裂く爆流 chi wo saku bakuryuu

Earth-rending Torrent. A spell which seems to make magma burst through the ground at the target area.

Circulus Pilorum Nigrorum

万象貫く黒杭の円環 banshou tsuranuku kokkui no enkan

Ring of Black Stakes Piercing All Creation. A spell which summons a massive swarm of petrification stakes.

Lapis Niger

黒き飛礫 kuroki tsubute

Thrown Black Rock. It seems to be a physical projectile attack on the level of a Sagitta Magica. Collet can fire this spell unincanted.

Mille Gladii Obsidianii

千刃黒耀剣 senjin kokuyouken

Thousand Obsidian Swords. A spell which summons numerous black swords. Fate can seemingly control them via psychokinesis.

Terra Findens

引き裂く大地 hikisaku daichi

Tearing Earth. An extremely powerful and large-scale spell which summons a torrent of lava.

The Japanese incantation and in-story usage suggests a High Ancient spell on par with Khilipl Astrape, but the name is rendered in Latin.

“Obey the contract, obey me, king of hades.”

“Come cracking the earth, torrent of scorching heat engulfing the furthest reaches.”

滾れ、迸れ、 赫灼たる亡びの地神。
“Seethe, surge forth, earth god of brilliant burning ruination.”


Flame-based spells are destructive by nature, igniting, incinerating, or vaporising the target.

Apes Igniferae

紅蓮蜂 gurenbachi

Crimson Bees. An attack spell which looks similar to Sagitta Magica, but instead launching wasp-like projectiles which can cause explosions large enough to engulf the Great Paru-sama.

契約により我に従え。炎の精霊 集い来たりて〔・・・〕
“Obey the contract and serve me. Gather, spirits of flame…”

Calefaciens Exarmatio

熱波武装解除 neppa busou kaijo

Heat Wave Disarmament. A disarming spell that heats and vaporises the target’s equipment. Naturally, this will not work on metallic and earthenware objects, so at the same time, it applies heat-resistance magic to avoid direct damage to the target’s flesh. Due to this, it requires complicated manipulation of energy.

The flame variant of Flans Exarmatio and Frigerans Exarmatio.

Captus Flammeus

紫炎の捕らえ手 shien no toraete

Violet Fiery Capturing Hand. A capture spell that creates a cylindrical pillar of flame around the target, maintained by a bounded field that can only be broken by magic. As it is not an offensive spell, the flames will not directly burn the target, but the heat inside the field is enough to cause hyperthermia, hindering blood circulation in the brain.

The flame variant of Vinctus Aquarius.

Ex somno exsistat exurens Salamandra inimicum involvat igne.
“Awaken and appear, flaming salamander, cover the enemy with fire.”

(An exemplary alliterative incantation: ex- ex- ex-, in- in- ig-.)

Flagrantia Rubicans

紅き焔 akaki honoo

Red Blaze. A mid-level destruction spell that burns the target with intense flames and heat.

The flame variant of Fulguratio Albicans.

Omne flammans flamma purgatus, domine extinctionis et signum regenerationis, in mea manu ens inimicum edat.
“Flame of purification which burns all, lord of destruction and mark of rebirth, reside in my hand and devour my enemy.”

Gladius Divinus Flammae Ardentis

燃え盛る炎の神剣 moesakaru honoo no shinken

Divine Sword of Blazing Conflagration. A spell which summons a giant flaming pillar-shaped sword-like weapon.

The flame variant of Gungnir?

“Open the nine locks, and come forth from the hoard of Lægjarn.”

The incantation is a reference to the weapon Lævateinn from Norse mythology.

Incendium Gehennae

奈落の業火 naraku no gouka

Hellfire of Purgatory. It appears to create a large explosion of black flames at the target area.

The name refers to Gehinom, the understanding of “Hell” in the Vulgate New Testiment.

Agite, tenebrae abyssi, ensis incendens.
“Come, darkness of the abyss, the blazing greatsword.”

Et incendium caliginis umbrae inimicitiae destrunctionis ultionis.
“And darkness and shadow and hatred and destruction, the flame of vengeance.”

Incendant et me et eum, sint solum incendentes.
“Burning me and burning them, it is simply that which burns everything to cinders.”


Veris Tempestas Florens

春の嵐 haru no arashi

Storm of Spring. A wide-area hypnotic spell that induces loss of consciousness. A military-grade spell.

Veniant, spiritus terreteres florentes, cum flore somniali sub caelo percurrant una tempestas.
“Come, spirits of earth and bloom, accompanied by the enchanting flowers under the green sky, let a storm crash down.”


重力魔法 juuryoku mahou

A powerful branch of magic with a wide range of applications; essentially, it is the ability to distort, or curve space-time by manipulating gravity. The only known user, Albireo Imma, uses this magic to manipulate mass, crushing the enemy through brute force, and naturally generating micro-black holes.

The natural enemy of barrier-type magic, due to the large difference in energy requirement between “generating a black hole” and “maintaining a personal dimension which contains a black hole, breaking all physical laws inside the space.”

Magna Confractio Dimensionis

大次元破り daijigen yaburi

Great Dimension Breaker. Rakan’s on-the-spot spell, copied from Albireo, that warped and shattered the fourth dimension.

Apparently, they had been in a similar situation before, and Albireo was the one who broke them out.


As the spells are powered by lightning spirits, they have an electrifying effect on impact, which can stun living targets.

Confirmatio Fulminans

雷撃武器強化 raigeki buki kyouka

Shocking Weapon Reinforcement. A spell used by Yue that seems to add an offensive elemental effect on the caster’s weapon.

Fulguratio Albicans

白き雷 shiroki ikadzuchi

White Lightning. A mid-level destruction spell that emits an intense electric attack on the target. While ineffective against constructs, it wields tremendous power against living beings.

The lightning variant of Flagrantia Rubicans.

Unus fulgor concidens noctem, in mea manu ens inimicum edat.
“Bolt of light which cleaves the dark night, reside in my hand and devour the enemy.”


轟き渡る雷の神槍 todoroki wataru ikadzuchi no shinsou

Divine Spear of Thunderous Lightning. A spell which summons a giant spear of lightning. According to Quintum, it is the lightning spell with the greatest penetrating power.

The lightning variant of Gladius Divinus Flammae Ardentis?

“Come forth with the grace of Yggdrasil, piercing one.”

Halebarda Fulgoris

魔杖雷鉾槍 majou ikadzuchi bousou

Magic Staff Lightning Halberd. The spell used by Negi to turn his staff into a Lightning Form halberd.

Jaculatio Fulgoris

雷の投擲 ikadzuchi no touteki

Thrown Lightning. An attack spell which summons and shoots down electric spears. Individually, each warhead is more powerful than regular lightning projectiles and very destructive. However, because it takes the physical form of spears (a ballistic body) it is easier to avoid, unlike a direct attack such as Fulguratio Albicans.

The lightning variant of Jaculatio Grandinis.

Locos umbrae regnans, Scathach, in manum meam det jaculum daemonum cum spinis triginta.
“Ruler of the land of shadows, Scathach, grant into my hand your thirty-barbed demonic spear.”

The incantation is a reference to the cursed spear Gáe Bulg from Irish mythology.

Jaculatio Vorticis Tempestatis

巨神ころしII「暴風の螺旋槍」 kyojin koroshi TSUU ‘boufuu no rasensou’

Titano-ktonon II, Windstorm Spiral Spear. A variation of Negi’s original Titano-ktonon spell, merging Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens with Jaculatio Fulgoris.

Emittam et stagnet, Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens, Jaculatio Fulgoris, unisonent.
“Release and fixate, Windstorm of Lightning, Thrown Lightning, technique synthesis.”

Like the original spell, Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens can similarly be released:

Emissa, turbo fulgoris perforantis.
“Release, tempest of gouging lightning.”

Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens

雷の暴風 ikadzuchi no boufuu

Windstorm of Lightning. An attack spell which combines the forces of wind and lightning into a directed, tornado-like attack. Due to the concentrated nature of the attack, and his own speed of casting, Negi managed to overcome Chao Ringshen’s wide-area High Ancient attack using this spell despite their difference in power.

When used by a high-class mage like Nagi, this spell has enough force to blow apart a mountain.

The lightning variant of Nivis Tempestas Obscurans.

Veniant, spiritus aeriales fulgurientes.
“Come, spirits of lightning and wind.”

Cum fulgurationi flet tempestas austrina.
“Entwined with lightning, let a storm of the southern seas blow forth.”


操影術 soueijutsu

The technique of using shadows given physical form. Takane D. Goodman uses this magic to create shadow familiars who can take up a number of roles in combat. As she calls on low-level demons and spirits to possess the shadow bodies, Takane’s technique is closer to Eastern shikigami than normal Western familiars.

Before the advances of modern optics, mirrors and shadows possessed strong magical meaning; the shadow was distinct from the form from which it was cast from, and was perceived as another ‘physical form’ of the person. The shadow is a “path” or “gate” to a turbalence expanding without limits – thus, it is a pathway to the alien world. Evangeline used this symbolic trait of shadows to move from Mahora to Kyoto through a Shadow Gate.

Centum Lanceae Umbrae

百の影槍 hyaku no eisou

Hundred Shadow Spears. An attack spell which gives physical form to shadow ‘spears’ allowing them to penetrate magic shields.

Lorica Umbrae

影の鎧 kage no yoroi

Shadow Armour. A spell that creates ‘armour’ appearing to be clothes but increases defensive capabilities threefold, or up to seven times if applied directly onto the skin.

Nocturna Nigredinis

黒衣の夜想曲 kokui no yasoukyoku

Black Cloth Nocturne. The most powerful close-combat technique in shadow magic: a physical shadow familiar that surrounds the mage and mimics her own actions, allowing powerful melee attacks – at the same time, the familiar acts as an automated, absolute defense system. Once the familiar is summoned, the mage will no longer require any further protection.

However, the familiar will only respond to clearly offensive actions; this weakness is exploited when Negi simply placed his hand on Takane, unleashing a delayed Sagitta Magica at point-blank range.

Umbrae Septemplex Paries Anti-corporalis

影布七重 対物障壁 eibu nanae taibutsu shouheki

Seven-fold Shadow Cloth Anti-Physical Barrier. An anti-physical defensive spell used by Kagetarou which draws multiple layers of shields around the mage.


Magna Cataracta

水精大瀑布 suisei daibakufu

Water Spirit’s Great Waterfall A spell which summons a large-volume pillar of water. Due to the height it is called forth from and its large mass and potential energy, it can be very destructive.

Undans Paries Aquarius

水流障壁 suiryuu shouheki

Water Current Barrier. A defensive shield spell which surrounds the mage and can stop a 10-ton truck. Due to its element, it is also effective against heat and drought.

The water variant of Flans Paries Aerialis, with roughly the same protective power.

Vinctus Aquarius

流水の縛り手 ryuusui no shibarite

Flowing Binding Hand. A capture spell that creates a cylindrical pillar of water around the target. While it is not an offensive magic, the oxygen concentration within the pillar is entirely dependent on the mage – any targets caught in the spell can be asphyxiated.

The water variant of Captus Flammeus, but comparatively much more lethal.

目醒め現れ 、浪立つる水妖、水床に敵を沈めん。
Ex somno exsistat exudans Undina inimicum immergat in alveum.
“Let the wave-borne undine awaken and appear now, submerging the enemy into the depths.”

(An exemplary alliterative incantation: ex- ex- ex- ex-, in- im- in-.)


Wind spells accel at the manipulation of gases, and are generally defensive in nature.

Flans Carcer Venti Vertentis

風花旋風 風牢壁 fuuka senpuu fuurouheki

Flowering Whirlwind, Prison of Wind. A capture spell that creates a tornado around the target, who will remained unharmed – so long as a forced escape through the intense air currents is not attempted.

The offensive variant of Flans Paries Venti Vertentis.

Vertatur tempestas aestiva, illis carcarem circumvertentem.
“Surging storm of spring, give them a tornado prison.”

Flans Exarmatio

風花武装解除 fuuka busou kaijo

Flowering Disarmament. A disarming spell that blows away the target’s equipment with a strong wind, and turns cloth or other soft material into flowers. Obviously, as a non-lethal attack, the wind will never be strong enough to lift someone off their feet.

This is one of two combat-oriented spells taught at all magic schools, the other being Sagitta Magica. Due to his own inexperience, Negi has a chance of causing this spell by sneezing.

The wind variant of Calefaciens Exarmatio and Frigerans Exarmatio.

Flans Paries Aerialis

風花 風陣壁 fuuka fuujinheki

Flowering Wind Ward Barrier. A defensive shield spell which surrounds the mage and can stop a 10-ton truck. However, two weaknesses exist in that the effect only lasts an instant, and the spell cannot be used repeatedly.

Before coming to Mahora, Negi used to have this spell deployed around him at all times.

The wind variant of Undans Paries Aquarius.

Flans Paries Venti Vertentis

風花旋風 風障壁 fuuka senpuu fuushouheki

Flowering Whirlwind, Barrier of Wind. A defensive spell that creates a tornado around the mage, using the intense air currents as a protection against outside threats. This effect can last from two to three minutes.

Vertatur tempestas veris. Nobis protectionem aerialem.
“Surging storm of spring, give us the protection of the wind.”

Flans Saltatio Pulverea

風花 風塵乱舞 fuuka fuujin ranbu

Flowering Boisterous Dancing Dust. A spell that creates a strong gust. While it has little offensive power, the strength of the wind is considerable.

Flet, una vente.
“Blow forth, gust of wind.”

Limes Aeriales

風陣結界 fuujin kekkai

Wind Ward Bounded Field. A defensive spell which erects a mid-scale magic shield. The shield uses air currents to defend against attacks using air as a medium – fire, cold waves, gases, pressure, and such. However, even compared to other wind-based spells, this is a basic magic that does not have the potential energy to hold against large-volume solid bodies.

Elementa aerialia, venti spirantes, cito adeuntes ab inimicis meis me defendant.
“Spirits of the atmosphere, the breathing wind, come quickly and protect us from our enemies.”

Nebula Hypnotica

眠りの霧 nemuri no kiri

Mist of Sleep. A spell which creates a mist capable of making all opponents caught inside it to fall asleep. The hypnotic effect of the mist is quite strong seeing as even Ako and Akira (half-vampirised and thus highly resilient to magic and status effects) were instantly knocked out. As the mist spreads relatively slowly, it can be easily avoided in outdoor areas, but the spell is fearsome in enclosed spaces.

Aer to aqua, facti nebula illis somnum brevem.
“Atmosphere and water, become a white mist, give them a moment of repose.”


飛行魔法 hikou mahou

The power to fly, also referred to as Levitation (浮遊術 fuyuujutsu). While flight magic is generally enabled through a broomstick or staff, it is possible for it to be used stand-alone. However, a staff or broom can carry multiple passengers, while maintaining a speed comparable to an automobile.

As flight is simple to perform for even novices, only in emergency situations will mages directly order their brooms or staves. However, though it is considered a basic technique, magically enabled flight is subtly complex and requires many precautions – for example, magic to prevent from slipping off if using a broom, or perception inhibition magic to prevent ordinary people from noticing the mage.


加速 kasoku

Accelerate. A command to increase flying speed.

Maxima Acceleratio

最大加速 saidai kasoku

Greatest Acceleration. A command to fly at the highest speed. Negi reached a speed of 64.2kts (~119km/h) using this command.

Mea Virga

杖よ tsue yo

“My staff”. Rather than the mage telepathically recalling the staff, this spell commands the staff to return by itself.


高速機動 kousoku kidou

High Speed Maneuver. A command for higher performance, allowing the broom to make faster and sharper actions. Like Rapide Subsistat, this is not a spell for normal usage.

Rapide Subsistat

急速停止 kyuusoku teishi

Rapid Halt. A command to the broom similar to an emergency brake. Due to the added emphasis of magically-powered words from the mage, the broom can perform and react faster than normal.


扉 tobira

Gate. Due to being a very high-level technique, it is the norm for each to be personally crafted. There are quite a few variations, some involving the use of water or shadows as a medium.

Only a handful of extremely powerful mages can use this magic on a personal level.


強化 kyouka

By chanelling mana into their own bodies, mages can physically strengthen themselves. In the most basic form practised by almost all mages daily, this grants a mage above-average athletic ability and strength. For example: Negi, ten years old and carrying all his luggage, was able to keep up with Asuna running at almost car speed.

Cantus Bellax

戦いの歌 tatakai no uta

Song of Battle. A form of physical reinforcement used by a mage in preparation for close combat. Aside from providing a long-lasting anti-physical shield, this magic also exponentially increases muscle tension, allowing greater power, speed and endurance; it also increases the flexibility of muscles and tendons to prevent the mage damaging himself from overexertion. In addition, the mage’s reflexes are enhanced by a moderate increase in the stimulation of the nervous system.

Previously, Negi had to forcibly make a contract with himself to divert large amounts of mana back to his own body – a magic based on the Pactio’s mana supply system. This is the completed form of the technique which Eva taught him.

Melodia Bellax

戦いの旋律 tatakai no senritsu

Melody of Battle. A more advanced form of Cantus Bellax used to achieve extremely high agility by supplying mana to all parts of the body.

Melodia bellax de bi-festinando.
“Melody of Battle, Double Speed Fist.”

Vis Maxima

最大出力 saidai shutsuryoku

Greatest Output. The spell to draw out the maximum performance of reinforcement magic such as Cantus Bellax. Due to the increase in mana upkeep requirements, the duration of this spell is fairly short.

High Ancient

上位古代語 joui kodaigo

The term for high-level magic, with incantations spoken in Ancient Greek.


Pnoe Petras [Πνοη Πετρας]

石の息吹 ishi no ibuki

Breath of Stone. An attack spell which releases a cloud of poison gas, petrifying all living beings in contact with it.

Basiliske, galeote meta kokto podon kai kakoin ommatoin.
“Little king, the eight-legged lizard, owner of the evil eyes.”

Pnoen tou iou ton chronon parairousan.
“Breath out the time-stealing poison.”

The incantation refers to the Basiliskos of Greek mythology.

Kakon Omma Petroseos [Κακον Ομμα Πετρωσεως]

石化の邪眼 sekika no jagan

Evil Eye of Petrification. An attack spell which releases a beam of light from the fingers, petrifying all living and nonliving beings in contact with it. Due to the concentrated nature of the attack, it has a smaller effective range compared to Pnoe Petras, but it is capable of penetrating magic shields. The beam itself is also physically destructive, shown to be able to easily cut through wood.

Basiliske, galeote meta kokto podon kai kakoin ommatoin.
“Little king, the eight-legged lizard, owner of the evil eyes.”

To phos emei kheiri kathias toi kakoi dergmati toxeusato.
“Let that light reside in my hand, and shoot forth the ruinous gaze.”

The incantation refers to the Basiliskos of Greek mythology.

Doru Petras [Δορυ Πετρας]

石の槍 ishi no yari

Spear of Stone. An attack spell that launches a stone warhead at the target.

To teichos dierxastho.
“Penetrate the barrier.”

The above is a special modifier for anti-barrier penetration, and not generally part of the spell’s incantation. Fate’s attack on Evangeline in Kyoto consisted of a barrier-breaker, a gate, an attack spell, and spell delay.

Melan Kai Sphairikon Desmoterion [Μελαν Και Σφαιρικον Δεσμωτηριον]

黒き牢球 kuroki roukyuu

Black Sphere Prison. A capture spell in which the target is first covered in asphalt to restrict movement, then sealed within a shrinking spherical bounded field. This spell is powerful enough to trap dragons and other massive, spiritually powerful beings.

Without special means of sustaining life, the target will asphyxiate once the asphalt hardens.

Ho Monolithos Kion Tou Haidou [Ο Μονολιθος Κιων Του Αιδου]

冥府の石柱 meifu no sekichuu

Pillar of the Underworld. An attack spell which summons large-volume stone pillars; a high-level mage can control these pillars through psychokinesis. While summoned by magic, the pillar itself cannot be defended against via anti-magic shields. However, the mass of the pillar means that it is almost impossible to deflect with anti-physical shields.

O, Tartaros keimenon Basileion necron. Phainsastos hemin.
“Oh, the temple of the sleeping dead beneath the earth. Appear from below us.”

Aionion Petrosis [Αιωνιον Πετρωσις]

永久石化 eikyuu sekika

Eternal Petrification. An attack spell which releases a beam of light from the fingers, petrifying all living and nonliving beings in contact with it. While the petrification caused by Pnoe Petras and Kakon Omma Petroseos can be magically countered or canceled, this spell is comparatively even more dangerous, as its effect is semipermanent. It would require calling on spirits on a divine level of power to undo this spell.


Ourania Phlogosis [Ουρανια Φλγωσις]

燃える天空 moeru tenku

Burning Sky. The most powerful spell in the fire element. An annihilation spell which incinerates the target area with extreme temperature fire.

The flame variant of Kosmike Katastrophe; however, this spell is comparatively easier.

To sumbolaion diakoneto moi, ho turanne phlogos. Epigenetheto, phlox catharseos, phlogine romphaia.
“Obey the contract, obey me, tyrant of flame. Come, flame of purification, the burning greatsword.”

Rheusanton, pur kai theion, ha epephlegon Sodoma. Hamartolous eis choun thanatou.
“Flow out, the fire and sulfur burning Sodom, turn the sinners into the dust of death”


Spelaion Mikron Baru Melan [Σπηλαιον μικρον βαρυ μελαν]

小さく重く黒い洞 chiisaku omoku kuroi hokora

Small Heavy Black Hole. An attack spell which managed to instantly obliterate a part of Dunamis, presumably through his shield.


Kosmike Katastrophe [Κοσμικη Καταστροφη]

おわるせかい owaru sekai

Ending World. The most powerful spell in the ice element. An annihilation spell which completely encases the target area in ice via a bounded space extending 150 feet in all directions, with a temperature of absolute zero. Upon the completion of the incantation, the frozen target area is completely shattered. Due to the extreme low temperatures reached, this magically-induced phenomenon goes against the second law of thermodynamics and reaches the realm of superfluidity and quantum hydrodynamics.

The ice variant of Ourania Phlogosis; however, this is comparatively a more difficult spell.

To sumbolaion diakoneto moi, he krustalline basileia. Epigenetheto, taionion erebos, aionie krustalle.
“Obey the contract, obey me, queen of ice. Come, everlasting darkness, the eternal glacier.”

Pasais zoais ton ison thanaton, hos ataraxia.
“All living things die equally. That is peace.”

The first verse (up until “…eternal glacier”) can technically be used stand-alone, in which case the spell would be Kosmike Krustallopegia [Κοσμικη Κρυσταλλοπηγια] (こおるせかい Freezing World). When she still wandered the world as a wanted fugitive, Eva would use this spell against the bounty-hunters who came after her; for those who were hesitant to fight a ‘child’ or afraid to be killed, she would omit the second verse.

Aperantos Leukos Ouranos [Απεραντος Λευκος Ουρανος]

終わりなく白き九天 owarinaku shiroki kyuuten

Endless White Ninth Heaven. An original spell created by Eva specifically for use against the disciples of the Lifemaker. A wide-range spell centered around a ‘white rose’, a tornado of lightning-ice, whose vines lock on to and pursue soulless beings. Once caught, the entire area around the target, including any shields, are continually frozen. Eva comments that the targets are left conscious so that they can experience the horror for all eternity.

The obvious weakness is that it only works against ‘puppets’ and it is questionable whether it has any effects on other targets aside from the raw scale of the spell (and freezing effect).

Hupakoson ten diatheken, akouson me, aionia basilisa, tou skotous kai tes chionos.
“Obey the contract, answer me, darkness, ice and snow, the queen of eternity.”

Anthismena leuka rhoda, tou pag kipos atermonos en hupnoi.
“The coursing white rose of ice, the sleeping eternal garden.”

Epigenetheto, taionion erebos, aionie krustalle.
“Come, everlasting darkness, the eternal glacier.”

Meta tou psuchrou keraunou, sullamb ta apsukha upokheimena.
“Imprison the soulless puppets with frozen lightning.”

Thaumaste galene, leuka rhoda anthismena aionion desmoterion.
“The enchanting tranquility, the eternal prison of white roses blooming in profusion.”

Anthos Pagetou Khilion Eton [Ανθοσ Παγετου Χιλιων Ετων]

千年氷華 sennen hyouka

Ice Majesty of a Thousand Years. Effects are unknown as the spell was immediately absorbed by Eva.


Dios Tukos [Διος Τυκος]

雷の斧 ikadzuchi no fu

Axe of Zeus, the Axe of Lightning. An offensive spell which destroys the target with an intense electric attack. While the attack has a limited area of effect, its short incantation makes it very effective at close to medium range.

Kenotetos astrapsato de temeto.
“Come, lightning of the void, cut down.”

Khilipl Astrape [Κιλιπλ Αστραπη]

千の雷 sen no ikadzuchi

Thousand Thunderbolts. The most powerful spell in the lightning element. An extreme-range annihilation spell that strikes the target area with lightning.

As its power output is over ten times beyond Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens, it accordingly requires an immense amount of energy.

To sumbolaion diakoneto moi, basileu Ouranionion. Epigenetheto, aithalous keraune hos Titenas phetheirein.
“Obey the contract, obey me, king of the high palace. Come, blazing fulmination, destroyer of Titans.”

Ekatontakis kai khilias astrapsato.
“Lightning surging together one hundred times and one thousand times, dash forth.”

Negi’s spirit reinforcement incantation:

Jactum extendentes circuli exsistant. Captent objecta a primum ad decimum. Area constet.
“Remote support, expand ritual circle. One to ten, target acquisition. Range confirmed.”

Intus se premant spiritus ad pressuram criticalem.
“Internal spirits, continue buildup until critical force.”

Tribus… duobus… modo. Capturam disjungens omnes spiritus fulgurales fortissime emittam.
“3… 2… critical. All lightning spirits, full power release.”

Dios Logche ‘Titano-ktonon’ [Διος Λογχη Τιτανο-κτονον]

雷神槍「巨神ころし」 raijinsou ‘kyojin koroshi’

Spear of the Lightning God, ‘Titan Slayer.’ An original spell created by Negi, achieved via Magia Erebea – that is, spell delay. By merging Khilipl Astrape into the spear form of Jaculatio Fulgoris, this spell concentrates the intense destructive power of Khilipl Astrape into a focused “spike”.

Duabus emissae, dextra stagnans ‘Khilipl Astrape,’ sinistra stagnans ‘Jaculatio Fulgoris”.
“Both hands release, right hand fixate ‘Thousand Thunderbolts,’ left hand fixate ‘Thrown Lightning’.”

“Technique synthesis.”

The Khilipl Astrape contained within the spear can be unleashed as a point-blank attack.

Emittens Dios Logche, Khiliplen Astrapen producam.
“Release, Spear of the Lightning God, bring forth the Thousand Thunderbolts.”

A variant of the Khilipl Astrape release using “black lightning” has also been demonstrated:

Kokuryuu Raigou.
“The black dragon lightning comes.”

Negi also created a new variant based on synthesising Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens and Jaculatio Fulgoris, called Jaculatio Vorticis Tempestatis.


Negi’s Ninth Combat Spell

Once a being has reached a certain level of spiritual rank, it can survive even the destruction of its flesh and blood. Against these beings, the normal practise is to use spells like Lagena Signatoria to seal their existence, rendering them powerless. However, it is possible to completely annihilate them; the last combat spell Negi learned is one such spell. Most likely, this spell is one which greatly damages the spirit of its target – in other words, the basis of its existence, the soul.

Kratiste Aigis [Κρατιστη Αιγις]

最強防護 saikyo bougo

Strongest Protection. An extremely powerful anti-physical and anti-magical, wide-area protection spell with multiple layers of bounded fields, wards and ritual circles.

Negi’s wind-based defensive spells have their roots in this Aigis (meaning “violent windstorm”), the shield of the goddess Athene and embossed with the head of Medousa, “the guardian.”

Magia Erebea

闇の魔法 yami no mahou

Darkness cannot come from the light, but light can spring from the shadows. The dark is not the opposite of the light; the dark is an immense, all-encompassing power that devours even that which opposes it. This is the basis of Dark Magic. Named for Erebos, the primordial God of Darkness in Greek mythology, it is a forbidden technique developed, but never perfected, by the Dark Evangel and fueled by negative emotions: fear, malice, anger, hatred.

Within the darkness, differences fade and everything is one and the same: obscure. In achieving Magia Erebea, the biggest threat is that even the mage himself can be swallowed by the darkness. “To find oneself beyond the shadows” – by confronting himself in a meeting with the anima (for Negi, ‘Evangeline’) the mage has stepped through into dark chaos. Thus, he has achieved Magia Erebea, the primordial encompassing power of the darkness.


装填 souten

Charge. The keyword to take in and spiritually fuse with a mage’s released Mana – in other words, the spell.

‘Stagnet. Complexio. Supplementum Pro Armationem.’

固定。掌握。魔力充填「術式兵装」 Kotei. Shouaku. Maryoku juuten ‘jutsushiki heisou’.

Fixate. Seize. Mana Charge ‘Technique Armament.’

The essential commands added at the end of another incantation which allow the mage to absorb the spell to augment himself. A form of spell delay. However, taking the concept of spell delay one step further, the mage’s soul, or spiritual existence, contains then actually fuses with the spirit of the spell.

Stagnet: the released spell is concentrated into a sphere
Complexio: the mage uses one hand to ‘hold’ the sphere and absorb it

With the insanity of absorbing one’s own offensive magic and allowing it to devour the soul and body, the mage gains incredible power many times beyond normal.

A failed fusion will result in the spell’s spirit rampaging through the mage physically and mentally.

Actus Noctis Erebeae

闇き夜の型 kurakiyoru no kata

Form of the Dark Night. A training method for Magia Erebea.


Commands for the right arm and its loaded spell.

Dextra Emittam
右腕解放 – Right Arm Release

Dextra Emissa Stagnet
右腕解放固定 – Right Arm Release and Fixate

Dextra Stagnans
右腕固定 – Right Arm Fixate


Commands for the left arm and its loaded spell.

Sinistra Emittam
左腕解放 – Left Arm Release

Sinistra Emissa Stagnet
左腕解放固定 – Left Arm Release and Fixate

Sinistra Stagnans
左腕固定 – Left Arm Fixate


Commands for both arms and loaded spells.

Duplex Complexio
双腕掌握 – Both Hands Seize

Duabus Emissae
双腕解放 – Both Hands Release


術式兵装 jutsushiki heisou

Technique Armament. Supplement for armament – loading another spell as a ‘charge’ to augment the power of the mage.

The basis of Armationem spells is allowing the mage to take on aspects of the absorbed spell – the principe de participation of Lucien Levy-Bruhl: “round like the moon”; “hard like a rock”; “fast like the wind.”

In order of appearance:


Supplement: Nivis Tempestas Obscurans

Achieved during Negi’s Phantasmagoria battle. Effects unknown.

Agilitas Fulminis

疾風迅雷 shippuu jinrai

Supplement: Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens

With Lightning Speed. By absorbing a wind and lightning spell, the mage gains extreme agility in exchange for lower defensive capabilities. The mage’s movements become electrified, allowing for stunning physical attacks. Projectile attacks can be deflected by an air current magic shield.

Sim Fabricatus Ab Incendio

獄炎煉我 gokuen renga

Supplement: Incendium Gehennae

Tempered by Hellfire. By absorbing a flame and darkness spell, the mage gains high endurance and heat resistance, as well as a spiritual ability to steal mana from other living beings. The mage’s movements can release black flames.

He Astrape Huper Ouranou Mega Dunamene [Η Αστραπη Υπερ Ουρανου Μεγα Δυναμενη]

雷天大壮 raiten taisou

Supplement: Khilipl Astrape

Great Vigour of the Thunderous Sky. By absorbing the most powerful spell in the lightning element, the mage physically transforms into sacred fire – that is, a charged particle mass, which grants an instantaneous speed of 150km/s: Lightning Speed Instant Movement (雷速瞬動 raisoku shundou).

However, a major disadvantage exists in that being truly “lightning,” a positive streamer will always move before the mage, telegraphing the destination of every movement. Also, the speed boost is limited to the mage’s physical actions.

Da Zhuang (大壮 taisou) is title of the thirty-fourth hexgram in the I Ching, thus named because the hexagram composes of ‘Force’ (‘Heaven’) and ‘Shake’ (‘Thunder’). The hexagram itself more or less means ‘strongly, intensely, lively’, thus the Greek name: “lightning above the Heavens is extremely powerful.

Tastrapa Huper Ouranou Mega Dunamena [Ταστλαπα Υπερ Ουρανου Μεγα Δυναμενε]

雷天双壮 raiten sousou

Supplement: Khilipl Astrape x 2

Twin Vigour of the Thunderous Sky, Mega Dunamene 2. By absorbing the ‘Thousand Thunderbolts’ twofold, the mage can maintain a constant speed of 150km/s – Constant Lightning Form (常時雷化 jouji ikadzuchi-ka). At the same time, this form increases both physical mobility and mental processing speed, allowing the mage’s mind to keep pace with a “lightning” body.

Krustalline Basileia [Κρυσταλλινη Βασιλεια]

氷の女王 koori no jouou

Supplement: Anthos Pagetou Khilion Eton

Queen of Ice. According to Rakan, this creates an ice bounded circle that allows Eva to cast any ice-element magic below High-class with no incantations or limitations.

Negica Magia Erebea

Negi’s personal usage of Dark Magic.

Circuli Absorptionis

敵弾吸収陣 tekidan kyuushuujin

Enemy Shot Absorption Ward. A magic ritual used to absorb energy. As the drawn circle is connected to Negi physically and spiritually, the absorbed Mana or Qi can directly used for Magia Erebea.

Agite extractio, Negica Magia Erebea.
“Technique undraw. Negi self-style dark magic.”

The spell to activate the magic circle.

Sinus Magnus

太陰道 taiindou

The great sheath.

The vagina is the path by which life arisen in the womb is taken into the world. Thus, ancient tombs around the world, such as the Kikkoubaka of Japan or the Dolmen of Ireland, were designed to resemble the womb and birth canal of the female body. This stems from the belief that with death comes the return to the origin of life, ending one refrain and beginning the next.

Taking in the phenomenon before your eyes like embracing death itself and being born anew; this procession of death and rebirth is the secret behind Magia Erebea.

The ultimate purpose of “dark magic” – not taking in Qi or Mana, shots or spells, but the enemy’s own ‘power,’ making it your own.


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