January 8, 2011

313 full

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All it took was one spoiler pic of 314 and now I can’t even look at Sextum without undressing her with my eyes.

…Anyway, here is the full script of 313. All transcripts can be found here.

[The Story So Far: Due to Dunamis’ scheme, three new Fates have been put into operation! Chachamaru is destroyed and the Great Grand Master Key is seized; Kaede, sacrificing herself, retakes the Key. But the combat strength of Ala Alba is now a lick of flame before the wind…]

Page 1

(Text) Ala Alba, crushed under the heels of the 4th, 5th, and 6th Fate?!!

(Girls) Ahhh – !

(Haruna) Keh – !

Page 2

(Sextum) …It is our victory.
(Sextum) Surrender.

Page 3

(Text) Negi, embraced by the void in the space between life and death –

(Negi) …Sigh.
(Text) Period 313 – We Won’t Give Up, Not Until the Very End!

(Nagi) Hey.
(Nagi) You sure you don’t need to go?

Page 4

(Negi) Go…? Where do I have to go?
(Nagi) What, you’ve even forgotten that? Man, you’re just helpless.

(Negi) Yes… that’s right… I…
(Negi) I get the feeling there’s… some place… I have to go…

(Negi) But, no matter where I try to go…
(Negi) This blackness is heavy, and I can’t move my body.
(Negi) And it hurts very much.

(Negi) I’m sure…
(Negi) Anyone I touch, will be hurt…

(Nagi) That so…
(Nagi) Well then, I guess it just can’t be helped.

(Sextum) Excuse my rudeness, Master.
(Dunamis) Sorry for your troubles,
(Dunamis) Sextum.
(Dunamis) However, I am not your Master. Do not forget that he is, to the very end, our lord.

Page 5

(Dunamis) Regenerate me.

(Konoka) Oh… oh no…
(Konoka) And it took Negi-kun so much effort to take him down…
(Chisame) …Damn it.

(Dunamis) Hm.
(Dunamis) As expected, even I was on the brink after the boy damaged my regeneration core.
(Girls) Dunamis-sama – !

(Ku) Keh –

(Chisame) Right back where we started, huh.

(Chisame) …This is the worst.

(Dunamis) Heheh… rest assured.
(Dunamis) I shall not lay a finger on any of you, in accordance with the forced contract.

(Dunamis) I… shall not.

Page 6

(Quintum) Twenty minutes until the activation…
(Quintum) Well, it’s fine as long as I take both back.

(Kotarou) Ugh…

(Kotarou) Right, I’ll hold him back.
(Girls) Wha –
(Kotarou) You guys hurry up and get out of here.

(Natsumi) You can’t do it, Kotarou-kun! There’s still a hole in your stomach…
(Kotarou) Idiot, it’s just a scratch!

(Kotarou) Halfpint!
(Kotarou) Get Nodoka-neechan up!
(Yue) !

(Kotarou) Once she’s up, you can escape by Teleporting with the Great Grand Master Key!
(Kotarou) Get some distance, then wake her up! Beat her if you have to!
(Kotarou) Don’t let Kaede-neechan’s efforts go to waste!

Page 7

(Kotarou) I won’t last long, so get moving!
(Yue) …Understood! Makie-san, can you do it?
(Yue) Vor so kratika socratica.
(Yue) Cantus Bellax.
(Makie) Y-Yeah! (offset) I still have Ako’s doping, I think.

(Natsumi) No – you can’t!
(Natsumi) If you’re staying behind, then I’m staying too, Kotarou-kun!

(Kotarou) Are you stupid?! You can’t do a damn thing here!

(Asakura) Murakami!
(Natsumi) No! Let me go – Kotarou-kun –

(Asakura) Let’s go!

(Natsumi) Sob…

(Kotarou) I owe you one, Asakura-san.

Page 8

(Natsumi) Ko…
(Natsumi) Kotarou-ku…

(Natsumi) Kotarou-kuuun – !

(Kotarou) Heh…

(Kotarou) So this is what they call an overwhelming difference in power, huh.
(Kotarou) That just pisses me off.

(Kotarou) It’s a shame I won’t be able to keep training until I get to that level.

(Kotarou) Nwoooooah – !

Page 9

(Natsumi) Kotarou-kun!

(Asakura) What are you doing? Hurry up and go!
(Asakura) Just go!
(Natsumi) R-Right –

(Yue) Nodoka! Nodoka!
(Yue) Get a hold of yourself!

(Makie) S-She, she wasn’t killed by that lightning strike earlier, was she?!
(Yue) She’s still breathing!
(Yue) It can’t be helped, I’ll stop and try to resuscitate her with magic!
(Maki) You can do that?
(Yue) I’ve completed basic training at the Order!
(Yue) That’s amazing!

(Yue) Makie-san, please try to wake Asuna-san up!
(Makie) Oh – R-Right!

(Natsumi) Pant pant
(Natsumi) W-Wait –
(Yue) I can recognise some burn scarring from electric shock, but it’s not life-threatening… good!
(Makie) Asuna! Wake up!
(Makie) It’s me! Can you tell?

Page 10

(Makie) Asuna…

(Makie) I still can’t believe that,
(Makie) you’re the Princess of a magic country…

(Girls) !!

(Asakura) Whoa!

(Quintum) !

Page 11

(Asakura) Coordinate axes confirmed!
(Asakura) I need your help, Chachamaru-san!

(Asakura) …? Chachamaru? Chachamaru – ?!
(Asakura) What’s wrong? What happened…?

(Asakura) !!

(Natsumi) A… Asakura?

(Makie) Get back, Natsumi-chan.
(Natsumi) B-But, Makie –
(Yue) Vor so kratika socratica.
(Yue) The light and blessing of the spirit of awakening upon you…

[Spell incantation is blurry and subject to change, quite sure it’s new.]

(Yue) Natsumi-san, I leave Nodoka to you.
(Makie) Adeat.
(Yue) Me Armet.
(Yue) She’ll wake up in one minute.
(Natsumi) Wha…

(Natsumi) Wh-What do you mean, one minute…
(Natsumi) Yue… Makie…

(Makie) We can’t give up.
(Yue) Not until the very end.

Page 12

(Natsumi) Nodoka! Nodoka!
(Natsumi) Wake up! Please!

(Makie) W-Wow – this really is the climax now, isn’t it?
(Makie) Me, coming to the Magic World,
(Makie) And having a tense battle with a Last Boss like this – who’d have thought?
(Yue) Is that so? I’ve fitted in relatively well.

(Yue) Come to think of it, it’s perhaps rare for us to speak to each other, Makie-san.

(Makie) Huh? Is your memory back, Yue-chan?

(Yue) No, not yet for what happened in this half-year.
(Makie) Oh, I see.
(Makie) Well, it really does feels like we haven’t talked much, doesn’t it?
(Makie) We’re in different clubs, after all – Sports and Culture.

(Makie) Oh, that’s right! Once this is over, we can all go have fun together.
(Makie) A ‘job well done’ party ♪
(Makie) You can even bring your new friends to Japan, Yue-chan,
(Makie) Then – surprise!

Page 13

(Yue) That’s… good.
(Yue) I’m sure Collet, and Bea-san,
(Yue) and Iinchou will be delighted.

(Makie) Yup!
(Makie) I’m sure it’ll be fun.

(Makie) So,
(Yue) …Yes.

(Yue) Let’s go!
(Makie) Yeah –

Page 14

(Natsumi) …

Page 15

(Ku) Hah – !
(Ku) Stretch, Shinchintetsu Jizaikon!!

(Ku) ?!

(Sextum) Freeze.

(Konoka) Ku-chan!!

Page 16

(Sextum) Now then…

(Chisame) …Keh.

(Sextum) Allow me to guide you all to the eternal garden.

(Nagi) True…

Page 17

(Nagi) This is good enough for a ten-year-old brat…
(Nagi) You did damn well.
(Nagi) There’s nothing for you to be ashamed about.

(Nagi) If you move from here,
(Nagi) You’ll die,
(Nagi) Or, at best, you’ll become a monster.

(Nagi) And if you try to move anyway, recklessly,
(Nagi) Then you’ll hurt someone, break something.
(Nagi) It’s just not worth it.

(Nagi) …But, hey.

Page 18

(Nagi) Is it okay,
(Nagi) To leave it like that?

(Nagi) Negi?
(Text) He is now is being tested – on the requirements of a Magister Magi!!

[Note: The Japanese for Magister Magi is slightly different from all previous usage – 偉大な無魔法使い, roughly “great magic-less mage”. Most places are treating it as a typo, and I’ll follow suit.]



  1. “All it took was one spoiler pic of 314 and now I can’t even look at Sextum without undressing her with my eyes.”

    And I look and think, “It’s a man, baby!” *lol*

    Comment by AstroNerdBoy — January 8, 2011 @ 12:08 am

  2. な、 uh, whoa. Nice new layout.

    Comment by Kertys — January 8, 2011 @ 1:06 am

  3. I wonder if “great magic-less mage” could be a hint that Negi would lose his magic abilities in the next chapters.

    Comment by Rhonin the wizard — January 8, 2011 @ 3:12 am

  4. “great magic-less mage”? So, Magister Magi is someone who sacrificing, even his own magic-craft for the sake of all humankind…
    Well, thats my thought…

    Comment by Fate Auverruncus — January 8, 2011 @ 7:00 am

  5. Well, we’ll see if it has any actual meaning eventually. Akamatsu hasn’t mentioned anything about it yet, at least.

    Comment by CanonRap — January 8, 2011 @ 8:45 pm

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