Period 311

Page 1

(text) Can an Ala Alba bereft of Negi bring down Fate’s bastion?!

(fate) Do not…

(fate) Jest with me.

Page 2-3

(fate) The likes of you cannot hope,
(fate) to hinder our plan.

(kota) Heh…
(kota) Sorry that it’s not,

(kota) gonna be Negi,
(kota) beating the crap out of you.

(asa) Enemy coordinates confirmed!
(asa) Now’s the time!

(chacha) Understood!

(chacha) ‘Al-Iskandariyah’ [jp. Catwing] Maximum Deployment!!
(chacha) Fire Satellite Cannon!!

Page 4

(nodo) Relocate!!!

(text) Will this be Ala Alba’s triumphant stroke – ?!
(title) Period 311 – Fate of the Counterattack

Page 6

(yue) Did that finish him off?
(kae) I don’t know, but… our opponent isn’t someone who can be successfully subdued so easily!

(natsu) Kotarou-kun!

(natsu) Are you all right, Kotarou-kun?!
(kota) Heheh… it’s nothing serious. A tiny hole just opened up in my stomach.
(natsu) And that’s not serious?!

(maki) Is… is it over…?
(maki) A-Are we okay now?

(asa) No, not yet!
(asa) Miyazaki! We’re too close to the Altar! This is a bad place to be!

(nodo) I couldn’t transfer us to where Negi-sensei is!
(nodo) Maybe it’s because we were close to the Altar, or because we brought Asuna-san.
(nodo) I’ll prepare the next transfer right away!

Page 7

(miso) Damn, will you look at that?!
(chacha) This is the power of science. (off) From a hundred years in the future… and a little magic as well.

(miso) But if we’re talking raw power, aren’t you way over them with this?!
(miso-side) You could’ve totally blown these ruins away if you hit the wrong place!
(collet) I, I’ve never seen magic like this before.
(collet) Science..? In a hundred years…?
(coco) Amazing…
(chacha) Possibly, if only in raw power.
(chacha) But it is difficult to find the right use for it.

(haru) You got him?
(haru) Did you take down Fate?!

(chacha) I don’t know.
(chacha) But they have succeeded in their two objectives of seizing the ‘Imperial Princess of the Twilight’ and the ‘Great Grand Master Key’ [jp. Last Key].

(chacha) However… they currently have three casualties due to petrification attacks.
(miso) Ugh.

(miso) B-But they’re okay, right? They’ve got that staff thing, and Konoe’s around, too.
(chacha) Yes, that should be the case.

(haru) … Well then.

Page 8

(haru) That’s enough for the lookout, everyone get back onto the ship!
(haru) If they have the Great Grand Master Key, then they’ll definitely go to where Negi-kun is resting, bring him with them and transfer here!
(haru) Johnny-san, how’re the repairs?
(johnny) Everything’s up and ready!
(haru) All right, as soon as everyone gets back, we’ll break out of here at full speed and sail straight to our happy ending!

(collet) R-Right, understood!
(miso) Gotcha.

(miso) Maaan, are we’re finally heading back to Mahora?
(miso) They’ve really done well. I mean, they really did. I gotta respect them now. Seriously.
(taka-top) Why are you talking like this is someone else’s problem?
(miso) But, well… it really is.
(taka-bottom) You are unbelievable…

Page 9

(miso) Wah – ?

(miso) ?!

Page 10

(mei) Cha…

(??) Chachamaru-san?!
(chacha) Cough…

(chacha) Ah…

(miso) Wh,
(miso) Wh,

(miso) Who the hell are you?!

Page 11

(quartum) Quartum.
(quartum) The Averruncus of Fire is appointed.

(haimei – receiving an important duty, task, or position, implying that the recipient will serve it faithfully.)

(nodo) The preparations are complete!

(asa) Good! Do it!
(nodo) Right!!

(nodo) Reloca…

Page 12

(nodo) Aaaah!

(asa) ?!

Page 13

(quintum) Quintum.
(quintum) The Averruncus of Wind is appointed.

(chiu) …So you mean…

(chiu) He was literally… the “Lifemaker”?
(duna) Yes… that is why, it is our duty to carry out this plan.

(chiu) So that’s the setup, huh.
(kono) What do you mean?

(duna) By the way,

(duna) That was a fairly good strategy your group came up with.
(duna) Especially with the Artifact of that girl.
(duna) That was truly a rare gem. It might even take Tertium by surprise.

Page 14

(duna) Yes… assuming that Tertium,
(duna) is the only card we have left to play.

(Chiu) What?

(duna) The puppet that was defeated by the Thousand Master –
(duna) Who do you think revived it? It was I.

(duna) With the power of the key, it seems that the remaining three units have begun operating in time.
(duna) Goodness, safeguards truly are things to be invested in.

(lit. “safeguards are things to be set/prepared”)

Page 15

(sextum) Sextum.
(sextum) The Averruncus of Water is appointed.

[The chapter itself says “Averruncus of Ice”. Akamatsu has reported this to be a misprint: it should be “of Water”, matching the four classical elements.]

(chamo) You… have gotta be kidding me.

(text) Is this the collapse of the final operation?! Will the Fates wring the last breath of life out from Ala Alba?!


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