November 20, 2011

Volume 36 (spells)

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Jesus, this one was tough.

Masaxa should have a post about this stuff within the week, so I’ll keep this here for now and double-check using his information before putting these into Spells. In the meantime, any comments you can give on the Latin or Greek would be appreciated!

Period 325

Terra Findens
引き裂く大地 hikisaku daiichi
Tearing Earth

Fate’s incantation didn’t get translated, but weirdly enough, its name did, and it’s Latin. I’m not sure if Akamatsu goofed here or if it was on purpose… see the next spell as well for a similar issue.

Period 326

In pactione mane et oboedite mihi, regina glaciei. Venite, tenebrae sempternae, glacialium aeternum. Omnia in magnifice carceri glaciei includite.
“Obey the contract, obey me, queen of ice. Come, everlasting darkness, the eternal glacier. Shut all within an enchanting prison of ice.”

Mundus Gelans
こおるせかい kooru sekai
Freezing World

Again, we have a Latin name, this time for one that already got a Greek name all the way back in Volume 6 (Kosmike Krustallopegia, which is what the scan used). I see no explanation for this by Akamatsu so far, so I don’t know if he just forgot about it or decided to change it.

Period 331

Spelaion Mikron Baru Melan
Small Heavy Black Hole

Albireo’s gravity spell. The Greek should be correct. The same can’t be said for the next one…

Period 332-333

Eva’s spell is way too complicated for me to be absolutely sure, so I’ll break it down line by line:

Hupakoson ten diatheken, akouson me, aionia basilisa, tou skotous kai tes chionos.
“Obey the contract and answer me, darkness, ice and snow, the queen of eternity.”

– ‘upakson’ (as far as I can tell from the kana) is from υπακούω, ‘obey’
– ‘akouson’ from ακούω, ‘listen’

Anthismena leuka rhoda, tou pag kipos atermonos en hupnoi.
“The coursing white rose of ice, the sleeping eternal garden.”

– ‘pag’ I assume is from παγ, ‘ice’ though I can’t say why it changed position

Epigenetheto, taionion Erebos, aionie krustalle.
“Come, everlasting darkness, the eternal glacier.”

– same exact line from Kosmike Katastrophe, no issues

Meta tou psuchrou keraunou, sullamb ta apsukha upokheiria.
“Imprison the soulless puppets with frozen lightning.”

– ‘upokheiria’ is the one really troubling me here, I assume it’s from υποκείμενος, ‘existence/being/subject’ but I have no idea why it’s changed to -ria at the end

Thaumaste galene, leuka rhoda anthismena aionion desmoterion.
“The enchanting tranquility, the eternal prison of white roses blooming in profusion.”

– This is okay, I think?

Aperantos Leukos Ouranos
おわりなく白き九天 owarinaku shiroki kyuuten
Endless White Ninth Heaven

Looks like I made the wrong call here, as it turns out that ‘kyuuten’ really is referring to ‘Ninth Heaven’, the highest point in the sky.


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