September 6, 2013

UQ Holder 002 Observations

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I won’t touch on any of the ‘dreaaaaaaams’ stuff because it’s all in dorky, sappy fun.

1. As I mentioned elsewhere, it doesn’t seem like the whole immortal-invulnerable thing actually matters that much, at least not in this chapter. Both the synopsis and dialogue refers to Touta having both. Possibly, it’s because ‘invulnerability’ is a sort of upgrade to ‘immortality’, ie:

不老不死 – ageless and deathless – ‘immortality’ (won’t age or die until killed)

↓ upgrades to ↓

不死身 – undying – ‘invulnerability’ (can’t age and can’t die even if killed)

Just a theory, of course.

2. Personally, I don’t think Eva has been de-fanged too much. What was in the last chapter was an ambush in who-knows-how-long and in this chapter, she still blows Touta away using just her shield. Remember that having a shield deployed 24-7 is considered ‘normal’ for magic-users … Eva is sending Touta flying basically by sneezing at him.

In any case, Eva/Yuki offered to teach him Shundou but he didn’t really care. Let’s see how many chapters it’ll take before it turns relevant again.

Also, yes, Eva is confirmed to be using age-deceiving pills to turn into ‘Yuki’.

3. The new girl is Yuuki Shinobu. I don’t recall ever seeing that last name before in an Akamatsu work … maybe someone who’s read AI Love You or Itsudatte can confirm?

It’s also pretty funny how Shinobu’s gender was never once mentioned in the entire chapter. I don’t doubt that she’s a girl, but still.

4. The idea of a ‘Solar Olympics’ (and especially a ‘Solar System Grand Prix’) is pretty incredible to me, seeing as it’s been 80 years at most since the beginning of space development and possibly only 60 years since the tower was opened to the public. Then again, this is a world where even country bumpkins can fix hover bikes.



  1. >It’s also pretty funny how Shinobu’s gender was never once mentioned in the entire chapter. I don’t doubt that she’s a girl, but still.

    Whomever unofficially (or officially) adapts this into English, I hope they take the time to make the text gender-neutral, which is difficult at best. I say that because it may be that Shinobu is a dude, or is a doll (creation) of some kind.

    Comment by astronerdboy — September 6, 2013 @ 1:32 am

  2. I’m also curious about the whole invulnerability thing. I remember someone mentioning though that in chapter 1 the example they use for invulnerable, actually dies if you stomp on it. So maybe invulnerability is supposed to mean the person wouldn’t die from mortal wounds, poison and others but could still die by an overwhelming power (like having the whole body disintegrated by powerful spells) or maybe even possible specific spells that target the soul / the essence of the person, if such a thing exists.
    Because from what I got in Negima, the whole won’t die no matter what seems to be the ceaselessness from the Lifemaker, where even if you destroy his body he will still “survive” and go to another body (although seems like Nagi found a way to counter it as he said that if he was killed it would end it all).

    Comment by chaosprophet — September 6, 2013 @ 1:43 am

  3. Frankly I’m most interested in the state of Mundus Magicus. Is the illusory world still running, or have they transferred everyone over to the terraformed Mars by now?
    From what I can tell, the ponytailed girl from some of the promotional images will be the ‘main girl’, assuming Eva doesn’t fill that role. I’m honestly not sure if she qualifies, being the older-sister type here.
    It may have been mentioned before, but I’m kinda surprised that Touta doesn’t have any weaknesses from his recent transformation.

    Comment by tikigod784 — September 6, 2013 @ 3:11 am

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