October 2, 2010

Many worlds

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Put up a more detailed explanation of the difference terms for ‘worlds’ onto Terms and Concepts, and wondering how I should categorise it. Since it includes ‘Terms’ now, should all the miscellaneous stuff go here? I’ll probably be putting Locations and the little I have on Creatures here soon.

Also, while working on this entry, one thing led to another, and I looked up the list of Nobel Prize laureates in 1908. Pretty interesting reading came out from typing ‘Rudolf Eucken’ in Google Books.

More updates to come soon, probably, due to changing jobs.

PS: The Unlimited Blade Works movie is epic. By which I mean it is literally incomprehensible without prior knowledge of the game. It’s more like a high-quality montage of key scenes of the route with no actual pacing or exposition. Or sense, really.

I’m not disappointed by what it is, but the hint of what it could have been. Still, it’s something after the sour aftertaste of the Fate anime.



  1. >FATE anime

    Pretty sure it was a horrible amalgam of the routes.

    Still better than a certain non-existent adaptation though.

    Comment by Shiirn — October 3, 2010 @ 3:29 am

  2. How about a section called “Races, Creatures, and Beasts”? Four main categories: Old World (Earth), Mundus Magicu, Demon World (Makai? I’m assuming), and Misc.

    Sub-categories: Western and Eastern (under Old World), Natives (under Mundus Magicu), and Demons (Demon World). Anything else that doesn’t fit anywhere else goes under Misc.

    This way, you can place demons/spirits/supernatural beings that are related to Western myth/folklore in its proper place. Youkai (oni, inugami, etc) and other Eastern folklore/fantasy beings will also be properly categorized. Your White Crow entry would go under Old World>Eastern>Youkai. Regarding Setsuna, isn’t she a hanyo? A half human, half byakuu, so she is half youkai? Don’t forget Ryoumen-Sukuna-no-Kami, who is an oni demon god, no?

    Mundus Magicu natives should be obvious enough to what goes there. The natural inhabitants of Mundus Magicu: cat-eared race, beast race, demonic girls, and any other non-human races. I think those various dragon races would fall under here as well. Vrkso Nagasya would be here.

    Demons that are not related to Earth will most likely be from the Demon World or some other dimension that they’re being summoned from, so they get their own section. A completely different race to the other demon races related to Earth or the magic world. Examples would be those demons (akuma) that attacked Negi’s village, Graf Herrman (jyoui akuma), Morborgran (mazoku), Zazie’s nee-san (mazoku), Mana (mazoku), etc.

    >I’m not disappointed by what it is, but the hint of what it could have been. Still, it’s something after the sour aftertaste of the Fate anime.

    Most fans should find it mostly satisfying, even with a couple of glaring they-could-had-done-better-here. It was really several steps coming from Studio DEEN. Let’s forget Heaven’s Feel, and just skip right into a Fate/zero OVA/movie adaptation in a similiar fashion to ufotable’s Kara no Kyoukai. Better yet, ufotable should do Fate/zero. I’d give it 2-3 years.

    Comment by Anonymous — October 3, 2010 @ 11:22 am

  3. That’s a good way to sort it, I think, though I might categorise by type (or mythological background) instead.

    A Zero adaptation would be great, but it would really need Heaven’s Feel IMO. The stories of Tokiomi and especially Kariya wouldn’t have as big an impact if we didn’t know just how horrible the eventual consequences were. And having Shirou first seeing a glimpse of Kiritsugu’s past would be a smoother transition than having the audience suddenly introduced to the gunslinging ‘Magus Killer’.

    Comment by CanonRap — October 4, 2010 @ 9:56 am

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