Misora’s Consultation Room


Hello! This is novice sister Kasuga Misora. My own corner is finally here. Its name is, “Misora’s Consultation Room”! Cocone and I will be steadily resolving the Classmates’ worries now~

Volume: 32, 33

Volume 32


This is Ayase Yue. I have a bit of an obsession concerning underwear, but I’m not sure I quite understand what Haruna meant by, ‘popularity with men’… so I would like you to teach me what ‘colour’ of underwear would suprise men. I will go out with Nodoka and buy that colour next time.
(By Kuwatani Natsuko)
★: By ‘men’, you mean N●gi-kun, right? Ah, just kidding! Ow-ow-ow! Well, it’s better to avoid mature colours like black. On the other hand, white is childish… how about the middle ‘grey’ or ‘mouse’ colour? I wouldn’t like that at all, though. (laugh)
Cocone: I think pink is cute…

This is Natsumi. Recently, Chidzu-nee started looking at my butt while holding spring onions. I’m so scared I can’t sleep at night. What should I do…?
★: She’s probably looking at ‘the person always next to you’. Though I can’t be the one to say who that is!! Hee hee…
Cocone: Kotarou…?

This is Ookouchi Akira. Will my status as a member of the swim team ever be useful to the others?
★: Hmm, that’s a bit difficult, I think. 008 didn’t really do much, either. (laugh)
Cocone: Who…?

(008: a reference to Cyborg 009.)

It’s me, Albert Chamomile. I don’t know how it happened, but I never show up on the covers anymore, even though I’m so cute! What should I do? Help – !
★: Well, Chamocchi isn’t really noticeable lately. I guess you’re really just unpopular? Ha ha…
Cocone: Pot calling the kettle black…

This is Anya. I heard about these enlightening words: “A flat chest is a status symbol! Extremely rare and valuable!” Everyone is being deceived by those giant boobs! How can I let everyone know more about the merits of a flat chest?
★: Yeah, a flat chest is nice, isn’t it! It gets in the way when you’re running if they’re big. I mean, you’re only around 11, so stop worrying about your breasts!
Cocone: That wasn’t a consultation…

This is Shiori. I flutter whenever Fate-sama calls me ‘Shiori-kun’, but I go all hanya~n whenever Negi-san calls me ‘Luna-san’. I’ve thought of changing my name to include both, but picking one of them to be my middle name troubles me. Which is better, ‘Luna Shiori’ or ‘Shiori Luna’?
★: Please have faith in life.
Cocone: Said it again…

(hanyan: a reference to Cardcaptor Sakura.)

It’s Saotome Haruna. I want to become a mangaka in order to spread my name across the world, but where should I debut? I guess a magazine is best?
★: Well of course, it should be a magazine. Rom-com, action, delinquents, sports, et cetera – it has the broad-mindedness to accept of all of these! Better yet, you might be able to meet Akamatsu-sensei in the Editorial Department!
Cocone: … (sweatdrop)

Volume 33

I don’t really like curry, so I can’t ever go to India… what should I do to get myself to like curry?
(By Satou Rina)
★: It’s pretty rare to dislike curry, huh. How about you, 3-A Chef Yotsuba Satsuki-san?
Yotsuba: If you can specify what kinds of spices you don’t like, you can make the curry without adding them…
★: I see. But really, you probably just don’t like the feeling of curry itself. So I guess it’s fine to just go ‘let’s mix some ice-cream in!’ or ‘let’s pour some beer in!’ or ‘let’s not go to India!’ Right, let’s move on!
Negi: M-Misora-san, aren’t your answers getting random right from the start…? (><)

I’ve drawn too many good-looking men, and now my ideal’s been set too high – my strike zone’s the size of a pinhead. Can someone like me still find a significant other and get married? By the way, my ideal husband is Fukuyama Masaharu.
(By Shinjou Mayu)
★: Fukuyama Masaharu, huh. How about you, fellow manga artists Saotome Haruna?
Paru: All the guys I draw turning out as good-looking men, I’ve experienced that too. Like for example, I’ve draw all these Sengoku-period generals are young and handsome guys, which is really impossible! (laugh)
★: Oh, it’s Akamatsu-sensei! How do you feel about this?
Akamatsu: All the girls I draw turning out as bishoujo, I’ve experienced that too. Well, you can say that, if a mangaka doesn’t chase after an ideal, then he wouldn’t be able to pass on a dream to the readers. So it’s okay to keep at it!

A net idol I really like, ‘Chiu’-san, stopped updating her homepage recently. I’m worried that something has happened to her. Is ‘Chiu’-san doing well?
★: Nope, she’s not. (laugh) Though she looks a bit happy lately.
Chisame: T-The hell do you mean?!

When I was in middle school, there was a girl who confessed to me; I had politely refused, but now I’m interested. What should I do?
★: Isn’t it hopeless? How about the romantically-skilled Kakizaki-san?
Kakizaki: Hmmm, a girl confessed to you, so you should be quite a looker. There’s definitely a type of look you want in a girlfriend, so there’s no reason to quit. Well, you can’t have too many boyfriends, so she’ll start going out with you right away, I think.
★: I-Is that so…

I’ve always been shy. Whenever I talk with someone I just met, I always have this strangely cold attitude… how can I fix this?
★: How about our Tsundere Queen, Chisame-san?
Chisame: W-Who the hell’s the Tsundere Queen?! It’s not like I’m…!

Further translations pending.


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