June 2, 2011

Akamatsu on Twitter (End of the World Edition)

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On May 30, Akamatsu tweeted this:

Drafting for Negima 328 is going fairly well. The Magic World arc is also finally in its climax. If there are any plotlines I forgot to resolve, please tell me. (←Hey!)

Here are all the sent question – except for one incredibly pointless one about Zecht’s whereabouts – and Akamatsu’s response (Questioner, @KenAkamatsu, my comments):

May 30 (Note: order/timing is only approximate.)

The fight with the old demon guy who came out at the beginning, and the anti-demon magic Negi learned by himself, was it?

That’s no problem.

Probably meaning he’s already planned for its appearance.

Won’t you draw Setsuna vs. Tsukuyomi and Mana vs. Poyo in detail?

I do remember that, yes. (laugh)

Leaving a way open for an off-screen resolution?

Just how strong will Negi get? (´・ω・`)

That’s not a plotline. (laugh)

Regarding the wound on Ako-chan’s back, will it remain unspecified?

That has no relation with the Magic World arc.

The reason why Chachamaru managed a Pactio. The reason why Fate became stronger than Fire, Wind, and Water. Is it okay to think that it’s because their doll-like existence became (closer to) human?

It would be tasteless to explain within the work the reason why the Pactio of a robot bishoujo who loves the protagonist succeeded. (^^)

What is Rakan’s partner, Kagetarou doing? How about Chiko-tan and them?

I don’t particularly want to know. (laugh)

Excuse my reply. Regarding how to Great Paru-sama was acquired second-hand, and how the ship ridden by Nagi and the others is the same model; if this is a plotline, then it’s still unresolved.

Ah, that… well, isn’t it fine as a hidden setting?

What’s the relation between Nagi’s master and the Mage of the Beginning?

We’re doing it in the magazine now. (laugh)

Ricard was blackened in the flashback movie, was that a misunderstanding by Kurt?

That’s right.

I heard people saying “someone please tell Akamatsu-sensei that the identity of the Mystery Sister is Misora-chan.” ^^;; Seriously, how long will Mystery Sister Misora stay ‘mysterious’? (laugh)

Well, it seems she’ll have more troubling things to handle if her identity is revealed. (^^;;)

Kurt purposely got himself almost killed for the sake of bringing in Negi as a comrade, but what if he really did die?

That’s probably his true ambition.

Will there be an arc on the Sports Meet or after the 2nd Trimester…? If possible, I want to read all the way to Graduation!!

I can’t be that thorough about it, but it’s not like I won’t do any of it at all. (^^;;)

May 31

About the unresolved plotlines… I’d like to see the reason for Captain Tatsumiya having a demon eye (basically her origin) or past stories of hers.

Tatsumiya already had a personal chapter once, so the other classmates should probably have the priority, hm?
That’s true~ well then, are there any plans regarding the episode involving the scar on Ako’s back?
Ako’s been treated quite favourably, so it’s questionable whether I’ll do more about her. (There are too many classmates I haven’t done anything about yet.)
That’s true. Then, regarding the stories already supplemented by the anime (for example, Sayo and the Headmaster), are there any plans to re-do them in the original work?
Not every episode entirely, but I do want to follow up on them somehow.

Here’s all the unresolved plotlines in Negima ⇒■Chao Lingshen’s true nature (and her reappearance) ■Who is Negi’s final (Main Pactio?) partner? (requesting Asuna or Eva!) ■Who sent Herman? ■Who was Gateau fighting with when he died (or is this already resolved)? ■The past of the Headmaster, and his battle strength.

Thank you very much! But this is about the unresolved plotlines in the ‘Magic World’ arc. ‘Negima’ itself isn’t ending yet. (laugh)

This might have already come up, but what about Cocone? Even the nature of her existence seems so vague.

Information regarding Cocone will come out during the summer.

This isn’t a plotline, but please do something about how Misora’s Artifact’s name is still unknown. Cocone’s plotline was already talked about, I’ll be hung up if information about Misora’s Artifact stays unreleased.

Ah~ it still didn’t have a name? (^^;;)

The Averruncus mentioned by Rakan as having a power level of 3000, was that some kind of mass-production model?

It’s because Rakan just says things on the spot. (laugh)

June 1

Is it still alright to talk about the plotlines? Will the ‘Claunada Spirit World Border Magic Knight Brigade’ ever appear again? (Period 146) What about the name ‘Filius’? (Period 232) And how the first Queen of Ostia is said to be the daughter of the Creator God. (Period 270)
Let’s let those sleep off as background settings. (^^;;;)

I still have no idea on the source of the “Claudana” Magic Knights.

I just found out you’re taking unresolved plotlines. It’s likely unrelated, but 1) Fate’s lines at the Gateport: “Is that also a technique wrought by his blood?” “It’ll be troublesome for me if you die.” 2) Godel’s line: “Who is the one to profit the most from the attack on your village?” 3) My despair, as I hope for a rematch with Herman (lol)

1 and 2 should be taken as it is. 3, probably not. (^^;;) It’s how weekly shounen magazines work – if he’s popular, he’ll get a rematch. (laugh)

That’s all for now. I’ll keep an eye out for anything of interest.



  1. Hmm… Akamatsu is kinda working hard, didn’t he…
    And, Claudana? I never heard that…

    Anyway, is Animum Mutare translation still work? Then why in manga*ead*, negima was translated by R*d Ha*k?? (sorry, hidden for copyright)

    Comment by Shinji Akitsuki — June 2, 2011 @ 7:39 am

    • Am is working with RHS far as i know ..
      He(she?) said so on his(her)blog

      Comment by sakurazakii — June 2, 2011 @ 3:30 pm

  2. Remember when Chamo asked the Dean to get magic weapons for the Great Mahora Shootout? The Claudana Knights were the people who supplied it according to Chamo.

    @Shinji Akitsuki

    The people of Animum Mutare joined the Negima team at Red Hawk Scans. The link below should explain it in better detail

    Comment by Brent — June 2, 2011 @ 11:55 am

    • I remember when those knights were mentioned. What I actually want to know is the inspiration for their name. It’s not even clear if “Claunada” is the proper romanisation.

      Comment by CanonRap (Mobile) — June 2, 2011 @ 8:35 pm

  3. Thanks for this! Very, very interesting that Cocone is getting some love this summer. Ako is getting a punt on the scar I guess. ^_^;

    Comment by AstroNerdBoy — June 2, 2011 @ 1:53 pm

  4. As always! ^_^ akamatsu -sensei is the best ^^,
    i didn’t the “Claunada knights” at all X_X and not really interested about ako’s scar T_T. im just excited to know there will be a chapter for cocone alone ^_^ and hope herman’s gonna get his rematch with negi and easily overpowered(lol)

    Comment by Ratlayon — June 3, 2011 @ 6:44 pm

    • my bad T_T forgot to put *notice lol~ is there anyone who ask about the life maker’s ability? anyway! thanks for the heads up and translation!

      Comment by Ratlayon — June 3, 2011 @ 6:47 pm

  5. I wonder if he’s going to go into the Royal Magics that were mentioned occasionally. Such as does Negi have access to them, and just what are they?

    Or am I remembering a mistranslation?

    Comment by DragonBard — June 5, 2011 @ 2:32 pm

  6. Since Akamatsu said “Negima’s not ending soon”, this gives me hope, do y’all think this is the last arc?

    Comment by Paul Frank — June 11, 2011 @ 1:59 am

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