September 24, 2013

UQ Holder 005 observations

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All in all, a pretty interesting chapter.

1. The opening caption

旅は道連れ、世は情け (Tabi wa michidure, yo wa nasake.)

I don’t think this completely maps 1-to-1 to an English saying, so I’d tentatively go with:

Fellowship does for a lonely road, what compassion does for the journey of life.


“Just as one would feel heartened by friendly fellow travellers on a trip, one should conduct oneself to be charitable and agreeable in regular life as well.”

Or to reduce it to its simplest message, “be glad for others’ companionship”.

(I’m not sure if I’ve seen this proverb before but apparently it’s used in karuta – ie. the card game where two people try to grab a card before the other, after someone else reads the first half of a saying or whatnot.)

2. Eva’s new spell

“Gather, spirits of ice. Become a deluge and pierce the enemy with spears.”

Eva never actually says the spell name. From the wording, though, it sounds a bit like Jaculatio Grandinis 氷槍弾雨, “Hail of Spears”.

Then again, this Japanese incantation sounds nothing like the Japanese incantation of the lightning version, Jaculatio Fulgoris.

So, until Akamatsu throws us a bone, who knows?



  1. Eva was awesome here. This chapter was almost done as if Akamatsu-sensei were addressing some of the concerns folks have expressed over Eva as Yukihime.

    I think Touta is being set up as something more than we’ve seen so far.

    And Kuroumaru’s strength…wow.

    My review goes up Friday.

    Comment by astronerdboy — September 25, 2013 @ 12:02 am

  2. 1. I understood it to mean that if you have a companion on a journey, the world is “nicer” to you, i.e. the journey goes by more easily, so I went with an approximately equivalent English proverb, “Cheerful company shortens the miles”. In hindsight, Kuroumaru and Yukihime aren’t exactly “cheerful” company, so possibly should’ve chosen something else haha.

    2. My thoughts exactly; it looks like and sounds very much like Jaculatio Grandinis, but the incantation for that spell was never recited back in Negima, so we can’t say for certain.

    Comment by southrop — September 25, 2013 @ 11:44 am

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