Period 292

Page 1

(Text) Negi’s revived! And now… at last, to the final battle!!
(Negi) Haruna-san!
(Haru) Negi-kun! (offset) Nice work –

(Negi) There’s a Telepathia transmission from Neo Ostia?
(Haru) Yeah, so hurry up!

(Haru) I didn’t see you either, Asuna. Were you looking after Negi-kun the whole time?
(Asu) Huh? Oh. Y-Yes, well.

(Mana) …

(Chacha) It’s over here.

(Taka) Hey… Negi-kun. Are… all right?
(Taka) The demonic elements in our surrounding are unstable…ission quality is bad… adjusting it now.

(Negi) Takamichi! You’re all right?
(Negi) …Um, the one behind you is…?

Page 2

(Negi) Kurt-san!! Why are you two together?!
(Kurt) Unfortunately, our state of affairs has reached the stage of needing our cooperation.

(Kurt) If you are there, then all of you must have noticed as well.
(Kurt) The remnants of Kosmo Entelekheia have started something in the deepest section of the capital ruins.

(Kurt) By our estimations, based on the aggregation of mana that we have observed…
(Kurt) This is the reenactment of twenty years ago.

(Kurt) What you and I had discussed until now is a danger in decades and centuries.
(Kurt) The danger right before our eyes will come in hours and tens of hours…
(Kurt) Against this situation, the forces of the Empire, Confederacy, and Ariadne have joined together and formed an ad-hoc fleet, and are headed there right now.

Page 3

(Kurt) …To speak frankly, this is a danger to the world!

(Text) The combined forces of the magic realm, betting on the last gleam of hope, moves to Ala Alba’s side!!!

(Magianitas – the magic cultures and peoples.)

(Title) Period 292 – Last Project [jp. Final Objective Capture Plan]

Page 4

(Text) Megalo-Mesembria Trust Territories – Neo Ostia

(Chiko) This is…
(Paio) It’s coming from the capital ruins.

(Kris) …!

(?) Doctor! Look outside!
(Text) Magical Academic City Ariadne

Page 5

(Doctor) Wha, what’s this flowing light…?
(Student) A large amount of mana is reacting to the air. You can see it even with the naked eye.
(Student) It’s heading in the direction of Ostia…!

(Text) Within Megalo-Mesembria

(Donnet) No…

(Donnet) It can’t be…!

Page 6

(Kurt) It is a danger to the world…
(Kurt) However, as you may have already realised,
(Kurt) Aside from a small part of our forces, we will not be able to match them at all.

(Kurt) By leading the charge, you are a very important asset to us.
(Kurt) You understand what I’m saying, yes?
(Negi) !

(Kurt) I wish for you to lend us your strength, Negi-kun.
(Kurt) That is what I’m asking.

(Negi) …

(Taka) Don’t be fooled, Negi-kun. The only time this guy shows honour is when he is plotting something in the shadows.
(Kurt) Shut up, Takamichi. What point is there in plotting anything in an emergency like this?

(Chiu) It’s like these two somehow get along or something…?

(Negi) Understood.
(Negi) But please wait.

Page 7

(Negi) In the first place, we’re a group of students in the middle of our summer vacation.
(Negi) We are not people of this world.
(Negi) I cannot involve them in any danger without an explanation or agreement.
(Negi) Can I have some time to listen to everyone’s opinions?

(Kurt) …
(Kurt) Very well.

(Negi) – That is all.

(Negi) As I have just explained,
(Negi) Before we know it, it looks like things have gotten out of hand!
(Negi) But!

Page 8

(Negi) In the end, our objectives will be to rescue Anya,
(Negi) And to seize the Code of the Lifemaker [jp. Law of the Creator] – the Great Grand Master Key [jp. Last Key].

(Negi) …Once we have the Great Grand Master Key,
(Negi) It will eventually put a stop to the enemy’s designs,
(Negi) And more importantly, we can bring back the ones who have been erased.

(Kota) Ain’t that fine? We save the people we owe, and even save the world along the way – it’s a great bargain.

(Haru) Oooooh, it’s finally come! It’s here! A ‘danger to the world’!
(Haru-side) This is the way it oughta be – !
(Yuu) This is getting exciting!
(Yuu-side) Though it feels like this isn’t something to joke about –

(Maki) B-But, why did it have to happen ‘now’? We have really bad timing, don’t we… (offset) Really bad…

(Negi) That’s…
(Asu) …

(Chiu) …
(Chiu) Not the right time to talk, huh.

Page 9

(Chiu) W-Well, evil organisations have their own circumstances too!
(Chiu) Anyway, let’s move onto the real issue. Your turn, Chachamaru!

(Chacha) Yes.

(Negi) Now, Asakura-san, Haruna-san, please.
(Asa) Gotcha. Here’s the result of our all-out observation after these five hours.

(Haru) This is more or less our current situation. (offset) The Gateport is around here.

(Chart-top) Capital Ruin Ostia Central Area

(Chart-mid-top) Gateport
(Chart-mid-bottom) Ostia Airborne Palace Remains
(Chart-mid-left) Gravekeeper’s Palace
(Chart-mid-right) Old Ostia Town Areas

(Chart-bottom-left) Capital Ruin Ostia Panorama
(Chart-bottom-right) Ala Alba Current Location

(Haru) Because of the rapid torrent of mana, almost all of the fallen island have floated up.
(Haru) It’s a great big spectacle.
(Asa) The figure below is an expanded view of the above, showing our relative position to the central area.

Page 10

(Asa) Anya-chan’s badge is responding from this ‘Gravekeeper’s Palace’.
(Asa) The enemy leaders will be here as well.
(Text-up) Anya’s Badge
(Text-down-small) Royal Capital Ostia Airborne Palace, Deepest Section
(Text-down-big) Gravekeeper’s Palace
(Asa) That means, this is our final target.
(Asa) Once our objectives are complete, our goal is to escape via the Gateport.

(Kota) What’s that coat of white light covering the whole thing?
(Haru) This?
(Asa) It’s a gigantic layered magic shield knitted together from an enormous amount of mana…
(Asa) Basically, it’s a Barrier.
(Yuu) Barrier?

(Chacha) According to our calculations, even the main cannon of the Confederacy’s flagship will not be effective against it.
(Chacha) Most likely, even my ‘Al-Iskandariyah’ cannot perfectly destroy it.

(Yuu) Then we can’t get in!
(Haru) Weeell, yeah, that’s true.
(Haru-side) We’ve only just noticed the barrier…

(Asu) ……

(Asu) Um – Paruna-san, about that… from that very top part,
(Asu) we should be able to slip through and penetrate it.
(Haru) Huh?

(Haru) Here?
(Back) – Area
(Asu) Yes. The mana there calms down, like the eye of a storm, so there’s no shield. (offset) This is top secret, though…

(Yuu) Why do you know that, Asuna?

Page 11

(Asu) What do you mean – oh!
(Asu-left) Hey! Hold it!
(Asu-bottom-small) Wha?
(Asu-bottom-big) Oh, right, sorry.

(Asu-right) I’m glad that you decided to help, but you’re totally getting suspicious. Switch over!
(Asu-bottom) I, I’m sorry, I just, um…
(Asu-top) But is it okay for you to say this?
(Asu-left) Y-Yes, after mulling it over this is what I’ve decided… oh, I’ll switch over now, please wait.

(Ako) A… Asuna, san?
(Maki) Wha…
(Maki-side) Who’re you talking to…
(Yuu) Y-You okay, Asuna?

(Asu) I-It’s nothing! I’m all right!
(Asu) We can get in from directly overhead, but it’s dangerous of the turbulence, so we need to be careful.
(Asu) Umm… also, it’s safer to enter the Gravekeeper’s Palace from the bottom than from the top. (offset) The defenses are tougher at the top or something.
(Back) Ostia Airborne Palace Remains

(Yuu) ……Are you hearing things?
(Asu) What do you mean, hearing things?! (offset) It’s from a reliable source of info!

(Yuu) Liar – ! You were like, communicating with fairies or something just now, definitely!
(Maki) Asuna’s gone all weird – !
(Asu) I did not go all weird – !!

(Negi) No, I think we can rely on this fairy’s information.
(Yuu) Huh – ?! (offset) Seriously?
(Negi) Seriously.

(Asu) Wh… What?

(Negi) We can summarise the information just now like so.

Page 12
(More charts!)

① Break through the Barrier!
② Assault the lightly-guarded lower section!
③ Rescue Anya!
④ Seize the ‘Last Key’!
⑤ Escape via Gateport! To Earth!

(Top left) This is a schematic of the interior of the enemy’s secret base!!

The secret base of our enemy, ‘Kosmo Entelekheia’,
reuses the Kingdom’s mausoleum! Amazing!
What’s a mausoleum? It’s a tomb!

In the Kingdom, the job of protecting the tombs
is very important. The entire clan became so
distinguished that a palace was built for them!
Weird, but amazing!

(Figure-top) City of the Gravekeepers
(Figure-middle-up) Tomb of the Founding Queen
(Figure-middle-down) Full of tombs around here
(Figure-bottom) Endless Stair

(Negi) How about this? It’s simple.
(???) Ohhhh ~
(???) It’s true, it really is simple.
(???) I think we can do this!
(???) Really, though…?

(Kono) And this is the place where Negi-kun’s father fought too, it’s kind of moving.

(Kono) But if you turn it into a figure like this, it’s like a movie or a manga. (offset) Like ‘Game of Death’ or the Mu●cle Tower.
(Negi) Eh?
(Haru) That’s – it – !

Page 13

(Haru) They’ll definitely be waiting for us in something like this!
(Haru-side) This is getting my blood hot!

(Figure) Top Level – Fate
4th Room – Tough Old Guy
3rd Room – Freaky Slasher with Glasses
2nd Room – Killer Sound Wave Girl
1st Room – Space-Time Nopan Combo

(Kono) Ooh –
(Yuu) No no, no way! That’s way too clichéd! (offset) What is this, ‘Game of Death’?! Mu●cle Tower?!
(Mana) No, that might be surprisingly accurate. (offset) Speaking from experience.

(Negi) As explained, we will split the group into four teams.

(Negi) 1 will stand by in relatively safe airspace in Johnny-san’s Flying Manta.
(Negi) 2 will remain in the air around the Palace in the Great Paru-sama and secure the path of escape.
(Negi) 3 is Palace Assault Team A, with the strategic objective of ‘rescuing Anya’.
(Negi) 4 is Palace Assault Team B, with the strategic objective of ‘seizing the Great Grand Master Key’ [jp. Last Key].

(1) Relatively Safe
(2) Quite Dangerous Mission
(3) Stealth Insertion Recommended
(4) Anticipate Direct Combat with Enemy Leaders

(Negi) Member composition will be according the distributed print-outs. Please speak to me if you have any opinions or requests.
(Negi) The operation begins in about 30 minutes, right after transmissions with Kurt-san. Please finish your meals or bathroom trips by then. (offset) You shouldn’t eat too much.

(Negi) Now then, everyone…

Page 14

(Negi) I’ll be counting on you all –
(Haru) Hooold it! No, no good, Leader! Do another one, and put more spirit into it, please! (offset) Politeness is also forbidden!
(Negi) Right!

(Negi) W-Well, I’m not too good at this, but…
(Negi) Um…

(Negi) Ala Alba!!

(Negi) This is the last battle!!
(Collet) Good grief, no choice now, huh?

(Negi) Let’s go!!
(Girls) Yeah!!!

Page 15

(Yuu) Alright – !! Let’s do this – !!
(Maki) Let’s – !!
(Maki-side) Yeah – ♥
(Aki) Even if you say that, we’re the stand-by group, though.
(Ako) Well, we’re newcomers, so it can’t be helped.

(Natsu) Chief… [jp. Slave chief]

(Ako) Chief… [jp. Slave chief]
(Ako) Tosaka-san… we’ll definitely…!

(Aki) Tosaka-san…

(Negi) We’ve finished explaining it.
(Negi) We will cooperate as much as we can.
(Kurt) – That’s good to hear.
(Kurt) Now, regarding the specific strategic coordination…

(Bea) ……
(Chacha) Who’s Johnny-san?
(Haru) Oh, just an easy-going old man.

(Collet) It’ll be all right, Bea. I’m sure.
(Yue) Yes.

Page 16

(Collet) After this is all over,
(Collet) Let’s bring the Class Rep and go for a trip to Japan ♥

(Collet) Then you can show us around – Yue, Nodoka.
(Yue) Wha.

(Nodo) R-Right.

(Yue) …Yes.
(Yue) Certainly.

(Yue) You will experience the famous Mahora Curious Juices Tour.
(Collet) Wow – ! Sounds nice! I’m looking forward to it – !
(Nodo) C-Collet-san, maybe you shouldn’t…

(Nodo) ……

(Nodo) ?!

Page 17

(Nodo) Collet-san!

(Tsuku) Perhaps I should send you all off,
(Tsuku) Starting with the puppet.

(Collet) Wha…

(Yue) Col…

(Tsuku) Good bye.

Page 18

(Tsuku) ?!

(Tsuku) Gah?!

(Tsuku) Ah…
(Tsuku) Gah –
(Text) Through with his trials, Negi shows the full extent of his true strength!!!

(Nodo) Negi-sense~!!


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