November 20, 2011

Volume 36 (extras)

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The other stuff.

Nazenani Negima

In Period 259, didn’t Rakan say “Nagi defeated Fates 1 and 2”?
It was historically recorded that way for the time being, and Rakan believes it to be so. However, the reality is just as we see in this volume. In the draft storyboard, the last scene of Period 327 did in fact show Nagi’s arrival.

Character Commentary


She is a Shinmeiryuu swordsman who has been appearing since the school trip, and Setsuna’s rival character.

She is quite powerful and can take on people like Tatsumiya without losing her composure at all.

Technically, she does have a weak point in her glasses.

She can become stronger by going in a demonic mode like Tsuruko from Love Hina, and she overwhelmed Setsuna after gaining ‘Youtou Hina’, but in her final moments, she was defeated by the power of love.

[Chamo: Wait, isn’t something not right?! And did she die or something?!]

Her CV was Kugimiya Rie-san in the OAD, and Tsunakake Hiromi-san in Season 1.

They were splendid, and it’s such a waste that they didn’t get more appearances!! (laugh)


– The cover confirms the exact name of Asuna’s transformed sword ‘Houma no Tsurugi’ as 封魔の剣, ‘Demon-sealing Sword’.


  1. “And did she die or something?!”

    Oh, Akamatsu. Your ability to lampshade your weak points as a writer (like not explaining outcomes well) while you still don’t bother to overcome them at all would be charming if it wasn’t so annoying.

    Comment by OverMaster — November 21, 2011 @ 6:16 am

    • Beautifully put.

      Comment by Eiserne Jungfrau — November 21, 2011 @ 12:13 pm

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