Period 321

[The Story So Far: Negi and Fate finally bring their their full strength against each other, and charge into a grand battle!! It was then that the merging of the Magic World and the Real World began…]

Page 1

(Konoemon) This…
(Konoemon) Is a grave situation.
(Text) The merging of the Real World and the Magic World advances! Is there nothing Mahora Academy can do?!!

(Albireo) My goodness, this is the very picture of a grave situation.
(Konoemon) The enormous amount of mana has finally connected this place to the other side.
(Eishun) Could that be…

(Konoemon) Yes… the deepest section of Capital Ruins Ostia – the Gravekeeper’s Palace.

(Albireo) Hm…

(Albireo) They are fighting.
(Eishun) What?
(Eishun) Who, and with who?

(Albireo) Negi-kun,
(Albireo) And the tool of that world’s Creator.

Page 2 – 3

(Text) Rage on!
(Text) The fists of beliefs!!

(Negi) Uoooh –

(Fate) Haaah –
(Title) Everyone’s Full-Strength Battle!!

Page 4

(Fate) Th…
(Fate) Ugh… gah –

(Fate) This fist,
(Fate) Is, without a doubt…

Page 5

(Negi) ?!

(Fate) Wonderful. Truly wonderful, Negi-kun.
(Fate) Your strike just now rivaled J. Rakan.

(Negi) Speak for yourself, Fate. Not even Rakan-san could react to my lightning-speed infight…
(Negi) I can’t believe that you can keep up with it.

Page 6

(Fate) Heh…
(Fate) Heheh…

(Fate) Chi wo Saku Bakuryuu! [jp: Earth-Rending Torrent!]
(Fate) Hahahahahahahah!

(Negi) What’s so funny, Fate?!

(Fate) Ha –

(Fate) You yourself couldn’t hold back a smile just now, Negi-kun.
(Negi) Wha… (offset) Agh…
(Fate) You looked like you were having fun.

(Fate) I finally understand, Negi-kun.
(Fate) This… This – !!

(Negi) Ooh –

Page 7

(Negi) !

(Fate) …!

(Negi) Kuwah – !

(Fate) – is what it means to have fun, isn’t it?

(Negi) ?!

(Fate) J. Rakan said it.
(Fate) That I should have more fun.

(Fate) You have now surpassed my strength.
(Fate) But of course.
(Fate) For it is because yours is the power of darkness!!

Page 8

(Fate) The power you obtained is doubtlessly the same as that of my lord.
(Fate) However… do you understand,
(Fate) How great its cost will be?

(Negi) Yeah, I understand. I’m prepared for it.
(Negi) No matter what the power is, I’ll use it up completely and stop you.
(Negi) I won’t kill you, either.

Page 9

(Negi) ?!

(Fate) …Oh?

(Negi?) This is…!

(Girls) Whoa, wait, look up! Up!
(Girls) There’s land… up in the air…!

(Haruna) No way…
(Haruna) That’s…!

(Chachamaru) A topographical match. No mistake, that is…

(Negi) Mahora Academy…?

Page 10

(Eva) Looks like… there’s no mistake.
(Eva) Curse that boy…

(Eva) Magia Erebea,
(Eva) Of all things…

(Chachazero) That Magia-thing, that was the original spell you relied on when you were super weak, right Mistress?
(Eva) Yeah, that’s right.

(Chachazero) Speaking of, didn’t that meathead snatch the scroll off you in a bet?
(Eva) The sneaky bastard cheated! Pisses me off just thinking about it – !

(Eva) Well, it’s not like he needed it.
(Eva) And it wasn’t something that the average human could use, so it didn’t really matter.
(Zazie) …

(Eva) True… besides this, there was no way for him to reach such a level in this short amount of time…

(Eva) But it’s hard to believe…
(Eva) The boy’s…

Page 11

(Zazie) Are you not delighted?
(Zazie) Your disciple is succeeding your technique.
(Zazie-aside) Furthermore, he is the son of your loved one.
(Eva) Not particularly…

(Zazie) But you are actually super happy.
(Eva) You’ve been a pain ever since you started opening your mouth! (offset) Like a robot I could mention –

(Eva) The point is, that is my innate technique – the technique of a Vampire Shinsou.
(Eva) If an ordinary human uses it…
(Fumika) What’s a vampire shinsou?

(Eva) The hell are you people doing here?!
(Fuuka-aside) That looks cuuute –
(Fumika-aside) We’re back from England!
(Chidzuru) Oh ho ho…
(Fumika) But you called us back, Eva-chan –

(Sakurako) Oh, wow – it’s gotten pretty amazing –
(Misa) This is why you just can’t get enough of the Mahora life – !
(Eva) Whoa –

Page 12

(Fumika) Eva-chan, Eva-chan! What’s that in the sky?
(Fumika-aside) Tell me!
(Eva) Why are you asking me?
(Misa) ‘Cause, you were looking at it with this look on your face, like you knew what’s going on.
(Eva) Ngh –

(Madoka) There’s a bet going around down there on what exactly that thing is. Right now, the majority are going with a sudden demonstration of the latest 3D tech by the Engineering Department!
(Eva) Our students really are same as usual…
(Fuuka) I’m guessing an alien mothership! (offset) It’s a total dark horse! I’ll make a killing if I’m right!
(Eva) H-Huh, I suppose.
(Sakurako) Looks a bit worn-out for a UFO, though –

(Chidzuru) Oh, my.
(Chidzuru) You really can see Negi-sensei.
(Fumika) Really?
(Eva) What?

(Girls) Lemme see, lemme see!
(Eva) Why do you girls know that?
(Chidzuru) By now, the whole Academy must be watching over it together. People are saying that you can see the famous child teacher from the Festival – it’s spreading like wildfire.
(Eva) Don’t make light of this. Damn students…

(Girls-right) Oh, it’s true! It’s Negi-sensei!
(Girls-left) Whoa, seriously? Lemme, lemme see –
(Girls-middle) Huh, that’s not him, is it? His hair’s so long!
(Girls-bottom-left) And he’s all white!
(Girls-bottom) Isn’t it cosplay?

(Madoka) But if Negi-kun’s helping out, then the Engineering tech demo is probably the correct choice.
(Sakurako) Ooh, right. Guess the “castle from a magical country which suddenly appeared” I bet on is no good, huh.
(Eva-aside) She’s dead on.

Page 13

(Fuuka) No, it’s definitely a UFO!
(Fuuka-aside) Everything fits!
(Fuuka) Negi-sensei is fighting with aliens over there!
(Fumika) There’s a theory that Sensei and the others disappearing from England was actually because they were abducted by aliens.
(Eva) That so.

(Ayaka) – What is truly going on, Evangeline-san?

(Ayaka) Or…
(Ayaka) Perhaps it would be better to call you Dark Evangel?

(Eva) Yukihiro Ayaka…
(Eva) …Where did you…

Page 14

(Ayaka) Well…
(Ayaka) I won’t try and force it from you…

(Eva) Hmph…

(Ayaka) Now then, everyone!
(Ayaka) What are you all standing around for? We are beginning Project 3-A!!
(Fumika) Project 3-A?!
(Sakurako) Never heard of it!

(Ayaka) Regardless of what is happening in that place,
(Ayaka) My instinct tells me that it is not a trivial matter!!
(Ayaka) And it is also the truth that Negi-sensei and the others are there!!

(Ayaka) From now on, no matter what may happen,
(Ayaka) Every classmate of 3-A will support Negi-sensei!!
(Fumika) Whoa – ?!
(Fuuka) That’s – !!
(Sakurako) A Class Rep Order!!

(Hakase) So, first of all, information gathering!!
(Girls) Hakase!!
(Girls) Now, everyone come and help with watching this – !!

(Satsuki) This’ll keep you going –
(Girls) Sacchan!!
(Girls) Nikuman!!

Page 16

(Ayaka) Everyone must be tired from our long trip, but work hard all the same!
(Girls) Yeaaah – ♡
(Girls) Wow, it’s a blimp from the Aviation Department and a plane from the Military Research Society!!
(Girls) Alright, let’s not lose to the U students – !

(Eva) Heh…

(Zazie) Our classmates are the same as ever.
(Eva) Nothing but fools.
(Zazie) And that is what I like about them.

(Chachazero) Looks like they’re raring to go, but won’t they get slaughtered if they keep thinking of this as an extension to the Festival?
(Chachazero-right) Kekeke
(Chachazero-left) That sounds nice, too.
(Zazie) Is it all right for you to not stop them?
(Eva) …Well, we are classmates, after all.

(Eva) If anything happens, I’ll take care of it somehow.
(Text) Everyone’s strength is pushing Negi on!!

(Zazie) …

(Zazie) So you like –
(Zazie-aside) How unexpected.
(Eva) I do not!! (offset) God, you’re annoying – !


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