January 31, 2011

Ruby in Negima (and Bible character descriptions)

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EDIT: And nope, no 316 spoilers yet.

I’ve wanted to do this for a while now: some detailed explanations for how I’m translating or adapting or whatever. This will forever be in the “Misc” section at the very bottom of the to-do list, but still, it’s an interesting little aside for me. (Though one thing related to this that does need to put on the front page someday is a Sources page – where the information I translate is coming from.)

Oh and yeah, (most of) the one-phrase character descriptions from the Bible.

…I should probably get back to Fate/Zero now.



  1. Some of the descriptions that caught my eye.
    2. Akashi Yuuna – The Ever-Busy Basketball Girl
    -I read it at first as the “Ever-Busty”, either I’m not getting enough sleep or my mind’s spend to much time in the gutter.

    6. Ookouchi Akira – The Pure-Hearted Mermaid
    -mermaid figuratively or literally?

    Albert Chamomile – Looks Fancy Outside, an Old Man Inside!
    -the punishment for “bad” mages is being turned into an ermine

    Takamichi T. Takahata – What was passed on to him: the technique, the world, and –
    -what goes after the end? Asuna?

    Minamoto Shizuna – The Beautiful Senior Teacher Kindly Watching Over Negi
    -haven’t seen fer in a long time have we?

    Konoe Konoemon – The Aloof and Most Powerful Mage of the Academy
    -will we ever see him fight?

    Comment by Rhonin the wizard — February 1, 2011 @ 12:49 am

    • 2. I was originally going to use “ever-bustling” for maximum similarity, so you’re not alone in that gutter.

      6. It literally says “Mermaid”. Why Akamatsu used that word is for you to decipher. ^^;

      Takamichi: yeah, most likely Asuna.

      Shizuna: well, there was that one Mahora chapter a while back…

      Konoemon: I think we’ll see him fight around the same time we’ll see Eva seriously fight…

      Comment by CanonRap — February 1, 2011 @ 1:41 am

  2. Nice. I love those one-phrase character descriptions. Oh. Do translate some more interesting stuff, CanonRap. Anything is fine!

    Comment by Evangeline 'Tepes Scarlet' Alucard — February 1, 2011 @ 7:00 am

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