March 11, 2010

Vol. 28+29 Digest

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Since neither volume 28 nor 29 have Lexicon entries (what with the ‘there goes our linguist’ thing) I’ve decided to translate interpret some parts of the expanded Q&A sessions. Relevant info will be added to the appropriate entries.

EDIT: The new Q&A page can be found here.


June 20, 2010

Nazenani stuff

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As said in 292’s post, I’ll be redoing all the Q&A’s in a new page.

Volumes 21 to 28 are finished, with 29 and 30 pending. In any case, here it is.

Nazenani Negima!

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These are the small Q&A’s found in the tankoubon releases beginning from Volume 21, as well as the expanded sessions in Volumes 28 to 32.

Certain questions not relevant to the story or unnecessary to an English speaker have been skipped and may be translated at a later time. See Zefyris’ thread here for a different take.

Volume: 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37

Volume 21

How does Chachamaru become small?
The Age-Deceiving Pills are a medicine based on illusions, so they work on robots as well. As soon as you put them in your mouth, you go Bom! and transform. She wasn’t carrying her loli body around.

Volume 22

Why isn’t Yue arrested as for her bounty even though she isn’t disguised in any way?
Academy City Ariadne forbids the incarceration of those who wish to study (it would be same even for criminals or demonic beings). In Yue’s case, she probably won’t be arrested for the rest of her life. (laugh)

Volume 23

How come the people of the Magic World understand the speech of the classmates?
It’s all thanks to interpretation magic*. It’s a very basic foundation magic.

*Not, specifically, translation magic. To connect this with Akamatsu’s comments on telepathy and mind-reading, it seems the ability to “feel intentions” is a common skill.

Volume 24

How did Chamo-kun survive that blizzard?
As an ermine fairy, he loves cold places. (Chamo: Lies!)

Volume 25

Why doesn’t Negi use telepathy to contact Yue? They have Cards, don’t they…?
Yue’s armour is capable of resisting mental attacks, and the cruiser itself has anti-magic shields, so telepathy won’t get through.

Volume 26

Can Shiori copy even Artifacts? Isn’t she just invincible then?
She can copy only the outer appearance – things like clothes or equipment or accessories. She cannot copy abilities.

Volume 27

So Rakan and Nagi definitely kissed, didn’t they?
There are many ways to form a Pactio. For example, the “Doll Contract” between Eva and Chachamaru, which can be performed even by the soulless. It’s too early to say that Rakan and Nagi kissed. But there’s no proof that they didn’t, either. (laugh)

Volume 28

Expanded version

I don’t really understand the relation between Pactio Cards and Artifact Cards.
The Pactio Card is the “proof of contract”, and among them there are Artifact Cards, with only the Artifact functions attached. Basically, there are Pactio Cards without Artifacts.

In 3-A, who would Akamatsu-sensei want to Pactio with?
Kakizaki, I guess…

Fate has this image of being ridiculously strong, but in his battle with Negi (Vol.6) he was caught by the Binding wind arrow, and even got his face punched. It just seems impossible.
It was because he was underestimating Negi. Considering he had already petrified Eishun, there is no mistaking that he is strong.

Can there only be one Artifact per person? And only one kind of Artifact?
In most cases there can only be one kind of Artifact, but it is possible to have multiple types of Artifacts. For novices, it is also possible that only a weaker version of the Artifact shown on the Card can be summoned.

Will we get a chance to see Saotome Haruna’s manga?
It’s for a female audience and 18+ only. (laugh)

When Fate’s girls Pactio’d, did they kiss?
That’s probably the case. Well, if Fate even has a soul to begin with.

In Rakan’s independent film, Rakan fought Eishun. If they fought seriously, who would be stronger?
They would probably be evenly matched, though Rakan has fewer weaknesses.

(Mana question skipped. If you are reading this page, ie. English, you don’t need the answer.)

Why is Chamo an ermine? In stories about magicians, the protagonist’s companion (pet?) is usually a cat or a bird. How was the creation process behind Chamomile?
The name comes from the saying, “a duck comes carrying an onion”*. The reason he’s an ermine is because they’re cute.

*Kamo ga negi o shottekuru – something along the line of “a fool comes by as though waiting to be taken advantage of.” The words refer to a Japanese dish, with duck (kamo) meat served with spring onions (negi).

In Vol.20, there was a scene where Konoka called Nekane over the phone. Was that actually Nekane, or was Konoka just acting?
It was probably just Konoka’s act. It’s still too early for a phone call with Nekane.

Kotarou isn’t a mage, but can he do a Pactio?
Both Mana-users and Qi-users can take the role of Master in a Pactio. If the Master has neither great Mana nor Qi, then the contract will be in effect, but an Artifact will not be available.

Why is Negi-kun so cool and cute?

Are the things on Princess Theodora’s head horns?
Yes. It’s a special local trait of her race.

Can the shield of a mage of average power defend against guns?
If prepared in advance, then it is possible. However, if the shot is already fired then it is far too late.

At this moment, which is Akamatsu-sensei’s favourite tankoubon cover?
For some reason, I like Vol.19’s.

Al’s ‘dead’ Pactio Cards all have the same art, so why does the new KonoSetsu Pactio Card have different art?
It’s a different version of the Artifact Card. It seems that it was a special contract for Setsuna…

In Vol.4, was the dog in Konoka’s flashback scene Kotarou-kun?
They look alike, but it’s a different dog.

How is Diarium Ejus different from normal mind-reading magic?
When Negi used mind-reading magic, he had to ask the target a question while in physical contact, and simply got a vague impression by directly feeling his response. Diaruim Ejus excels in that a distant opponent can be read in accurate text and images.

Why is Anya so obsessed with breast size?
She seems to have a strong complex over it. (laugh)

What would happen if you Complexio a disarmament spell with Magia Erebea?
You would be able to use a disarmament punch.

Was Paio Two, the breast connoisseur, designed to be a girl from the start?
Yes. Well, it was more like a thrown-in “What if she’s a girl…?” during planning.

Can Ensis Exorcizans nullify qi in addition to magic?
Yes, it can nullify qi.

Can a Pactio be done in reverse? For example, currently Negi is the Master and Konoka is the Attendant. Will a new Pactio be possible where Konoka is the Master and Negi is the Attendant?
The Master-Attendant relation changes based on how it is written in the magic circle. If the names are switched, then a reverse Pactio is possible.

Where and how does Kaede keep her giant shuriken?
When traveling, she splits it into four, folds the pieces on top of each other, and hides it on her back.

Is the Headmaster strong?
Quite. He has a certain special ability.

Is Negi-kun’s Pactio Card still around after the match?
Negi returned the Card and canceled the contract with Theodora when Ako and the maids were released from their collars.

What are your ambitions regarding Negima at the moment?
To properly and beautifully wrap up the story. (laugh)

Volume 29

Classmate Particulars

Is the uniform which Sayo wears the old Mahora Academy uniform?
Yes. It was from the exact same time as when the Headmaster was at Mahora as a student. It seems Sayo doesn’t remember anything about this period.

Since Professor Akashi is a mage, does that mean Yuuna has magic powers as well?
It is highly possible. Also, as her mother was a pure ‘knight’ type, it is possible she inherited those abilities as well.

It’s been rumoured for some time, but does Kazumi really have a boyfriend?
She apparently doesn’t. That her Pactio was her first kiss also seems to be true. She’s the type who’s “in love with her work”.

In the scene in Volume 28 when Negi’s disarmament spell stripped the girls, Yue’s chest seems to have gotten much bigger compared to before. Why is this?
Compared to those in the higher brackets like Emily, Yue is still clearly flat (laugh). It’s simply that she has matured in both mind and body after coming to the Magic World.

Why did Ako decide to be the manager of the Soccer Club? I don’t think she ever mentioned liking soccer in the story…
It seems she fell in love with a senior in the Soccer Club, but was gently rejected. While she is obliging, given her fear of blood, maybe she’s not really meant to be the manager of a sports club.

Does the name of the “powerful” Akira have any relation with ‘Attila’?
None whatsoever. (laugh) But it’s been a while since I’ve heard that name. My first-stage university examination was World History, too.

Is there a special reason why Kakizaki is the only (?) girl in the class to have a boyfriend?
Kakizaki is based on the concept of ‘the modern middle school girl’, so her appearance and lifestyle are all based on that.

Is Asuna an idiot because the powerful memory curse in her past lowered her number of brain cells?
I don’t think there was much decrease in the number of brain cells (^^;;) but that is the feel of it.

Did Misora kiss Cocone for their Pactio?
It’s unclear, but… I was hoping for something more like a receiving of the rosary. (laugh)

Do Doll Contracts have Artifacts?
They do not have Artifacts, as with Vampire Contracts. There is also no proof of contract like the Pactio Card.

There was a Kugimiya-Kotarou flag back during the Mahora Festival, but has there been any progress?
It can’t be said for sure that there isn’t. Their personalities are actually a great match. It seems like it’s easy to write them together.

Since she gave Chao the dual swords of her master, does that mean Kuu’s master was capable in both bare-handed and sword arts?
Yes. Kuu Fei herself is incredibly skilled in the wielding of weapons. This is reflected in her Artifact.

It’s been a question for some time, but what is the relation between Konoka and Motoko from ‘Love Hina’?
Every generation, the guards of the Konoe house are hired from the ranks of Shinmeiryuu. Within the story, there is a scene of Konoka’s childhood when Motoko and Tsuruko visited.

What kind of manga does Paru usually draw?
Everything from BL to sell at Comiket to actual manga drafts. As she is very skilled, she can imitate the art styles of many anime or manga.

Sakurazaki Setsuna has two different Artifacts, but is it possible to use multiple Artifacts at the same time?
It is possible. In which case, Setsuna would receive Mana and additional protective power from both Negi and Konoka (though of course, Shinmeiryuu techniques do not require Mana.)

How far can Makie’s ribbon stretch?
Under gymnastics rules, it should be over 6 metres. It can go about 10 metres in-story, though. (laugh)

In Volume 2, there was a girl who looked like Sakurako in the scene with Asuna and Ayaka in primary school. Is it her?
It was. She has been enrolled at Mahora since primary school.

Are both of Tatsumiya-san’s eyes demon eyes?
Only her left. It can see the true forms of demonic beings, and is used for super-long range shots. Normally, it isn’t active.

What’s Chao Ringshen’s IQ?!
It’s been decided from long ago that when it comes to IQ she should have 300. (laugh) But it seems like she seriously should have that much.

It is possible to hide forever inside Kaede’s Artifact?
It’s possible, but there is a condition – it must be an Official Contract, rather than a Provisional one. A Provisional Contract is like temporarily joining a school club – even Artifacts are not eternal.

Is Chizuru’s beauty spot hereditary?
Are beauty spots hereditary? (^^;;) It was given to her while designing her character, to symbolise her voluptuous and maternal nature.

Do the Narutaki twins have other sisters?
They don’t have any sisters aside from each other.

Why did Fumika become a member of the Beautification Committee?
It was decided during character creation that she likes cleanliness to contrast her with her big sister. But the design in question hasn’t really been made use of, has it…

What was the reason behind Hakase’s involvement in the construction of Chachamaru?
Hakase was already a well-known genius before she entered middle school. There, Hakase and Chao were requested by Eva to create Chachamaru for her, performing a doll contract to inject a provisional soul into her, making Chachamaru her present partner.

Can Chisame handle Linux as well?
It’s basic required knowledge in hacking circles these days, so naturally, she can. In fact, if she used her Artifact, she can probably gain root immediately.

Is there a Pactio between Negi-sensei~ and Eva-chan?!
Eva: If I am the Master, then perhaps. Ufufu…

In the various depictions of Nodoka the size of her chest is always different, getting bigger and smaller. What’s her size, really?
It’s slow, but she is steadily growing. But she is still basically flat.

Please tell us the real situation of Natsumi’s family.
They are just a really, really normal family. Natsumi, with her completely peaceful life, always wishes ‘something’ would change.

How does Ayaka understand Zazie, who doesn’t speak?
It seems to be natural ability of class representatives to understand the intentions of their classmates.

What style of cuisine is Satsuki best at?
Recently, she’s taken with Chinese food. But basically, she can cook anything.

When will Zazie become active in the story?
It’s planned for her true nature to be revealed in the last arc.

Volume 30

Non-classmate Particulars

Nagi Pactio’d with Albireo and Rakan, but did he Pactio with Gateau and Zecht?
He did not Pactio with Gateau. And as Zecht was his master, he did not Pactio with him either.

The tone of Albireo’s hair is darker in the flashback chapters, was this intentional?
Well spotted, and yes, it was intentional.

Who taught Rakan how to use Magia Erebea? Or was it something he practised by himself?
Rakan is a genius, so he can put things like Magia Erebea or Zanmaken Ni no Tachi into practise by seeing and imitating them.

Zecht looks like a child but how old is he really?
He’s said to be a couple of centuries old, like Eva.

If Kurt and Takamichi fought now, who would be stronger?
As Kurt is a politician and concerned with many affairs, his martial abilities might be lower compared to Takamichi.

Isn’t Eishun aging too fast compared to Rakan?
Eishun has always looked older. Rakan belongs to a long-living race so he hasn’t aged much.

Is Tsukuyomi human, or some kind of half-blood?
Tsukuyomi is human, but as she is directed by the darker side of Shinmeiryuu, her eyes have become something demonic.

Is the power of Homura’s left eye to actualise flame an ability she was born with?
Technically it is due to her Artifact, but it’s also a knowledge she was born with. The idea is that her ability was strengthened.

Why doesn’t Tamaki wear any panties?
Her tail is too big for her to wear them. Her entire race is like that.

In the last battle between Nagi’s and Fate’s parties, what happened to those tough-looking flame- and water-users?
They were taken down by Rakan and Zecht. Only the black sorcerer survived on Fate’s side.

Was Koyomi’s Artifact given by Fate?
Yes. Her name, or rather codename was given by Fate as well. They all have been given names related to their abilities. Her real name is different.

In Period 106 it looked like Takamichi was chewing on something in his mouth. Was it something he used to escape?
That’s right. Due to the story unfolding at the time, his actual escape was not shown. It was a regrettable mistake in chapter organisation.

How strong is Professor Akashi as a mage?
As he is more inclined towards investigating and processing of information, he isn’t too strong compared to the more combat-oriented teachers.

What does Beard-and-Sunglasses, that is, Kataragi use as a focus? He doesn’t seem to hold anything or wear a ring. He’s not using his sunglasses, is he?
That is quite possible. (laugh) There has never been, and never will be, a scene where he uses magic without his sunglasses.

Is Donette the partner of Merdiana’s Principal?
Yes. Her first appearance was Period 15. She’s actually around 40, and still single.

Is there any relation between Negi’s ‘Magia Erebea Patterns’ & Chao’s ‘Spell Patterns’ which is on there body?
As a matter of fact, there is. Both are techniques which lead to one’s own destruction if overused.

*This is copied word-for-word, the question was in English.

Who is stronger between Konoe Konoemon and Merdiana’s Principal?
They’re probably on the same level.

Is Nitta-sensei the same Nitta-sensei from “AI ga tomaranai!”? Also, is the rumour that he is based on Akamatsu-sensei’s honoured teacher true?
They are one and the same. He was based on my high school homeroom teacher, and he also appeared in my debut work which won the Newcomer’s Award.

*Honoured teacher – a teacher who you feel you owe much to.

What club does Goutokuji Kaoru belong to?
The Cheering Party.

*As in “Cheering On”.

How does Chachazero move?
She can move due to Eva’s magic power. As Eva’s magic is restricted within Mahora, she cannot move satisfactorily.

What happened to the high school pair Eiko and Naoya?
Eiko still hasn’t realised Naoya’s feelings, for now.

Are Yuki-chan and Haruki-kun doing well?
Yuki is very assertive, so they’re probably fine.

Nutmeg was managing the entire school with Professor Akashi? Is she as smart as Hakase?
She’s not on the same level as Hakase, but she is excellent as an operator. And given her proficiency with offensive magic, she seems to be quite useful overall.

Is Kotarou going to be okay, not hiding his ears or tail?
With the school in question, it’s probably okay to pass it off as a costume. They didn’t notice the robot, either.

Just what is Yamashita Keiichi’s ‘3D Jujutsu’…?
Apparently, it means he can perform techniques in every direction, and he can repeat them over and over again.

Is Takane easily stripped because she’s not good at defense?
Takane’s defensive capabilities is top-class amongst the magic students. She just meets a poor match every time…

As Sakura Mei has an Artifact, does that mean she has a Master?
Her Master is Takane, and it’s the same for Nutmeg. She is quite popular as an ‘Onee-sama’.

What did Ninomiya-sensei do during her student days?
Gymnastics, naturally. She has the proportions for it.

Are Nekane and Negi actual, blood-related siblings? If that is true, then doesn’t Nekane have incredible magic power as well?
They are not real siblings. Nekane’s magic isn’t too powerful, either.

How does Ricard set his hair?
He doesn’t, that’s just how it is. (laugh)

Is Beatrix Emily’s Ministra?
As they have not Pactio’d, they are not officially partners. As Emily comes from a high-class background, Beatrix is more like an employee of the family.

About how strong is Craig?
As the main fighter of his group, he is fairly strong – about 300.

*”High class mage”, “Average magic knight” on the chart.

Was the girl who Nagi saves in Period 268 Paio Two?
It was, though why she grew up to become a pervert is unclear.

Morborgran from Canis Niger seems to be a demon – it is possible to travel between the magic and demon worlds normally? Or was he summoned?
It is very rare, but travel between them is possible. A number of others are demons as well.

What exactly does Chiko☆Tan’s transformation do?
There are lots of theories, like him turning into a giant monkey, or changing to a polite way of speaking, but really, it’s probably not too impressive. (laugh)

Does Theo like Rakan?
She does, and probably wants to marry him, but since Rakan treats her like a child, it can’t be helped.

Volume 31

Final expanded version

In Ch.210, Collet noted that Yue’s “only weakness” was that she had to go to the bathroom often. Is Yue okay during nighttime?
It seems she has to wake up often, just like during the school trip.

About how much doujinshi does Haruna sell at a single event?
It seems she isn’t from a kabe circle, so she probably sells a few hundred copies every event.

* ‘Kabe circle’ literally means a booth placed next to the wall, though it’s generally taken to mean the high-profile circles which have booths near the wall to control the high amount of traffic.

What would happen if you try to Armationem a Light magic, being the opposite of Dark, using Magia Erebea?
It should be possible to Complexio the Light. The Dark truly is all-devouring.

Is there some kind of rule regarding what characters go on the back cover of the tankoubon?
It used to be a classmate picked out from the front cover. Now that all the classmates have already appeared, I have the draw the remaining characters on purpose to put something on. It’s tough.

Was the World Tree grown where Mahora Academy was built? Or was Mahora Academy built where the World Tree was?
It’s a school building. Wait, no, it’s the latter.

* 校舎 ‘school building’ and 後者 ‘latter’ are both pronounced ‘kousha’.

In Chp.158, is Chao’s “Not yet, Negi-bozu, we’re not done yet!” a refence to Quattro’s “Not yet, this isn’t over yet!” from Z Gundam? Also, is this really something you would often say while working?
True, this is something I often say during work. And as the words would indicate, the draft is nowhere close to being done.

Why is Chachamaru still small when she’s with the Party?
Because it’s easy to draw.

In Vol.17 Ch.159 Pg.4, was the pattern on Chao-san’s body a stronger version of Magia Erebea?
That is not exactly the case, but it’s no mistake that they are based on similar principles.

With Negi-kun’s current magic power, what would happen if he sneezed? Will he blow away half the Earth?
Since it has a disarmament effect, it would blow away half the Earth’s woman’s clothing.

Since the beginning, Asuna has had a sort of romantic/sisterly relationship with Negi. Now that her past has been revealed, the situation strikes me as very much like the relationship between Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies. Was this a consideration of yours? If so, who will play the Han Solo to Asuna’s Leia? (English question)
Hmmm… there isn’t anyone who would make a good Solo. Well, it should properly be the position of Kotarou. Or, I guess, Setsuna? (laugh)

During the 100-km Broom Rally, didn’t Bea fire off a Sagitta Magica even though offensive magic was forbidden?
That was clearly a foul, but she’ll do anything for her Ojou-sama.

Why does Kaede not like frogs? Was there some traumatic experience in her past…?
This was a design decision from Hattori-kun, apparently became “a ninja cannot oppose his lord”.

* 殿さま(tono-sama) = ‘lord’
殿さまガエル (tono-sama gaeru) = ‘bullfrog’

Fate’s Party 20 years ago had nothing but men, so why is it nothing but girls this time?
It was a design choice to match them with the Negi’s ‘nothing but girls’ Party (laugh). 20 years ago it was matching Nagi’s.

Does Kotarou-kun have both animal and human ears?
He only has animal ears.

Where would Chidzuru be placed on Rakan’s Table of Strength when she’s in “spring onions up the behind” mode?
Well, Kotarou as he is now probably wouldn’t get hit anyway, so she probably wouldn’t reach 1000.

What’s the relationship between Eishun Konoe and Motoko Aoyama? (English question)
They are thought to be close relatives in the Aoyama family. It’s not like they’re parent and child, though.

Who are the other students that graduate with Negi? What jobs do they get? (English question)
The other graduates from Chp.1 were most likely given various posts, like couriers or fortune tellers or other mage-like jobs. A post like “middle school teacher” is extremely rare.

Negi has made multiple Provisional Contracts with the classmates, but if he made an Official Contract with someone, will the other Provisional Contracts lose their effect?
Normally that would be the case. Normally.

Is the current Shinmeiryuu overrun with fight-crazy maniacs like Tsukuyomi?
It’s not ‘overrun’, but it would seem that the stronger you are with Shinmeiryuu the more easily you can be drawn into the dark side.

In Ch.254 Kurt noted how “physical attacks didn’t even seem to work” on Mega Dunamene Negi, so how did Rakan manage to damage Negi in Mega Dunamene form?
It was Rakan’s fighting spirit.

In Vol.26, why did Arika cut Zecht’s hair?
It was annoying. Also, it was the Princess of Hellas.

Can an Artifact only be used its possessor? Is it possible for someone else to have the same item?
There have been several confirmed instances of someone with an ability also drawing a similar Artifact.

If (Akamatsu) Sensei were to design an Artifact for himself, what would be its name and ability?
The ability to exchange one strand of hair, for one draft page to finish its touching-up instantly. The ability name is “Hair of God”.

Were the voice actors for Negima! decided by audition? Or were they already decided from the beginning?
They were decided through audition. It was done by the anime director.

If this was a galge and Negi-kun was the protagonist, how many heroines would he clear in a single playthrough?
As Negi-kun is still a child and doesn’t need to take responsibilities, he can probably clear about 15 heroines at once.

Are the girls’ breasts growing during the course of the story?
They are. Quite.

Can the Setsuna/Konoka and Setsuna/Negi Artifacts be used at the same time? If they can, will Negi’s and Konoka’s Mana flow in at the same time?
They can be used together. Mana will flow in from both sides. However, to a normal person this might cause an overload and knock him out.

How does an Activation Key get registered? Also, is it possible for several people to use the same Activation Key?
Activations Keys aren’t so much registered by some organisation, as they are just something you decide upon by yourself and get your body familiar with. It’s also possible for several people to use the same Key, but the spirits being put to work could get confused, so it is desirable to have different Keys among comrades.

Chisame doesn’t seem to have any problems telling apart her electron spirits Konnya and Negi. How does she do this?
Their serial numbers are different, so Chisame sees them as completely different spirits. Also, fans of the voice actor can probably tell them apart immediately (laugh).

Negima will still keep going, right? Please say that it will.
There’s still the feature-length animation next year, so logically it wouldn’t end until then.

Volume 32

Could it be that the animation adaptations will come to an end with the feature-length animation next year?
That’s the plan for the time being.

Volume 33

What 3D modeling software does Negima use?
LightWave 3D!

Volume 34

Will Negima animation adaptations end with this movie?
That’s the plan.

Volume 35

Why are there 10 chapters per compilation nowadays? (laugh)
There’s been a lot of page reductions, so there aren’t enough pages with 9 chapters (sweat). Volume 34 had 10 chapters too, by the way. The table of contents had a misprint.

Volume 36

In Period 259, didn’t Rakan say that “Nagi defeated Fates 1 and 2”?
It was historically recorded that way for the time being, and Rakan believes it to be so. However, the reality is just as we see in this volume. In the draft storyboard, the last scene of Period 327 did in fact show Nagi’s arrival.

Volume 37

Is Negima going to end?
It will end in the next volume.

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