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The back cover character comments.

Volume: 31 (Asuna), 32 (Zazie), 33 (Kotarou), 34 (Fate), 35 (Emily), 36 (Tsukuyomi)

Volume 31

No. 8 – Kagurazaka Asuna

Negima’s official heroine. As she was switched with Shiori, (the real) Asuna won’t be appearing for a while. Sorry. (^^;)

Due to her royal lineage, she has the very unique ‘Magic Cancel Ability’; as this was foreshadowed since Volume 1, it might be the most famous ability so far in Negima.

[Chamo: Yeah, that’s true.]

In both offensive and defensive strength, she is an S-rank super-partner!

She has mismatched eye colours – compare this with Arika on Volume 26. They’re the same?! Or not – the colour’s reversed?!

Her CV in the anime version is Kanda Akemi.

There really can’t be anyone but her doing this anymore. (laughs) Even during the Live, she led the way and started singing, so the other classmates calmed down, too.

She is played by Wakatsuki Sara-jou in the drama version.

What long and beautiful legs… really, I can’t forget that high kick. (laughs)

Volume 32

No. 31 – Zazie Rainyday

It’s finally the last character commentary for the classmates! (Since Negi was on Volume 29, it took 32 volumes.)

[Chamo: What’s gonna happen now?]

Regarding Zazie; there have been whispers that “if she pops up, the story is already in its final stages” but really, just how will the next volume turn out?! (^^;;)

What is her true form?! (Be sure to buy Volume 33 ♡)

If you look closely, in the two-page (colour) spread in Period 1, her claws are extended. Her creation as a character was already decided to a certain extent from the beginning.

Her CV in the anime version is Inokuchi Yuka.

Having been designed as a taciturn character, she had no lines in the entire first season, up to the finale. Sorry! (But she talked quite a bit in the second season.)

She is played by Hatazawa Taeka in the drama version.

She was really cool when she sung her solo during the Shibuya-AX live! (^^)

Volume 33

Inugami Kotarou

Negi’s only same-age friend. (This guy’s the only one he doesn’t talk politely to.)

[Since almost all the other characters are like older sisters.]

He’s a pretty classic character (^^;), the type who first appears as an enemy then joins as a comrade later, but since his adult version is pretty handsome, quite a few of the classmates have feelings for him. (laugh)

[You alright, Natsumi?!]

He hasn’t said anything like “I’m the only one who can defeat Negi!”, and he’s pretty strong, so you can say he’s a pretty useful boy.

His certain-kill technique is his Beast Form. Maybe Natsumi likes how he gets all furry and soft, too? (laugh) He hasn’t changed into Beast Form lately because, well, it’s hard to draw, and stuff… (sweat)

His CV in the anime version is Inoue Marina.

She’s one of the pretty seiyuu who sell really well these days, and her ‘boy’ voice is really good!

Actually, the OAD was Kotarou’s first appearance. [Not counting games.] Apparently she felt like a transfer student and was nervous at joining in during the middle. But she even got the adult voice down perfectly!

Volume 34

Fate Averruncus (Tertium)

Negi’s rival of rivals who made his appearance from Volume 5.

He possesses a calm intellect and great magic power, in addition to being popular with girls like Negi. (laugh) Can Negi really beat him?!

The art on the right is the opposite of the cover, and is from when Fate is about to take a hit. (^^;)

His real name, Tertium stands for “the Third” in Latin, so it seems there were two others of the same type before him. Tertium is a dirt- or stone-manipulating type.

His CV in the anime version is Ishida Akira-san.

As a matter of fact, he possesses a diverse range of voices, and he can probably fit well into practically any role. Even in Negima, he would suddenly have to voice some monster. And he was super at it. (laugh)

Volume 35

Emily Sevensheep

Popularly known as the “Black Iinchou” of the Magic World side.

The concept of “Yue making friends with mages of the other world” was there from the beginning, but Emily is my favourite among them.

Like the White Iinchou of Mahora, she’s rich and beautiful and has excellent grades. And she certainly loves Negi (Nagi)… (laugh)

Her blonde-ish gleaming hair is a chore to draw, but once it’s finished, it’s lovely.

Her CV in the anime version is Taketatsu Ayana-san.

[Chamo: Azunyan!]

She was actually right on the mark as a tsun-tsun Class Rep character like this, too! She’s not just about loli characters!!

Her performance during the OAD Extra is a must-see~

Volume 36


She is a Shinmeiryuu swordsman who has been appearing since the school trip, and Setsuna’s rival character.

She is quite powerful and can take on people like Tatsumiya without losing her composure at all.

Technically, she does have a weak point in her glasses.

She can become stronger by going in a demonic mode like Tsuruko from Love Hina, and she overwhelmed Setsuna after gaining ‘Youtou Hina’, but in her final moments, she was defeated by the power of love.

[Chamo: Wait, isn’t something not right?! And did she die or something?!]

Her CV was Kugimiya Rie-san in the OAD, and Tsunakake Hiromi-san in Season 1.

They were splendid, and it’s such a waste that they didn’t get more appearances!! (laugh)


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