November 16, 2010

308 (full)

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Since 309 is right around the corner, here y’all go.

EDIT: Spoke too soon, cnet’s is out. ^^;;

Page 1

Title: Period 308 – The Best Scheme to Approach the Formidable!!

Side: The only hope of the Magic World teeters on the brink… (lit. a flame in a storm)

(Kae) …Hm.

(Kae) I leave Negi-bouzu’s recovery to you.
(Kono) Got it.
(Chiu) M-Me too?

(Kaede) Now then…
(Kaede) We have to deal with the lot of you…
(Homu) !!

(Homu) You wanna go?!

(Kae) Hmph.

Page 2

(Kae) I know your capabilities from your earlier fight with Ku.
(Kae) With Dunamis-dono out of the fight, none of you can match us.
(Kae) There’s no time.
(Kae) If we have to, we will crush you with our full strength.

(Homu) Wha –
(Kae) In addition, Dunamis-dono will have to be sealed with something worthy of a demonic being of the highest level.
(Duna) Heh…

(Duna) I will not make another move.
(Duna) A forced contract of non-belligerency is fine.
(Duna) But could you allow me to watch?

(Duna) The way in which all of you will now struggle.

(Kae) …All right.
(Kae) However…

(Kae) The Ennomos Aetosphragis [Εννομος Αετοσφραγις] (jp. Seal of the Eagle’s Decree) will be one that we have prepared.
(Duna) How prudent. Heh… very well.

Page 3

(Chamo) Heeeeey!

(Chamo) Heeey! You guys alright?
(Sayo) Everyone!
(Chamo) We’re in big trouble!

(Kono) Chamo-kun!
(Nodo) Sayo-san! What’s wrong?
(Chamo) It’s serious! We’ll need to revise our strategies!
(Chamo) How ’bout on your end? Did you win?

(Chamo) Whoa! Fate’s sidekick haremettes!
(Chamo) Why’re they all up and about?
(Homu) What was that?!
(Sayo) Gulp…

(Chamo) And whoa! Anikiiiiiiii?!
(Sayo) Negi-shan~?!

(Chamo) Grrr….

Page 4

(Chamo) This is the worst possible way this could’ve turned out! How can Aniki come all the way and end up like this – !!
(Chamo) And he might be the only one who can fight on par with Fate……!!

(Chiu) You guys are sure Fate took away Kagurazaka, right?
(Sayo) Y-Yes, Fate-shan disappeared with a wave of his hand… we don’t really know where he took her…

(Chamo) Grr… True, we can’t get discouraged now… (offset) we’ll just have to manage by ourselves…
(Chamo) Strategies, we need to set up strategies.
(Chamo) First, take the situation in, positively…

(Chamo) Hey, you! Old man! Dunamis, right?! If I heard right…
(Chamo) You’re the only survivor of the battle twenty years ago, and the brains behind these remnants of Kosmo Entelekheia (jp. Becoming World)… better yet, the planner!

(Chamo) Basically, you’re the real leader right now, right?!
(Duna) Well, that is mostly correct.

Page 5

(Chamo) It wasn’t perfect, but actually immobilising you is a big deal!!
(Back) Remaining Enemy #1, Fate Averruncus
(Chamo) That means that Fate’s the only tough one left!!

(Shio) Please wait.
(Chamo) Mm?
(Back) Remaining Enemy #2, Shirabe
(Shio) Our comrade, Shirabe, is likely still by his side, as an operator for the ritual.

(Chiu) Are those all the allies you have left?
(Shio) Um… well…

(Shio) There’s one more… someone called “the Master of the Grave”.
(Chiu) Wh-Who’s that…?
(Back) Remaining Enemy #3, Master of the Grave
(Shio) I, I’m not really sure… the Master is a mysterious person… sometimes like a little girl, sometimes like an old woman…

(Chamo) Still someone like that, huh… (offset) And a tough one too, naturally.
(Chiu) Even so, there’s only a few. (offset) Just three, right?

(Chamo) Meaning, they’re the elite few.
(Chamo) After all, they’ve almost succeeded with this grand scheme…
(Chiu) Miyazaki, your turn.
(Nodo) R-Right.

Page 6

(Nodo) D-Dunamis-san.
(Nodo) What is the current location of Asuna-san and the Great Grand Master Key (jp. the Last Key)?
(Nodo) And what is the situation surrounding that place?

(Duna) Hmph. So it is you, Miyazaki Nodoka.
(Duna) Truly, I should have made you disappear that time.

(Duna) However, it is unpleasant to be read by that book.
(Duna) I will say it myself.
(Nodo) Eh…
(Duna) A reward for defeating me.

(Duna) Unlike twenty years ago, the centre of the convergence of mana is not in this Palace.
(Back Right) Central area of the convergence of mana
(Back Left) Palace of the Gravekeepers
(Duna) Thus, the altar of the ritual was established outside, on the upper levels of the Palace.

Page 7

(Back) Palace of the Gravekeepers, Upper Level Great Altar

(Duna) In the centre of the altar is the Imperial Princess of the Twilight.

(Duna) A distance away from her, you will find the Great Grand Master Key (jp. Last Key) in mid-air.

(Chamo) Asuna-neesan and the Great Grand Master Key (jp. Last Key)…
(Chamo) Looks like they’re about 200m apart.

(Chamo) …And you’re being pretty nice, old man.
(Duna) This time will finally be our victory. I am simply interested in how you will act now.
(Chamo) Hmph…

(Chamo) Alright, everyone! Gather up!

(Back) 1 hour and 20 minutes, until the Rewrite of the Magic World

Page 8

(Chamo) Okay, we know this for sure.
(Chamo) We can’t oppose Fate without Aniki.
(Kae) True.

(Chamo) But here’s the thing. We really don’t need to fight him at all. (offset) Or that mysterious new character either.
(Chamo) All we gotta do is get our hands on Asuna-neesan (jp. Imperial Princess of the Twilight) and the Great Grand Master Key (jp. Last Key).

(Aki) …Oh.
(Aki) Murakami’s Artifact!

(Chamo) Right. Adjutor Solitarius (jp. Lonely Stagehand) – its ability is ‘complete stealth’.
(Chamo) It’s already proven to work against even Fate.
(Chamo) In a way, it’s a powerful and legendary item on the same level as Nodoka-jouchan’s picture diary.
(Chamo) Maybe it’s because the contracting pair has good compatibility… well, who knows… heheh…

(Yuu) Oh, I get it. So we’ll get as close as we can with Natsumi-chin’s superpower,
(Yuu) and get both of ’em! Hit ’em fast, slip away, then forget the rest and run like hell!

Page 9

(Kae) …True! That’s pretty much all we have left.
(Chiu) Wait, hold it!
(Chiu) In that case, this operation hinges on Murakami’s Artifact! I want to be sure about this ‘stealth ability’.

(Chiu) Is it (A) the power to become physically transparent? Or is it (B) the power to not be projected onto the enemy’s eyes?
(Rightmost Fate) ?
(Second-Right Fate) ??
(Second-Left Fate) You…
(Leftmost Fate) ? Whazzat?
(Chiu) Well, best of all would be (C) the power to wipe yourself from the enemy’s memories once the Artifact is attached.

(Aki) Well… all of us tried a lot of things together, but I don’t think it’s quite so convenient.
(Aki) If I had to choose, I’d say it’s (B)… it’s like the ability to enter a blind spot.
(Aki) Well, all blind spots including sight and smell and sound.

(Chiu) Got it. So, even if we grab the Princess and the staff at the same time and disappear,
(Chiu) it’d be obvious that there was someone invisible there.

(Nodo) But then… if he just uses a big spell
(Nodo) to blow away everything around him…

(Kae) If it comes to that, then we will have to first use a decoy,
(Kae) and draw away Fate and his allies.

(Chamo) Will you be the decoy, Kaede-neesan?
(Kae) Indeed.
(Chiu) But that’s…
(Ako) Wait!

Page 10

(Ako) It’s just… there’s something… I’m worried about… I’m sorry if I got this wrong.
(Chamo) Anything could help.
(Ako) Um… all this about Asuna being a Princess or whatnot, it’s been really shocking, and I’m not sure if I understand this right, but…

(Ako) Asuna’s power is basically the power to make magic useless, right?
(Ako) And right now, she’s in the middle of a giant ritual to spread that power all over the world…
(Ako) So would it be okay around Asuna…? I mean…
(Ako) Wouldn’t Natsumi’s Artifact become useless?

(Kae) !!

(Chiu) Wha…

(Chamo) Tha-
(Chamo) That’s true…!

(Duna) Heh heh heh…
(Many) !

(Duna) Hahaha! What is the matter? Is the young novice the sharper one?
(A typo? どうして instead of どうした)
(Duna) That is exactly the case. The power of the Artifact will decay when the Imperial Princess is approached.

(Duna) Heh. What will you do now?
(Chamo) Damn…
(Chiu) (offset) He was listening in?

Page 11

(Chamo) That’s no good…
(Chamo) It’ll be a gamble if we going charging in without knowing how long the stealth will hold.
(Natsu) Gulp.
(Natsu Back) Normal Person
(Back) Magic Nullification Field
(Fate) Ah…
(Fate Back) Insta-Kill Character if Discovered
(Asuna) Nee-san
(Chamo) No, it’s suicide.
(Chamo) If we’re found out, it’ll be over on page one.
(Chamo) But still, what other ways…
(Chamo) Grrr….

(Chamo) Grr…
(Many) …

(Yue) Chamo-san, may I?
(Chamo) Eh?

(Yue) This is Yue on the upper levels. I’ve heard about what happened.
(Yue) I might be able to work out the current problem.
(Yue) It shouldn’t be too difficult to deal with.

(Chamo) Seriously?!

(Kota) Kaede-neechan, you listening?

(Kota) Can you leave the decoy bit to me?
(Kae) Wha… but, that’s…

Page 12

(Kota) I’ll go take on that bastard.

(Kae) But… it’s dangerous!
(Kota) Don’t be stupid, Kaede-neechan.

(Kota) It’s dangerous no matter where you are! This is just about the right man in the right place!
(Natsu) Umm, is it already decided that I’ll be charging in? When did this happen?

(Kota) The only thing that can rescue the normal girls from the centre of the enemy camp is your Tengu no Kakuremino (jp. Magic Cloak of the Tengu).

(Kota) I leave Natsumi to you. She’s family.
(Kota) The only one I can rely on is you, Kaede-neechan.
(Natsu) Wha-

(Kae) …Yes. I got it.

(Maki) …
(Maki) …200m.

(Maki) Hey, have you guys decided what to do with this staff yet?
(Chamo) Hm? Well, not really, just…
(Maki) I think I should be able to take care of it! I’ll go too!
(Chamo) What?! But, it’ll get dangerous…

Page 13

(Maki) Natsumi-chan is going too, right?
(Maki) Well, then, it wouldn’t be weird if we came too!
(Maki) Y’know, the right girl in the right place!
(Yuu) Me too!

(Chamo) B-But…
(Chacha) Chamo-san, this is Chachamaru from the lower levels.

(Chacha) Regarding the diversionary operation, please allow me join in.
(Chamo) Wha…
(Chacha) With my participation, the success rate of the operation will increase by a great margin.

(Chamo) Y-You guys…
(Sayo) Everyone…

Page 14

(Chacha) Negi-sensei is all right.
(Chacha) He is in a dangerous state, but if it’s Sensei, he will definitely recover.

(Chacha) Let it be our hands that guide
(Chacha) this situation that Sensei has created to its happy ending!

(Kota) Right.

(Kae) Understood.

(Yuu) Heh… but really, who would’ve thought things would turn out this way, huh?
(Yuu) …In a way… right now, we’re dealing with the fate of the Magic World.
(Chiu) Ah, hold that thought. It’ll be too much pressure if you think about it now.
(Chamo) Yeah, just put it out of your minds. (offset) In the end, our objectives are getting our friends and getting out.
(Yuu) But this is just so unreal…
(Chamo) Well, technically this world isn’t really physically real either.

Page 15

(Haru) Still, it’s quite something for Natsumi-chan to get this super-important part, huh?
(Haru) By the way, the repairs are going well.

(Kota) Yeah, I know – I didn’t think Natsumi-neechan would ever have a chance in her life to be a main character…
(Natsu) What did you say?!
(Kota) Aargh?!

(Natsu) Besides, I didn’t say I’ll do it yet! You just kept talking on your own!
(Kota) Huh? Oh, then I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll just think of something else…
(Natsu) Wha… no one said anything about not doing it! (offset) And with the Chief, I’m obliged…
(Kota) What an annoying woman.
(Natsu) What was that?!
(Ku) You guys sure get along.
(Shio) …

(Kae) …Now then.
(Kae) Shall we?

(Back Top) Great Altar
(Left) Activating Ritual Magic
(Right) Anya Rescued, Moving
(Left) In Combat
(Right) Moving Out, Negi Immobilised
(Right) Repairing Flying Fish
(Bottom) In Combat

(Back) 1 hour and 3 minutes, until the Rewrite of the Magic World –

Page 18

(Fate) With this…
(Fate) One of my tasks will be complete.

(Fate) The only task left will be his resurrection, huh…
(Back) Fate’s plan runs ever deeper. The menace bears down on an Ala Alba (jp. White Wing) bereft of their ‘trump card’!!!

“It’s dangerous to go alone, take this grain of salt with you!”



  1. Awesome work. I hope Zasel is already at it.

    Comment by Evangeline 'Tepes Scarlet' Alucard — November 16, 2010 @ 5:11 pm

  2. I’m still curious. Who is the one Fate want to ressurected. . .
    Is he Lifemaker?

    Comment by Fate Auverruncus — November 17, 2010 @ 10:36 am

  3. Maybe? Hard to say, what with it being deliberately vague.

    Comment by CanonRap — November 17, 2010 @ 1:01 pm

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