November 22, 2010

309 full

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My current thought on full-chapter translations: I’ll do them, and I’ll put them on here Monday of the week after the chapter was first released. It would be a good recap for the next chapter on the day after, and it can be an alternate script which is always useful.

(But first, some self-promotion: I got a new place to put up all the bits and pieces of translations I do for various series. Take a look if you’ve got the time. Or don’t, your choice. ^^;;)

Page 1

(Back) As long as there is the slightest possibility, Ala Alba will face against them!

(Chiu) Well, they’re gone…
(Chiu) Good grief, if they fail, then it’ll be over on page one for us, too…
(Chiu) This is just unreal.

(Kono) Here, Chisame-chan, you should come help with Negi-kun’s recovery, too.
(Chiu) Huh?
(Kono) If we don’t at least get Negi-kun moving,
(Kono) even if things go well for the others, we wouldn’t be able to escape.

(Chiu) Ar-
(Chiu) Aren’t you guys enough?

Page 2

(Kono) Well… going by what Fake Eva-chan says,
(Kono) the stronger the feelings that person has for Negi-kun, the better the recovering effect will be.

(I mixed this up in the summary, my bad.)

(Kono) So I think Chisame-chan is definitely needed.

(Chiu) Wha, what are you sa – why would I –
(Chamo) C’mon now, you’re pretty high up in here, y’know?
(Back) Negi Affections Ranking
(Chamo) Oh, no need to be shy now, Chisame-san. Even you’re pretty aware of it, right?
(Chamo) Ever since we got here, you’ve spent the most time together with Aniki.

(Chamo) Whoa!
(Chiu) What was that ‘whoa’ just now?
(Ako) What’s that?
(Kono) Well, that’s…

(Chamo) Ah ha ha… oh ho ho? Hmmm? (offset) Heh heh heh.
(Chiu) I said, what the hell is it?! Do I need to beat it outta you?! (offset) Let me see it, you little –
(Chamo) Oh? Is it all right to see it? You want to make it public? No problem on this end, y’know?
(Ku) Wha…
(Ako) Wai…
(Aki) Please wait!

(Chiu) Geez… don’t make me have to take care of you…
(Duna) Heh heh…

Page 3

(Duna) The boy shows signs of an encroachment by demonic essences at the level of the soul itself.
(Duna) Do not presume that what you are doing can let him recover.
(Duna) At best, it will take a few weeks – well, it should be a few months.

(Chiu) Ha. Aren’t we getting chatty, oh great general?
(Chiu) What, you want someone to talk to?

(Homu) You – !
(Duna) Leave it, Homura.

(Chiu) Fine then. Besides, there’s nothing either of us can do now except wait for the conclusion.
(Chiu) There’s something I want to ask.

(Chiu) Just what are you guys?
(Chiu) No, in the first place, that boss of yours… just who is he?

(Duna) Hm.
(Duna) Very well…
(Duna) Let us talk a little.

Page 4 – 5

(Back) An Ala Alba bereft of their trump card. A suicidal operation now begins…!!

(Natsu) Ah…
(Natsu) No… sniff…

(Title) Period 309 – The Audacious Great Infiltration of the Last Dungeon!!

(Kota) Yep… they’re there.

(Kota) No mistake, that’s Fate.

(Kota) Calm down, Natsumi-neechan. This whole plan hinges on you.
(Natsu) Gulp.

(Kota) No matter what happens, I will definitely be the one to protect you. So don’t worry.
(Natsu) I… I know that.

Page 6

(Kota) Natsumi-neechan’s stealth is still working, right?
(Yue) It is.
(Kota) …How can we tell?

(Yue) By application of basic magic.

(Yue) There’s a ‘wired’ mana-detecting spirit connected to my fingertip right now, moving ahead of us by a few dozen metres.
(Kota) Won’t it get discovered?

(Yue) I’ve carefully studied the conditions. While it’s true that the stealth effect will weaken if it enters the Magic Cancel Field regardless of its connection to my finger,
(Yue) at the same time, the existential strength of the spirit itself will also weaken. Due to this, the enemy should not be able to detect it. (offset) I’ve calculated it many times.
(Spirit) I’m sensing it ~

(Kota) …I see… and this is safe for certain, right?

(Yue) I can’t account for the enemies, so I can’t say with 100% certainty.
(Yue) But… I have faith in my own calculations.

(Kota) Ha… nicely said. You’re totally different now.
(Kota) All right… I’ll trust you, half-pint.

(Yue) …Thanks.
(Bea) Incredible, Yue-san…
(Yue) I would be even more thankful if you stopped calling me half-pint.
(Kota) Heh.

(Natsu) …Hmph.

(Kota) Hm?

Page 8

(Kota) Right, everyone’s here. (offset) Don’t let go, no matter what.
(Kota) We’re definitely at the finale now.

(Kota) With Negi down, we’ll just have to do something by ourselves, all right?
(Kota) We’ve come this far, all of you better brace yourselves.

(Kota) There’s still one hour left. We don’t need to rush.
(Kota) We’ll walk slowly and get as close as we can.
(Kota) Once we’ve reached the limits of Natsumi-neechan’s stealth, we’ll begin the final operation.

Page 9

(Natsu) …

(Kota) …Sigh. Well, I guess it’s natural.
(Kota) I don’t know if this’ll ease your mind.

(Kota) But for now, they’re forbidden from killing us.
(Natsu) Eh.
(Kota) If by any chance we get hit, it’ll still just be that happy dream world waiting for us.

(Asa) You just thought that might be okay too, didn’t you?
(Natsu) I didn’t think it!
(Natsu) Definitely not!

(Natsu) And what about you, Asakura? What was your dream?
(Asa) Hmm? Me? It’s… heh, my-little-secret ♪
(Natsu) What?! Why – ?!
(Yuu) What’s that, Asakura? Is it about a guy? It’s a guy, isn’t it?
(Bea) How about your dream, Yue-san…?
(Yue) And what about you, Bea-san?
(Asa) And you? It’s probably your dad, right?
(Kota) Whoa, hey, what’s going on here? You all got love affairs? Oh, women…

(Natsu) A-And what about you, Kotarou-kun? What was your dream?
(Kota) Me? I was with some tough guys like Negi doing some intense training. Really, not much different from now.

(Kota) Okay, let’s stop the stupid stuff and get going! (offset) We don’t have much time!
(Natsu) I know that!
(Kota) Keep steady, Natsumi-neechan. If you suddenly drop that thing it’s all over.
(Natsu) Be quiet!
(Kaede) It seems she’s less tense now.
(Asa) Way to go!

Page 10

(Natsu) ?!

(Natsu) …Ah,

(Kota) Don’t let go!
(Natsu) Gasp!
(Kota) None of you let go!!!

Page 11

(Natsu) Ah…
(Natsu) Gulp…

(Kota) Jump!
(Kota) To the right!

Page 12

(Nodo) Ahhh!
(Yuu) Whooooa!

(Natsu) Gulp…

(Fate) …Hm?

(Natsu) Ah…

(Kota) !!!

(Kota) Crap!

Page 13

(Kota) If something on Natsumi-neechan gets removed,
(Kota) he can see it!
(Fate) Hmph.

(Fate) …?

(Kota) Like hell you will!

(Natsu) Ohh…

(Fate) …

(Fate) Just my imagination.
(Fate) No – at this point, he wouldn’t do anything like hiding to approach me.

Page 14

(Asa) Are, are we okay…?
(Kae) It seems he felt my presence slightly when I arrived…

(Natsu) Ah…
(Natsu) I…?

(Kota) Are you okay, Natsumi-neechan?
(Kota) Nice going, not letting go of the Artifact!
(Kota) Way to go! You impressed me!

(Kota) Can you stand? Or walk?
(Natsu) Ah… wait… I… can…
(Kota) Huh?

(Natsu) …Right.
(Natsu) Stand…
(Natsu) Up…
(Natsu) Up…!

(Natsu) …!

(Natsu) No… I… I can’t.
(Natsu) I can’t feel my legs…

(Natsu) I, I’m sorry, everyone… Ko,
(Natsu) Kotarou-kun…
(Natsu) I… I just… can’t…

(Kota) …Got it. It’s all right!
(Kota) We’ll think of another plan. You’ve done enough, Natsumi-neechan!

(Natsu) Eh…

Page 15

(Kota) Now… what’ll we do?
(Kae) It’s a bit far, but we’ll attack from here.

(Kota) I suppose. In the end, the level of danger’s just the same.
(Kae) Makie-dono, can you reach it from out here?
(Maki) Um, well…

(Natsu) Chief…

(Natsu) Kotarou-kun!!
(Kota) Whoa hey! (offset) You scared me!

(Natsu) It’s… It’s not all right at all, is it. If… if I…
(Natsu) If I don’t try my best here… it, it just won’t work out, right?

(Kota) …Well, to be honest, yeah, our chances won’t be as good… but I won’t ask that much from you. Don’t worry.

(Natsu) …O-Okay… got it.

Page 16

(Natsu) …I’ll do it.

(Kota) H-Hey…
(Kota) You sure you’re okay?

(Natsu) I’m fine…

(Natsu) After all, I finally got this leading role.

(Kota) Oh…

(Kota) All right then!

Page 18

(Spirit) Ooh.
(Spirit) Here, here.
(Spirit) This is it ~

(Yue) …
(Yue) This is the limit.

(Kota) …All right then.

(Kota) Let’s start the operation.
(Back) The curtains are about to rise on the final battle, on the big stage with their lives on the line!!

“It’s dangerous to go alone, take this grain of salt with you!”

PS: Page 3 is honestly the best Homura has ever looked.

PPS: Apparently, my order of Volume 32 is arriving this weekend.


  1. Awesome to hear you that you’ll be doing full chapter translations. Also awesome is that Zasel prefers your translation, and will use your script. Don’t be afraid to use TL notes. Zasel usually puts any TL notes on the credit page, so space isn’t an issue. Anyhow, mazoku or demon race? You’ll go former, r-right?

    >PS: Page 3 is honestly the best Homura has ever looked.
    It’s true. Speaking of Homura, she’s my favorite among Fate’s girls. She needs more pages, and at least some display of being cool and owning something/someone formidable ;_;

    Comment by Evangeline 'Tepes Scarlet' Alucard — November 23, 2010 @ 3:50 am

  2. Now I really have to watch my translations… ^^;

    As for mazoku, depends on where it comes up, really. Literal is better if they end up punning off it somehow, but I personally prefer seeing mazoku/uzoku/etc. and using TL notes to point out what they mean.

    Comment by CanonRap — November 23, 2010 @ 9:34 am

  3. Well, nice translation. Good job…

    Comment by Fate Auverruncus — November 23, 2010 @ 8:51 pm

  4. Well, nice translation. Good job… ^ ^

    Comment by Fate Auverruncus — November 23, 2010 @ 8:52 pm

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