Misc Characters

All the other people. Question marks galore.

Ala Rubra


Kosmo Entelekheia

Ala Rubra

Albireo Imma


Mage and Attendant of Nagi. Artifact, Hai Bubloi Hai Biographikai.

Arika Anarkhia Entheofushia


Princess of the Kingdom of Vespertatia who sought the help of Ala Rubra during the Schismatic War. Usurped the position of ruling Queen from her corrupted father in the latter years of the War. Indirectly brought about the destruction of Ostia and jailed for 10 years by the M.M. Senate, charged as a war criminal (a scapegoat to blame the war on). Saved by Nagi Springfield on the day of her scheduled execution.

Negi’s mother.

Asuna Vesperina Theotanasia Entheofushia


The Princess of the Twilight in the Kingdom of the Vespertatia, born with Magic Cancel. Instrumental to Kosmo Entelekheia’s ritual “to begin and end the world”. Sealed along with her abilities after the ritual was reversed by the combined fleets of Mesembrina and Hellas during the last battle of the War.

Her memories were modified by Takamichi as per Gateau’s request, and she adopted the name Kagurazaka Asuna.

Gateau Kagura Vandenberg


“Hard-boiled ex-government”. Takamichi’s master. Likely deceased.

Jack Rakan


Man with a thousand swords. The strongest gladiator. The legendary mercenary. The man who won’t die. The immortal idiot. “What the hell, I just ran him through with a sword, are you kidding me?”

A veteran who got to where he is from forty years of battle experience and training. The exact opposite, eternal rival, and Attendant of Nagi, who was born with power. Artifact, Ho Heros Meta Khilion Prosopon.

Konoe Eishun

近衛詠春 / 青山詠春

Formerly Aoyama Eishun. Shinmeiryuu swordsman and friend of Nagi. Current head of the Kansai Magic Association based in Kyoto.

Nagi Springfield


Thousand Master (“man with a thousand spells”) – in truth, he only knew about 5 or 6. The strongest mage. Leader of Ala Rubra. Knight of Arika.

Takamichi T. Takahata


An orphan of the Schismatic War. Unable to use incantations. Taught Iaiken and Kankahou by Gateau.



Nagi’s master. Looks about 10. A phantom? Connected to the Life Maker?


Jean-Luc Ricard


Member of the Megalomesmebria Senate. The combat instructor of the MM Praetoriani special force (Praetorian Guards). Captained the MM Global Strategic Fleet flagship, ‘Svanhvit’ during the Schismatic War.

Kurt Gödel


Member of the Megalomesmebria Senate. Ex-member of Ala Rubra. An orphan of the Schismatic War. A Shinmeiryuu swordsman taught by Eishun due to his innate talent.



Grandmaster of the Ariadniensis Magus Ordo, and Secretary-General of the city-state of Ariadne. Led the Ariadne forces during the final assault on the Palace of the Gravekeepers in Ostia.

Theodora Basileia Helladis de Vesperisszimia


The Third Royal Princess of Hellas. ‘Commanded’ the Hellas North Fleet during the final assault on the Palace of the Gravekeepers in Ostia.

Kosmo Entelekheia

Life Maker

創造主 (ライフメーカー) / 始まりの魔法使い

“The Creator”. “The Mage of the Beginning”. “Puppeteer”. The mysterious ‘leader’ of Kosmo Entelekheia during the Schismatic War. Appeared during the final assault on the Palace of the Gravekeepers in Ostia and defeated by Nagi. Connected to Zecht? 2600 years old?

Fate Averruncus

フェイト・アーウェルンクス [テルティウム]

“Averruncus of the Earth”. The main opposition coming from the remnants of Kosmo Entelekheia. A construct – real name is Tertium, “the third”. An older version appeared during the Schismatic War opposing Ala Rubra.



Shinmeiryuu mercenary working under Fate. Two-handed sword style. Battle mania.



A powerful sorcerer capable of summoning large numbers of demonic “shadows”, a rare combination of shadow and doll magic; one particular summon is over 700 metres tall and was used in the last War.

Doesn’t seem to like Fate very much.



“Blaze”. One of Fate’s Ministra. Salamandra? Artifact, unknown.


“Almanac”. One of Fate’s Ministra. Demi-human, panther race. Artifact, Horaria Porticus.


栞 [ルーナ]

“Bookmark”. One of Fate’s Ministra. Real name is Luna. Demi-human. Artifact, Signum Biolegens.


調 [ブリジート]

“Tone”. One of Fate’s Ministra. Real name is Brigitte. Demi-human or Dryas? Artifact, Fidicula Lunatica. Blind?


“Ring”. One of Fate’s Ministra. Demi-human, dragon (?) race. Artifact, Encompandentia Infinitas.


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