Magic World

魔法世界 mahou sekai

‘Mundus Magicus’. “Another World”. The world that millenia ago diverged from the ‘old’ world, Earth. A constructed spirit world overlapping on the surface of Mars.

Total population (mages): 670,000,000. The humans settled in the North in the area surrounding the capital Megalo-Mesembria. There are 11 “Gate” installations (Gateports) with corresponding sites on both worlds which allow travel between them at specific dates and times.

There is much discord between the natives of Magicus, the Hellas Empire in the south, and the new human settlers, the Mesembrina Confederacy in the North; originally, the peoples under Hellas were much more numerous and widespread.

20 years ago, the secret organisation Kosmo Entelekheia provoked Hellas into a war of aggression, Bellum Schismaticum – the Schismatic War.


アリアドネー独立学術都市国家 -tokuritsu gakujutsu toshi gokka

The largest Independent Academic City-State in Magicus, literally a city-sized academy like Mahora. Named for the daughter of King Minos from Greek mythology.

A neutral power intended to support academic freedom, and managed by the Knights of the Ariadniensis Magus Ordo.

Hellas Empire

ヘラス帝国 -teikoku

‘Imperium Helladis’, the territories and various city-states under the control of Hellas. Populated mainly by the animalistic humanoid natives (demi-humans) of Magicus.

帝都ヘラス teito-

The Imperial Capital of the Empire of Hellas. Information pending.

Mesembrina Confederacy

メセンブリーナ連合 -rengou

‘Confederatio Mesembrina’, an association of human settlements scattered around the Northern territories, led by Megalo-Mesembria, controlled by the M.M. Senate. The greatest military superpower in the magic world.

(A reference is also made to “the Megalo-Mesembria Trust Territories”, clarification pending.)


Shorthand M.M.. The leading power in the Mesembrina Confederacy. Probably the first human settlement in the North.

A Gate is located here, bridging Wales and Megalo-Mesembria.

(Also, Akamatsu can’t seem to make up his mind on whether there should be a hyphen or not.)

Kingdom of Vespertatia

ウェスペルタティア王国 -oukoku

‘Regnum Vespertatiae’, the “cradle of civilisation” of Mundus Magicus. Falls within the Mesembrina Confederacy.

王都オスティア outo-

The historic Royal Capital of Vespertatia. A giant airborne city built on hundreds of floating islands supported by the natural magic of the area. A Gate is located here; the corresponding port in Mundus Vetus is unknown.

As an aftereffect of the final battle of the Schismatic War, the city suffered a disastrous 50-kilometre “Wide-Area Magic Dissipation Phenomenon,” which caused the collapse and destruction of the city. This was indirectly brought about by the last Queen of Ostia, Arika Anarkhia Entheofushia; however, thanks to her efforts all but 3% of its inhabitants were evacuated in time. For the next twenty years, this zone became a barren waste that could not support magic.

There is one child in every generation of the royal bloodline who possesses the Magic Cancel ability. The last Princess of Twilight is Asuna Vesperina Theotanasia Entheofushia.

Palace of the Gravekeepers
墓守り人の宮殿 – hakamoribito no kyuuden

The deepest section of the Royal Palace where Kosmo Entelekheia attempted their ritual “to return the world to void” with the Princess of Twilight. According to an M.M. Senator, “the deepest part of the grave” was also sealed at the same time as Asuna.

New Ostia
新オスティア – shin osutia

The resettled Neo Ostia, a floating island 25km from the heart of the old capitol. Governed by M.M. Senator Kurt Gödel.

The ruins of old Ostia are off-limits and touring is forbidden except by air (with special permission).

Old World

旧世界 kyuusekai

‘Mundus Vetus’. A term referring to our non-magical world which has given way to a culture different to that of Mundus Magicus.

The reason Earth is known as the ‘old’ world is similar to the reason why the Americas were referred to as the New World.

Asakura calling our side ‘the real world’, mundus actualis (現実世界 genjitsu sekai) is not exactly correct – in their own ways, they are both ‘real worlds’.

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