The blade of exorcism that defends the people and defeats the demon.

The “most powerful combat organisation,” a martial school based in Kyoto and headed by founding family 青山 Aoyama. Due to its location, it is deeply connected to the Kansai Magic Association – Shinmeiryuu swordsmen frequently serve as guards to the Association’s 陰陽術師 onmyoujutsushi.

The core of the style revolves around the 野太刀 nodachi and the exorcising of great demons, a task which its wide sweeping techniques are best suited for, including even countermeasures for magical beasts not native to Japan. However, the school has expanded far beyond its original purpose, and also teaches other weapons and forms of fighting: qi training, unarmed combat, onmyoudou, and various swordsmanship forms.

Known practitioners:

  • Aoyama Motoko (flashback)
  • Aoyama Tsuruko (flashback)
  • Aoyama/Konoe Eishun (flashback)
  • Sakurazaki Setsuna
  • Tsukuyomi (mercenary, dual blades specifically geared for human targets)
  • Kuzunoha Touko
  • Kurt Gödel


To give an idea of the speed at which these attacks are performed, it is noted that Shinmeiryuu as a sword style is something against which projectiles, including bullets, are completely ineffective.


Ougi, Zanganken.

Esoterica, Rock-cleaving Sword. Exactly what it says on the tin.


Ougi, Zanmaken.

Secret blade: Esoterica, Demon-cleaving Sword. A sword attack capable of hitting spirits.


Ougi, Raimeiken.

Ougi, Kyokudai Raimeiken.

Esoterica, Crying Thunder Sword. Slashing attack performed when the blade is charged with electricity.

Setsuna demonstrated a more powerful version called Greatest Crying Thunder Sword.


Kessen Ougi, Shin Raikouken.

Decisive Esoterica, True Lightning Sword. Highly destructive and wide-range slashing attack which engulfs the target area in lightning.

Hyakuretsu Oukazan

Ougi, Hyakuretsu Oukazan.

Esoterica, Hundred Raging Cherry Blossoms Slash. A sweeping sword attack that slashes in every direction by using a countless number of blades.


Ougi, Zankuusen.

Esoterica, Air-cleaving Flash. A sweeping sword technique hitting the opponent with the shockwave of the attack.

Ougi, Zantetsusen

Ougi, Zantetsusen.

Nitou Rengeki Zantetsusen.

Tempered blade: Esoterica, Steel-cleaving Flash. A sword attack capable of destroying metal.

Tsukuyomi demonstrated a variant called Dual Sword Successive Strike, Steel-cleaving Flash.

Hyakka Ryouran

Hiken, Hyakka Ryouran.

Secret Blade, Profusion of a Hundred Flowers. A destructive sword attack which releases qi in a straight line along the blade.


“Shinmeiryuu does not choose its weapon.”

Zankuushou, San

Ougi, Zankuushou, San.

Esoterica, Air-cleaving Palm, Scatter. A sweeping barrage of slashing qi shots launched from the hand.

Tsumuji Issen

Ukigumo, Tsumuji Issen

Floating Cloud, Spiral Flash. A throwing technique which uses an opponent’s momentum to push him backwards and upwards into a spinning flip.

Sakura Sanka

Ukigumo, Sakura Sanka.

Floating Cloud, Descending Cherry Blossoms. A throwing technique which uses both legs to hold the opponent’s head, followed by a back flip driving the opponent into the ground.



Moonlit Cherry Blossoms Tower. A release of qi from the hand to counter an opponent’s attack.


Resshuuzan Ni no Tachi.

Raging Slash Kick. A reverse spin kick.


Shiten Kekkai Dokko Rengaku

Taima Senjutsu Zettai Bougyo, Shiten Kekkai Dokko Rengaku.

Exorcistic Technique Uttermost Protection, Four Heavens Bounded Field, Vajra-tempered Shell. A defensive pyramid-shaped bounded field created by five single-pronged Vajras, four thrown to the ground in a square around the practitioner and one suspended above the head.

Inatsurubi no Katama

Inatsurubi no Katama.

Thunderclaps’ Cage. An offensive binding bounded field created by thrown shuriken or Vajras, isolating and stunning the target in an electrified ‘cage.’

The obscure term inatsurubi (稲交尾) is another name for inazuma (稲妻 bolt of lightning). Inazuma literally means “rice-plant’s spouse” as it was believed that the ripening of rice-plants was related to the spiritual power of lightning. Inatsurubi is thus literally “rice-plant’s fertilisation”.

Setsuna can perform this with Sica Sisicusiro.

Tsukimi no Yozakura

Tsukimi no Yozakura.

Evening Cherry Blossoms of a Moon-viewing. A wave of cherry blossoms that surrounds the target in a pillar and causes him to lose consciousness.

Tsukuyomi performed this by reversing the grip on her dagger.


“Submit now, to my bladed art of exorcism.”

High-level techniques only taught to those connected to the Aoyama family.

Zanganken Ni no Tachi

Ougi, Zanganken Ni no Tachi.

Esoterica, Rock-cleaving Sword Second Slash. Presumably a stronger version of Zanmaken.

Zanmaken Ni no Tachi

Ougi, Zanmaken Ni no Tachi.

Ougi, Zanmaken Ni no Tachi, Hyakka Ryouran.

Esoterica, Demon-cleaving Sword Second Slash. The ultimate Shinmeiryuu exorcistic technique, a sword attack that originally began as a method of cutting down evil spirits without harming the possessed. The practitioner can choose ‘what’ the attack hits. Used by Kurt Gödel, this technique has demonstrated the ability to bypass magic shields and physically hurt Negi through his Lightning Armationem form.

Gödel demonstrated a variant including Profusion of a Hundred Flowers.


The techniques used by Tsukuyomi while possessed by 妖刀「ひな」 Youtou Hina.

Kokutou Zanganken

Kokutou Zanganken

Black Blade Rock-cleaving Sword. Presumably a stronger version of Zanganken.

Nitou Kokutou Samidaregiri

Hiken, Isshun Sengeki, Nitou Kokutou Samidaregiri.

Secret Blade, Moment of a Thousand Furies, Dual Black Blade Rainstorm Cleave. A flurry of sword strikes.


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