October 6, 2010

304 – Countering Counters of Countering

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The pitched battle continues.

The possessed Tsukuyomi completely dominates over Setsuna with overwhelming power and speed, using one ougi after another:

Kokutou Zanganken!!
“Black Blade Rock-Cleaving Sword!!”

Hina‘s black wisps spread onto Tsukuyomi’s smaller sword, turning it into another demon blade.

Hiken, Isshun Sengeki, Nitou Kokutou Samidaregiri!!
秘剣 一瞬千激・弐刀黒刀五月雨斬り!!
“Secret Blade, Moment of a Thousand Furies, Dual Black Blade Rainstorm Cleave!!”

Tsukuyomi takes another swing before Setsuna could recover…

“Hee… why are you being so surprised now, Senpai?

Using the darkness and demonic to boost one’s own power – isn’t that the same as Negi-kun?”

Negi and Kuu are watching from the side and seem to want to help, but…

“Do you really think you have the time to look to another, boy?”


“It’s Duna… what was it again?”

Dunamis reveals himself to be of the “massively ripped” type of mage by exploding out of his robes… wait, what?

(Well, they’re probably made from shadow magic like Takane’s, so at least it makes more sense than Rakan exploding out of his suit of armour. Speaking of which, Dunamis makes pretty much the exact same sounds as Rakan while doing this. Nufuu~n)

Everyone is… rather shocked at the shadow mage who decides to completely strip himself except for the ridiculous hat:

“I see, son of the hero.

Unlike your father, you seem to have an alternate plan for this world.”

Asuna: Why’d he do that? Hey, why’d he strip?

Chiu: Because he’s a weirdo. Hah… yeah, another one…

Kuu: Didn’t expect him to be the body-builder type…

Moving on, Dunamis continues:

“That is good. However…

It would seem to me that in the end, we have no room for any compromise.”

“But, Dunamis-san! By my calculations, there is a way to prevent the Magic World’s collapse…!”

“No, boy, that is not the essential problem. And I, as a General of this evil secret organisation, also have my pride.

if you are to enforce your own will…

…then we shall discuss this, with our fists.”

Dunamis forms a shadow armour – and looks incredibly badass keeping his own arms folded like that – and knocks Negi around with it for a bit before Kaede interrupts:

“I can manage this! Negi-bouzu, you go on ahead!”

“You think it will be that simple? I shall let you fully experience the combat form of I, the great General Dunamis.”

The other girls are back, too – Koyomi goes half-beast, Homura is… still naked, and Tamaki goes full dragon:

“It’s not over yet…

Losing… losing to some… laid-back schoolgirls like you… is just unacceptable!!”

Kuu steps up:

“Tsukuyomi and that Duna-whatever are both strong enemies! It’s up to us to get through them!”

“B-But, they’re getting really serious now! It won’t work out as well as last time…”

“It’s all right!

I can take care of all three of them by myself!! Just keep yourselves safe!!”

Akira, Yuuna, Makie, and Chiu watch as Kuu fights Koyomi, Tamaki, and Homura:

“What should we do? Isn’t there anything we can do to help?!”

“B-But, they’re moving so fast… we wouldn’t even…”

“Still, three at the same time must be tough! It’d be bad if this keeps up!”


“Asuna, isn’t there anything we can do?

At this rate…”

“If I was at least the real me… I could probably fight that flame girl with my Artifact…”

“There is something we can do, Konoka!”

Adeat! Ministra Negi, Aco Izumi!

Ako explains her Artifact:

“My Artifact is a support-type which can boost my comrade’s abilities several times over! Now’s the time to use it!”

“So it’s support magic, huh! Yeah, you can’t go without this in teamplay!


“The process is simple! ☆

You just take this soup of concentrate doping mana, and pop it right in the butt! ♡”

(Needle width: 1.8cm)

“Pop it?”


“In the butt?”

“The butt!”


“Eh, why are you running away?! It doesn’t hurt~!”


Koyomi manages to break through Kuu:

“Oh, crap – if you’re gonna do it, do it quick!”

“It really doesn’t hurt! I tried it!” (lulwut??)

“No way! Isn’t something wrong with how thick it is?! I’ll die!!”

“You won’t die!”

“Asuna, just put up with it! For Negi-kun! For Asuna!!”

(Note that Konoka says this while restraining and holding Shiori in front of herself.)

Ako, uh, stabs Asuna, Yuuna, and Makie just as Koyomi leaps at Ako – and gets intercepted by a shot from Yuuna.

“Th-That’s impossible! How can a normal girl… and with the speed of my beast-form, too…!”

Koyomi is forced to dodge again as Shiori and Makie come sweeping down with sword and baton.

“This, can’t be happening…! Mana doping?! Just… just with that… and they can equal us, who are under the direct control of Fate-sama himself…?!”

“Negi-kun, looks like we’re good to go!”

“You go on ahead!”

While I don’t really like how Ako’s Artifact turned out, at least it can get (mostly) everyone involved in the battle and not stand around like so much luggage with reaction shots. Koyomi, on the other hand, is really starting to break down.

Tsukuyomi has just one-upped Godel in using the longest-named Shinmeiryuu technique ever. It’s almost as long as Rakan’s Tyrannic-(etc.)-Fist. Coincidentally, still not as long as the Ojou-sama Anniversary Special.

Interesting how Shiori is directly fighting her former haremteammates now. And I’d really like to see how the Kaede-Dunamis rematch plays out, now that he’s all ridiculous abs and exaggerated punches.

Speaking of Dunamis, those are some very conveniently-placed modesty shockwaves.

Anyway, looking forward to next chapter, etc.



  1. Just saw the raws and its AWESOME!
    I loved Ako’s part xD
    Also, Dynamis stripping….e.e

    And “Where would Chidzuru be placed on Rakan’s Table of Stre…” on the 31 Q&A.
    Her names Chizuru…right?

    Comment by Yami — October 6, 2010 @ 3:26 pm

  2. Her name is 千鶴, which can be romanized either ちずる or ちづる. The pronunciation’s closer to Chizuru, but there’s kind of a glottal thing you need to do with your tongue to actually pronounce it… right?

    Also: Vetus, your translation shames mine. I am in awe.

    Comment by RedSavant — October 6, 2010 @ 6:05 pm

  3. Ohh ok then, thanks for the lesson o.o

    Comment by Yami — October 6, 2010 @ 7:31 pm

  4. ず and づ are basically identical in modern Japanese, so following standard romanisation it should be Chizuru or Chiduru. I just prefer clarity, because that’s how her name is written.

    @ RedSavant: Thanks. ^^ This wasn’t as literal as earlier translations, but it turned out okay, I think.

    Comment by CanonRap — October 7, 2010 @ 2:20 am

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