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懐中時計型航時機「カシオペア」 kaichuutokei-gata koujiki –

Pocket Watch Model Time Machine “Cassiopeia”. A series of time machines developed by Chao, born from a mix of overtechnology and magic; they are all prototypes due to the fact that time skip (時間跳躍 jikan chouyaku) is not yet a fully established technology, even in the future. The known models are:

  • Prototype Unit 2 was activated two and a half years before the story and apparently unstable – Chao (likely as a joke) mentions that activating it could trap the user in an alternate dimension. This is also the unit used by Chao to return to the future.
  • Prototype Unit 3 was an improved version that could be used in combat, managed by an Artificial Intelligence of the highest capability and fitted into the back of Chao’s reinforced suit.

Performing a time leap requires the mana of the World Tree, and thus can only be used during the period of the Mahora Festival. In addition, the amount of time which can be traversed is limited by the mage; the amount of mana expended depends on the amount of time traversed, and one mage can only carry enough mana for a 24-hour jump, thus precluding multiple “long” jumps. However, a single time leap can carry any number of travelers provided they are all physically connected to the mage. In addition, special equipment and precise calculations are needed for a proper exit point, as a particularly “long” jump could transport the user inside the Earth or into outer space due to the spatial coordinates being out-of-sync (ie. due to the Earth’s movements).

The Cassiopeia can grant the user the abilities of absolute evasion (絶対回避 zettai kaihi) and pseudo-time suspension (擬似時間停止 giji jikan teishi). By using time leaps, the user can move to a different time, then return to his “original” time in a different location, thus allowing the user to avoid an attack even after being hit (including time leap attacks). Also, by repeatedly performing high speed time leaps to the same space, it is possible to imitate a suspension of time. In order to achieve practical combat usage, precise calculations down to the nanosecond and

accurate predictions of events and phenomena post-jump are absolutely necessary; it took two years of extensive simulations by Hakase and Chao to implement practical use and many restrictions still exist. Any one of the following:

  • Time suspension of over 2.68 seconds.
  • Evasive action of over 3.27 seconds.
  • Evasive action of over 10.78 metres.

can make it impossible for the user to return to the time pre-evasion. Negi substituted Chao’s advanced AI with basic spirits capable of simply ‘moving small objects’ and ‘predicting the future’.

Bullet of Compulsory Time Leap
強制時間跳躍弾 kyousei jikan chouyakudan

Dubbed “the strongest bullet”, the B.C.T.L. forces whatever it hits to three hours later. The range of the time leap effect ensures that it can bypass most types of defenses; however, it is possible to evade the attack by intercepting the bullet at a safe distance.

Comptina Daemonia

鬼神の童謡 kishin no douyou

Daemon’s Nursery Rhyme. A claw-like accessory with a winged eye worn on the finger which can decipher the true names of its targets. The association between an object and a name can allow for magic to flow between them, making it dangerous for your full, true name to be known.

Conceptually, this was based on an old Japanese tale in which an ogre (oni) was banished simply from having his name spoken, as knowing one’s true name gives you the power of life and death over him, whether he be man or daemon. The true name of the ogre, Oniroku, was hidden in a nursery rhyme – thus, an artifact to discover names, like those hidden in songs.

Anata no onamae nan desu ka?
我 汝の真名を問う。Ware, nanji no shinmei wo tou.
“I ask for your true name.”

Folium Artemisiae

アルテミシアの葉 -no ha

Leaves of Artemisia. A healing herb, aliases Parthenis, Ambrosia, and Botrys believed by some to possess mysterious powers and said to excel at aiding haemostasis.

Auris Recitans

読み上げ耳 yomiage mimi

Reading Ear. Feather-shaped accessories worn on the ears, sold by common street merchants in the Magic World. By attaching a ‘receiving’ end onto a book or document, it can read the contents of the text to its user telepathically – useful for when the eyes are otherwise occupied.

Ennomos Aetosphragis [Εννομος Αετοσφραγις]

鵬法璽 houhouji

Seal of the Eagle’s Decree. A high-class magical imperial seal in the shape of an eagle with two scales hanging from its wings, representing authority and justice – a symbol of the Roman goddess Justitia. This sealing-class artifact contains an incredibly potent amount of mana – more than any normal mage could use at one time – using it to forcefully bind its target to a declaration by permanently engraving the contract into the soul.

Eagles historically were divine birds of the highest class, with the might of gods – the Aetos of Greek mythology, for example. Eagles became the symbol of Roman might and authority: of the Empire, the Emperor, and the Army.

The first kanji 鵬 hou also refers to the Peng of Chinese mythology.

Negi Springfield

Mille Vincula

千の絆 sen no kizuna

Thousand Bonds. The personal artifact of Negi Springfield, attendant of Theodora Basileia Helladis de Vesperisszimia. A passport-like case holding all of his Pactio cards, allowing him to borrow the power – that is, artifact – of each attendant, with no apparent limitations.

Kagurazaka Asuna

Ensis Exorcizans

破魔の剣 hama no tsurugi

Demon-breaking Sword. The personal artifact of Kagurazaka Asuna, attendant of Negi Springfield. A greatsword, initially manifesting as a harisen, with the same unique ability as Asuna herself, which can dispel any magic or qi on contact. Due to this, it can also banish summoned creatures and dispel various types of magic in a single blow – effective against impregnable shields, highly dangerous capturing spells, and even other Artifacts. Physically, the sword is also powerful enough to ‘split the sea’ when wielded by Asuna.

At first, summoning the Artifact will always equip Asuna with the harisen, except in times of great emotion. However, some form of control is eventually gained by Asuna and she can summon whichever form is more suitable for the situation.

When Negi touched the sword in his demonic form, the mark of Magia Erebea grew out from the back of the sword. It is known as Demon-sealing Sword (封魔の剣, houma no tsurugi) in this form.

In harisen form, the Artifact is 150cm long and weighs 1kg. In sword form, it is 190cm long and weighs 4 kg.

Se Dissolvant Circumstantia Falsa
ほどけよ、偽りの世界 hodoke yo, itsuwari no sekai

“Come apart, fabricated world”. The incantation used by Yue to break down the ‘illusionary world’ trap, using Ensis Exorcizans as a catalyst and borrowing its power.

Tome Alkes Kai Analkias
無極而太極斬 mukyoku ji taikyoku zan

Slash of the Opposing. A technique which allows Asuna to utilise Magic Cancel as a ranged attack ‘launched’ from Ensis Exorcizans. Executed properly, this attack can nullify even Kankahou, “the union of the opposing”.

Wuji er taiji (無極而太極 mukyokujitaikyoku) comes from Neo-Confucianism, meaning “the Limitless, yet the Ultimate.” In Taoism, Wuji, the Limitless, is an endless void, whereas Taiji, the Ultimate, is the source of existence itself. The phrase embodies the concept of dualism: two opposing halves existing interconnected and interdependent, forming two parts of a whole.

Miyzaki Nodoka

Diarium Ejus

いどのえにっき ido no enikki

Picture Diary of the Id, ‘my diary’. The personal artifact of Miyazaki Nodoka, attendant of Negi Springfield. A legendary grimoire, registered #16784638 in the World Pactio Organisation Literary Archive, that can read the surface thoughts – the ‘heart’ – of any target when provided with their full, true name: thought pursuit (思考追跡 shikou tsuiseki). The initial activation must occur within five paces – about 7.4 metres – of the target, but the actual effective range is much wider. The thoughts materialise on the blank pages in the target’s own handwriting, accompanied by drawings. However, the diary’s contents are wiped when the artifact is turned back into card form.

The grimoire will read Nodoka’s thoughts by default if summoned but not given a target. Also, note that the target must possess something considered equivalent to a ‘heart’ to be read.

There are nine other books shown on the Pactio Card itself – the seven Liberal Arts, and two copies of Kinder- und Hausmärchen (Grimm’s Fairy Tales) – and while Nodoka apparently can

summon them, they appear to have no special abilities.

Diaria Ejus Minora
簡単小型版 kantan kogataban

Miniature clones of Diarium Ejus used to mind-read multiple targets at once – effective in combat, but difficult for the user to manage.

Diaria Ejus Minora Quadrupla adeant tumcogitationes vestigent de Sasacie Macie, Acasie Juna, Oocoutie Acira, et Izumie Acone.
“‘Picture Diary of the Id’ four miniature volumes, come forth. Thought pursuit, Sasaki Makie, Akashi Yuuna, Ookouchi Akira, Izumi Ako.”

Sakurazaki Setsuna

Sica Sisicusiro

匕首 十六串呂 aikuchi shishi kushiro

Sixteen Skewering Daggers. The personal artifact of Sakurazaki Setsuna, attendant of Negi Springfield. A wakizashi that can split into sixteen clones, all of which can hover and move independently. Due to Setsuna’s already impressive swordsmanship, this is usually used as an offhand blade, more or less equivalent to an unincanted barrage of Sagitta Magica. When the dagger is split, only the original retains the hilt ornament.

Unlike most Artifacts, shishikushiro is ancient Japanese – a classic poetic convention, meaning “to skewer the flesh”. The term itself can be interpreted many ways: to skewer flesh or meat (肉 shishi), to skewer a beast (獣 shishi), and shi is the number 4, so 四四 shishi = 4×4 = 16, hence the name.

Setsuna can use them to perform Shinmeiryuu qi-based techniques; for instance, Inatsurubi no Katama. However, it is unknown if the mana carried by the daggers causes interference.


剣の神・建御雷 tsurugi no kami, takemikazuchi

Takemikazuchi, the God of Swords and Lightning. The personal artifact of Sakurazaki Setsuna, attendant of Konoe Konoka. A sword, the blade of which can grow in size and become electrified when charged with mana. No other properties are currently known.

Konoe Konoka

Flabellum Euri, Flabellum Australe

コチノヒオウギ、ハエノスエヒロ kochi no hiougi, hae no suehiro

Fan of the East Wind and Fan of the South Wind. The personal artifacts of Konoe Konoka, attendant of Negi Springfield. A pair of folded paper fans with healing abilities as well as a white robe with magical protective properties.

Flabellum Euri can heal any injuries, provided that they were not instantly fatal and less than 3 minutes has passed since sustainment; however, for serious injuries, physical contact with the target is required. It is also possible to heal multiple targets, but the effects will lessen with each additional target. On the other hand, Flabellum Australe can heal any illness (or similar “Status” defects – petrification, for example) less than 30 minutes old.

The power flow and control is apparently unstable, as Konoka’s mana supply exceeds Negi’s – the master, who is supposed to be the one supplying most of it.

Hiougi and suehiro both refer to types of folded paper fans found in feudal Japan. The robes were also based on the kariginu of the period.

Ibuki-dono Oohara he

A purification ritual to Ibuki-donushi. The ancient Japanese incantation – that is, Shinto ritual – to activate Flabellum Euri’s full power: a complete recovery (完全治癒 kanzen chiyu) that Konoka is only capable of once per day. This is another example of how the Artifact suits the disposition of the attendant.

Saotome Haruna

Imperium Graphices

落書帝国 rakugaki teikoku

Empire of the Scrawl. The personal artifact of Saotome Haruna, attendant of Negi Springfield. A set of items including sketchbook, quill, ink bottle, cloak, beret, and various other oddities, which can summon simple golems based on the drawings. A splendid Artifact, as the Attendant can remain as rear support while maintaining a system of offensive and defensive golems around the entire field of battle. However, it also requires considerable skill on the part of the Attendant to maintain this system.

Haruna notes that about 1% of damage received by her golems is transfered back to her.

Ayase Yue

Orbis Sensualium Pictus

世界図絵 sekai zue

Illustration of the World. The personal artifact of Ayase Yue, attendant of Negi Springfield. A set of items including flying broom, mage’s hat, a robe, other accessories, and most

significantly, a self-updating encyclopedia or compendium of magic connected to MahoNet, capable of accessing Level-A restricted information. All displayed data entries will have related links contain summaries of basic information regarding the subject.

However, as the data comes from MahoNet, if the old information is ever overwritten – for example, by updates – then it cannot be retrieved.

Hasegawa Chisame

Sceptrum Virtuale

力の王笏 chikara no oukotsu

King’s Sceptre of Power. The personal artifact of Hasegawa Chisame, attendant of Negi Springfield. A magical-girl-esque wand that allows the user to dive into the computerised world… or rather, to systematically regulate electronic spirits. Most significantly, the wand possesses the ability to magically reconfigure a user interface.

Due to the advances of computers and electronic devices in the past century, it became neccessary for mages to cope with problems posed by the Information Age using their own unique magical innovations. Enormous swarms of simple lesser spirits which can interact with electrons and electromagnetic fields can imitate a signal, allowing the access and manipulation of data. From here, this physical data is passed through several layers of spirits, until reaching the greater spirits, which can deliver the data in analog form to the user. As the greater spirits are highly sophisticated, being able to telepathically sense the mental condition of the user, they can independently select data to present to the user, while also retaining all data received, ready to be recalled if neccessary.

As conflicts may occur if the user is still consciously aware during the usage of this Artifact – for example, receiving visual data from both the eyes and the spirits – it is generally operated while the user is unconscious. However, it is possible to enter a hibernation mode where only audio information is received, much like a music player.

A point worth noting is that the Artifact actually becomes more efficient with multiple users to analyse the data while utilising the spirit swarms to a greater extent.

Ego Electrum Regno
我こそは電子の王 ware koso wa denshi no ou

“For I am the electronic king”. Chisame’s incantation to activate the Artifact.

Nihil nullum zefirum. Spiritus Magus unum. Spiritus electronici ferantur super aquas.
“The boundless void, that is zero. The great spirit, that is one. Spirits of the electrons, float on the water’s surface.”

Asakura Kazumi

Occulus Corvinus

渡鴉の人見 watarigarasu no hitomi

Sight of the Black Raven. The personal artifact of Asakura Kazumi, attendant of Negi Springfield. A set of six flying ‘spying machine’ golems that can be remotely operated from extreme ranges; the golems also act as a communication system, capable of operating beyond a range of 7000km. However, there are also many limitations in its usage, having no direct means of combat, limited stealth capabilities, and restrictions placed upon entering private areas.

This Artifact is conceptually based on the idea that the Gods used ravens and crows to watch over the Earth due to their intelligence; for example, Odin’s Huginn and Muninn in Norse mythology and the Yatagarasu, or three-legged crow in Japanese mythology.

Nagase Kaede

Tengu no Kakuremino


Magic Cloak of the Tengu. The personal artifact of Nagase Kaede, attendant of Negi Springfield. A long black length of cloth with properties similar to active camouflage. The ‘interior’ of the cloak is in fact a pocket space, with a traditional Japanese home and garden.

While the camouflage itself has little use to Kaede – a ninja to begin with – the house can be used to transport non-combatants.

Ku Fei

Shinchintetsu Jizaikon


Unbounded Staff of Divine Iron. The personal artifact of Kuu Fei, attendant of Negi Springfield. A replica of the legendary weapon of Sun Wukong from Chinese mythology, the Compliant Rod. The staff’s length and size can freely change according to the will of its user.

Karakuri Chachamaru

Al-Iskandariyah [الإسكندرية]

空とび猫 soratobi neko

Type-2130 Chao Bao Zi Satellite Support System (二一三〇式超包子衛星応援システム): Catwing. The personal artifact of Karakuri Chachamaru, attendant of Negi Springfield. A cat-shaped handheld laser designator for a similarly cat-themed satellite beam weapon – a weapon from the future designed by Chao.

Izumi Ako

Fushigi na Chuushaki


Mysterious Syringe. The personal artifact of Izumi Ako, attendant of Negi Springfield. A giant syringe – with a 1.8cm thick needle – containing a concentrated soup of doping mana, capable of boosting one’s capabilities manyfold when injected. The recipients have demonstrated the following effects:

  • Yuuna tracked and shot down Koyomi, in her beast form, in the middle of her pounce.
  • Luna’s and Makie’s melee attacks tore apart the ground with a single swing (though in Makie’s case, it is unknown how much power had originated from her artifact.)
  • Luna successfully landed from a fall of several dozen metres while carrying Nodoka and Chisame.

Akashi Yuuna

Iris Tormentum

七色の銃 nanairo no juu

Seven-Colour Gun. The personal artifact of Akashi Yuuna, attendant of Negi Springfield. A magic pistol which can apparently fire shots with different effects; Yuuna has demonstrated a Spirit Form Canceller Bullet (精霊化解除弾 seireika kaijodan) which forced Homura out of her Salamandra form temporarily.

Sasaki Makie

Liberum Lemniscus

自在なりリボン jizainaru-

Unbounded Ribbon. The personal artifact of Sasaki Makie, attendant of Negi Springfield. It can extend seemingly endlessly and catch objects at long range.

Frango Stipes

粉砕する棍棒 funsaisuru konbou

Pulversing Club. The personal artifact of Sasaki Makie, attendant of Negi Springfield. It seems to be a set of batons which can grow into large mace-like clubs.

Bombes Globus

爆弾のボール bakudan no-

Bombing Ball. The personal artifact of Sasaki Makie, attendant of Negi Springfield. The name suggests an explosive weapon, though Makie has yet to use it.

Kirisaku Wakka


Cleaving Ring. The personal artifact of Sasaki Makie, attendant of Negi Springfield. It hasn’t appeared in the story yet, but the name suggests an offensive artifact.

Hobakusuru Nawa


Capturing Rope. The personal artifact of Sasaki Makie, attendant of Negi Springfield. It hasn’t appeared in the story yet, but the name suggests a capturing artifact.

Kasuga Misora

Artifact of Kasuga Misora

The unnamed personal artifact of Kasuga Misora, attendant of Cocone Fatima Rosa. A pair of running shoes which greatly reinforces the lower body, not only allowing a rapid increase in overall running speed and jumping height, but also moderating the intense stress of performing these actions. This overwhelming speed easily surpasses even Shundoujutsu.

Sakura Mei

Favor Purgandi

オソウジダイスキ osouji daisuki

I love cleaning. The personal artifact of Sakura Mei, attendant of Takane D. Goodman. The traditional broom of national magic knight brigades – general-purpose, with many possible optional functions. Although it is unknown in terms of quality compared to the standards of Artifacts, similar to Negi’s attendants, it was granted based on factors like disposition and future career.

Ad Summam Exarmatio
全体武装解除 zentai busou kaijo

Total Disarmament. A disarmament spell that completely removes all weapons within effective range, disarming everyone within the target area. Allies are not exempt – this is intentional on the spell’s part.

Murakami Natsumi

Adjutor Solitarius

孤独の黒子 kodoku no kuroko

Lonely Stagehand. The personal artifact of Murakami Natsumi, attendant of Inugami Kotarou. A plain carnival mask that, when held over the right eye, creates a powerful perception inhibition magic which reduces the user’s presence to its absolute minimum. The effect can cover possibly a limitless number of individuals as long as one can physically connect with the user – for example, several individuals holding hands in a line.

Zazie Rainyday

Gentou no Circus


Magic Lantern Circus. The personal artifact of Zazie Rainyday (or maybe her sister…?) It has the ability to project an illusionary world of the user’s design into the target’s mind. With this artifact, Zazie can replicate the mental effects of Kosmo Entelekheia.

Albireo Imma

Hai Bubloi Hai Biographikai [Αι Βυβλοι Αι Βιογραφικαι]

命の紙片 inochi no shihen

Unable to discriminate clearly between words and things, the savage commonly fancies that the link between a name and the person or thing denominated by it is not a mere arbitrary and ideal association, but a real and substantial bond which unites the two in such a way that magic may be wrought on a man just as easily through his name as through his hair, his nails, or any other material part of his person. In fact, primitive man regards his name as a vital portion of himself and takes care of it accordingly (…) not as a mere label, but as a distinct part of his personality, just as much as are his eyes or his teeth, and believes that injury will result as surely from the malicious handling of his name as from a wound inflicted on any part of his physical organism.

– James Frazer, The Golden Bough

Scraps of Life, the book of half of one’s life. The personal artifact of Albireo Imma, attendant of Nagi Springfield. It has the ability to record half of a person’s life in one of its infinite duplicates, which take the form of psalms. Each book can allow Albireo to physically imitate the person in question, inlcuding any physical characteristics or abilities possessed. The creation of each book requires conducting a special ritual, as well as hearing the subject’s name spoken from his own lips – one’s true name, as expressed by the person himself, and thus a piece of his own soul.

In addition, each book can allow a singular ten-minute perfect replication of the subject, recreating emotions, tastes and preferences, memories, and other mental conditions. However, as the book cannot

automatically update itself, this recreation is limited to the subject the time of the recording.

Jack Rakan

Ho Heros Meta Khilion Prosopon [Ο Ηρως Μετα Χιλιων Προσωπων]

千の顔を持つ英雄 sen no kao wo motsu eiyuu

Hero with a Thousand Faces. The personal artifact of Jack Rakan, attendant of Nagi Springfield. One of the greatest of noble weapons, an artifact able to freely change form to any number of any armament: swords, spears, armour, and even siege engines.

Described as “invincible and peerless” and capable of anti-unit, anti-magical-beast, anti-army, anti-ship, and anti-fortress. It is recorded to have destroyed 137 warships during the Schismatic War.

Incidentally, also a part of the reason for the existence of this list.


Fidicula Lunatica

狂気の提琴 kyouki no teikin

Violin of Madness. The personal artifact of ‘Shirabe’, attendant of Fate Averruncus. A fiddle set which when played generates sound waves capable of pulverising stone. As it can only attack in a direct line, it has little destructive power outside visual contact.

Cantus Elemosynes
救憐唱 kyuurenshou

Paean of Compassion. A single sound wave mysteriously becoming an omnidirectional attack.

The attack name can be shortened to simply Kyrie.


Encompandentia Infinitas

無限抱擁 mugen houyou

Infinite Embrace. The personal artifact of ‘Tamaki’, attendant of Fate Averruncus. The physical form of the Artifact is unknown. However, it possesses the ability to expand and control a personal bounded space, containing an infinite expanse, while using a limited amount of mana. As there is no way of physically exiting the space, aside from killing Tamaki, escape is theoretically impossible.

The stability of the ‘dimension’ relies heavily on the user’s mental state – as long as Tamaki is calm, she has complete control over the field, up to and including the effects of physics.


Horaria Porticus

時の回廊 toki no kairou

Gallery of Time. The personal artifact of ‘Koyomi’, attendant of Fate Averruncus. An hourglass with the ability to create of a field of influence where the flow of time can be manipulated, delaying all physical and mental phenomena. The magnitude of the delay can be defined at will by the user, who can also cancel the delay at any time. From the outside, time inside appears to slow down, while from the inside, time outside appears to speed up. Once within the field, agility is irrelevant as it would still appear slow by comparison with the outside; the Artifact’s user is not exempt from this.

However, projectile attacks fired from outside the field are also affected, making its effects counterproductive for direct combat. Koyomi uses the Artifact to suit the particular situation – setting traps or relocating to a more advantageous position, for example.

Koyomi has also demonstrated the ability to increase her own speed using this artifact, Self-Ward Acceleration (自陣加速 jijin kasoku), suggesting that unlike its initial description, she has extensive control over the flow of time in the defined field of influence.


Signum Biolegens

偸生の符 tousei no fu

Life-Stealing Mark. The personal artifact of ‘Shiori’, attendant of Fate Averruncus. A bookmark which grants the user the ability to, through a direct kiss, reconstruct her own physical body to replicate the physical as well as mental and spiritual characteristics of a human target by stealing half of the target’s life. The external facade acts like a separate personality in a form of self-hypnosis, while Shiori remains conscious and in control. Howver, the disguise can wear off if the user’s own emotions are swayed.

Note that Fate himself had been seen carrying something similar in the past.


Great Paru-sama


A light freighter nearly forty years old, purchased second-hand by Haruna for Δρ150,000. It was primarily used as a smuggling vessel, but the rumour that it was used by exiled royalty during the great War seems to have some plausibility. It is equipped with bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and common quarters – essentially a mobile hideout.


  • Length / Width / Height: 52.6m x 18m x 19m
  • Gross Weight: 18.6t
  • Crew Capacity: 12
  • Highest Speed: Mach 1.2
  • Propulsion System: High-Output 18-Prayer Spirit Engine x2
  • Armament: Bow Spirit Cannon x1, Demonition Torpedo x2

The anti-pirate military-grade weaponry was acquired through the black market. Haruna later added a custom Sagitta Magica minigun on the rear deck, fed by a magic scroll so costly that ten minutes of continuous fire would blow away her entire fortune.



Swan-white, the current flagship of the Megalomesembria International Strategic Fleet. First entering service during the Schismatic War as a battlecruiser, it had a long cruising range, high firepower, and great mobility. Near the end of the War, the previous flagship was seriously damaged and decommissioned; the Svanhvit was refitted as a combat carrier as the replacement, furnished with a new-model main cannon, the ‘Divine Punishment’ (神罰砲 shinbatsuhou), as well as Daemon Soldiers.

During the operation to recapture the Great Bridge, it defeated the Empire’s summoned beasts, and caused critical damage to the enemy’s forces. Despite the great demilitarisation of the M.M. Strategic Forces after the War, the Svanhvit remains the flagship of the Fleet.



Shield-truce, the special operations submersible cruiser of the Ariadne Chivalric Order of Magic Knights, with a long cruising range and excellent detection abilities. However, it is lightly equipped in terms of firepower and poorly suited for gunnery engagements.

This type of cruiser is widely used by the various city-states of the Mesembrina Confederacy.



Frost-mane, a cruiser stationed at Ostia as part of its garrison fleet. It led several ships in an attempt to apprehend Ala Alba at the Governor’s Palace but the entire group was captured by Dunamis’ enormous summoned demon.


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