September 21, 2010

Dark Matter

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(Oh wait, reffing the wrong series. EDIT: Also, realising just how misleading this post name is for people expecting something else. My bad.)

Seeing as how the amount of time I’ve spent doing nothing on the pages is stretching into “eons”, I’m thinking of… well, doing something.

Namely, going back to the more difficult or complex Lexicon entries and try to better them – or actually work on them if I didn’t translate it at the time – and to start with, I have the entry on Byakuu up in Concepts, which will probably be the first page I start working on (since there’s some Bible information I wanted to add to it, and after that I can move to other Bible parts).

PS: I think this particular entry was already translated by Del Rey’s English release. Not that this is really my concern.

PPS: Actually, doing that Lexicon entry reminded me of something else…

Kakine’s whole body was covered by what looked like a white cocoon as he came out of the shop. No, that was wrong. The things spreading out by themselves, were wings. The six angel-like wings on his back were beating slowly.

Accelerator frowned slightly.

“They look like shit on you, you fairy-tale bastard.”

“Oh, don’t worry – I’m aware of that.”


Kakine spoke.

“Did you know that the world is made of particles?”

As he did this, he protected himself with his wings. Whenever Accelerator’s right hand pierces one of his wing, at the same time Kakine would transform it, scattering it into countless feathers – this prevented the impact from transferring directly to his body.

“Particles are even smaller than molecules and atoms. Gauge bosons, leptons, quarks… then there are hadrons created from quarks and antiparticles. Well, most of them are split into a few categories. Basically, the world is made of these particles.”

However, Kakine murmured,

“That common sense doesn’t apply with my Dark Matter.”

Boom! Together with the bellowing wind, six wings sprouted again from the back of Kakine Teitoku.

“The Dark Matter I create are substances that don’t exist in this world. I’m not talking about any cheap loopholes like ‘we haven’t discovered them yet’ or ‘they must theoretically exist’. They really, don’t.

I am really looking forward to seeing this animated. Eventually.



  1. This sorts of reminds me of one particular lexicon spell in volume 13 of Negima, the Flagrantia Rubicans one. it had a quote from Aristotle’s Metaphysics.

    Elements like fire, water, wind, etc are considered “substance”, and since they’re thought of such, they can ignore the laws of modern physics because magical flame is different from the flame that we know of from a modern science perspective. So, magical flame (fire element) can create heat and light without the need for oxygen or fuel, so, it can even exist underwater and in a vacuum.

    The magic system in Negima is really all based on classical physics and Greek metaphysics. The article about Rakan’s Great Dimension Breaker was a clash of classical physics vs modern physics, with the latter winning over the former, seemingly.

    Comment by Anonymous — September 22, 2010 @ 1:29 am

  2. Oh, yeah. Forgot to say, you should do something like that (what I wrote) for your concept page.

    Comment by Anonymous — September 22, 2010 @ 1:41 am

  3. I did do Elements. It’s under Essentials of Magic. I’m thinking of putting the quotes back into the entries, though.

    Comment by CanonRap — September 22, 2010 @ 2:22 pm

  4. Oh, so you did. Well, I was thinking of something more fitting for a concept page, like original research/interpretation/analysis of the magic system in general, basing it off on the lexicon and the guidebook, of course.

    A number of the quotes in the lexicon help describe and mold the magic system, so I think they’re pretty important.

    Comment by Anonymous — September 22, 2010 @ 7:15 pm

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