November 10, 2010

308 – Power Play

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Kaede is leaving Negi in the hands of Chisame and Konoka, and moves to deal with Homura, Tamaki, and Koyomi.

Homura acts tough, but…

I know your capabilities from your earlier fight with Ku. With Dunamis-dono out of the fight, none of you can match us.

There’s no time. If we have to, we will crush you with our full strength.

In addition, Dunamis-dono will have to be sealed with something worthy of a demonic being of the highest level.

Dunamis is nonchalant:

I will not make another move.

A forced contract of nonbelligerency is fine. But could you allow me to watch…?

…the way in which all of you will now struggle.

Team Kota contacts Team Negi by sending Sayo and Chamo on one of Asakura’s drones, to inform them that Asuna is missing… and of course, now the other teams are aware that Negi is out of the fight (for now).

Chamo tries to look at the positive side:

Hey, you! Dunamis, right?! If I remember right…

You’re the only survivor of the battle twenty years ago, the brains behind the remnants of Kosmo Entelekheia… better yet, the planner!

Basically, you’re the real leader right now, right?!

Dunamis mostly agrees.

It’s not perfect, but actually immobilising you is a big deal!!

It means that Fate’s the only tough one left!!

Shiori’s adds:

Our comrade, Shirabe, is likely by his side, as an operator for the ritual.


And there’s one more… someone called “the Master of the Grave”.

I, I’m not really sure… the Master is a mysterious person… sometimes like a little girl, sometimes like an old woman…

In conclusion, there’s only three enemies left, but they are also the most powerful.

Nodoka goes mind-probing again:

D-Dunamis-san, what is the situation surrounding the location of Asuna-san and the Great Grand Master Key?


Hmph. Miyazaki Nodoka, you again… truly, I should have made you disappear that time.

However, it is unpleasant to be read by that book. I will say it myself.

A reward for defeating me.

Dunamis illustrates:

Unlike twenty years ago, the centre of the convergence of mana is not in this Palace. Thus, the altar of the ritual was established outside, on the upper levels of the Palace.

The Imperial Princess is in the centre of the Great Altar.

A distance away from her, you will find the Great Grand Master Key in mid-air.

Chamo estimates about 200m between the Key and Asuna… and notes Dunamis’ “kindness”.

This time will finally be our victory. I am simply interested in how you will act now.

1 hour and 20 minutes until the Rewrite of the Magic World

Chamo concludes that they cannot fight Fate without Negi, but there’s also no need to fight Fate in the first place – they just need to grab the Key and Asuna. Akira realises that Chamo wants to use Natsumi’s Artifact.

Yep. Adjutor Solitarius – its ability is ‘complete stealth’. It’s already proven to work against even Fate.

In a way, it’s a powerful and legendary item on the same level as Nodoka-jouchan’s picture diary.

Maybe it’s because the contracting pair has good compatibility… well, who knows…

Chiu voices some concern on the exact mechanics of the Artifact. Is it:

A. the power to become physically transparent?
B. the power to not be projected onto the enemy’s eyes?
C. the power to wipe yourself from the enemy’s memories once the Artifact is attached?

Akira mentions that they’ve tried testing out her Artifact, and it’s closest to B – “like the ability to enter a blind spot”, including sight, smell, and noise.

Meaning the Key and Asuna suddenly disappearing would tell Fate right away that there’s someone invisible in there with them, and he could just blow the entire place apart with a giant spell.

Kaede suggests a decoy to draw Fate away first, but Ako brings up one very big problem.

Asuna’s power is basically the power to make magic useless, right? And right now, she’s in the middle of a giant ritual to spread that power all over the world…

So would it be okay around Asuna…? I mean… wouldn’t Natsumi’s Artifact become useless?

Dunamis interrupts again.

Hahah, I see. The young novice is the sharper one, then?

That is exactly the case. The power of the Artifact will decay when the Imperial Princess is approached.

Heh. What will you do now?

It would be a gamble just to find out when the Artifact will stop working, so walking into Asuna’s nullification field is basically walking into Fate’s instant kill radius.

Some help in the form of Yue and Kotarou:

This is Yue from the upper levels. I have heard about what happened. I might be able to work out the current problem, it shouldn’t be that difficult to deal with.

Kotarou suggests that he be the decoy instead. Kaede says that it’s too dangerous, but…

Don’t be stupid, Kaede-neechan.

It’s dangerous no matter where you are! This is just about the right man in the right place!

The only thing that can rescue the normal girls from the centre of the enemy camp is your Tengu no Kakuremino.

I leave Natsumi to you. She’s my family. The only one I can rely on is Kaede-neechan.

Makie and Yuuna also decide to go with them, in order to secure the Key. Chachamaru will also join in the diversion.

Negi-sensei is all right. He is in a dangerous state, but if it’s Sensei, he will definitely recover.

Let it be our hands which will guide this situation that Sensei has created to its happy ending!

Finally have decided on a course of action, they all get ready to move out – Yuuna points out that, in a way, they now hold the fate of the Magic World in their hands.

This is just so unreal…

Well, technically this world isn’t really physically real either.

Haruna butts in with inappropriate timing.

Still, it’s quite something for Natsumi-chan to be this important, huh?

By the way, the repairs are going well.

Kotarou’s poor choice of words:

“Yeah, I know – I didn’t think Natsumi-neechan would ever have a chance in her life to be a main character…”

“What did you say?!

Besides, I didn’t say I’ll do it yet! You just kept talking on your own!”

“Huh? Oh, then I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll just think of something else…”

“Wha… no one said anything about not doing it!”

“What an annoying woman…”

“What was that?!”

As Ku says… they’re getting along well.

1 hour and 3 minutes until the Rewrite of the Magic World

The current lineup:

– Fate, Shirabe, Asuna, and the Last Key are at the Great Altar on the upper levels.
– Team Kota and Anya are also on the upper levels, moving towards Fate.
– Team Kaede is now moving from the centre of the Palace.
– Negi is with Konoka and Chisame.
– Setsuna and Tsukuyomi are still fighting.
– Chachamaru and Haruna are still repairing the ships where they crashed.
– Mana and Poyo are fighting at the very bottom.

And at the end, we see Fate standing besides the altar.

With this… one of my tasks will be complete. The only task left will be the resurrection, huh…

So, there’s still one more stage to Fate’ plan, which is apparently reviving the Lifemaker (?). At the same time, Ala Alba has no real way of fighting him now that Negi is down. For now, all they can do is buy time and believe that Negi will wake up in time…



  1. My guess… Asuna got recovered, the ceremony was stopped, and the MW citizens are restored. But the Life-Maker is still around, and no one can handle him. Right before things turn grim, Jack Rakan appears out of nowhere and nonchalantly downs the Life-Maker. The next thing he does is give a Jack-like comment about what he did.

    Homura, Tamaki, and Koyomi are weaker than Kaede and Ku-fei? I find this saddening. They actually should be able to give those two a good fight, if only Tamaki and Koyomi were more competent in how they handle and use their artifact… And whatever happened to the release forms and transformation those three could do, Ken?

    Comment by Evangeline 'Saya Scarlet' Alucard — November 10, 2010 @ 9:43 am

  2. Looks like a good chapter. Actually, if they resolved this without Negi’s help and then got Negi healed, that would be pretty cool. ^_^ I doubt that happens, but I’m just saying.

    Comment by AstroNerdBoy — November 10, 2010 @ 3:07 pm

  3. I personally find the bit about the “Master of the Grave” a little … worrying. After all who do we know that’s been considered a boss level fight from the get go.

    Comment by John — November 10, 2010 @ 10:18 pm

  4. I, personally really want this chapter… Moreover, this is preparation to the final battle between Negi and Fate, maybe…

    Comment by Fate Auverruncus — November 11, 2010 @ 4:14 am

  5. yeah just like ANB said well i would hope that negi would be healed and kik the life-makers *** well that would be cool i really like that can’t think that it would be a difficult one 😀

    Comment by yuuki(anime_addict)(this is my real name) — November 12, 2010 @ 10:22 am

  6. I think the Master of the Grave is the master of the thousand master himself.
    And also, if Asuna creates a nullification field, the strongest magic users will weaken, for example, if Fate uses a petrification spell, just enter the nullification field and voila!, you will not be affected.

    Comment by Manga-reader — November 14, 2010 @ 6:26 am

  7. Well, for “Master = Zecht” to still work, then either:

    1) Zecht is a girl. This might actually work because it’s never been explicitly stated in any way. The name “Filius” could just be a red herring. Then we’d have another parallel between Nagi and Negi: both had physically young masters, but Zecht seems to have gone from good to bad whereas Eva went from bad to good.


    2) Shiori is using “like a young girl/old woman” as simply that, a description. Maybe Zecht is just feminine (or shota) enough for this to work.

    I don’t like the idea of the Master being another new character, but I don’t think Master and Zecht being the same person really works, either – at least, not the way it’s been presented so far.

    Comment by CanonRap — November 14, 2010 @ 4:31 pm

  8. So Chibi Mage is the gravekeeper?

    Comment by Rogue — November 17, 2010 @ 3:18 am

  9. So Chibi Mage is the gravekeeper, interesting?

    Comment by Rogue — November 17, 2010 @ 3:19 am

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