September 18, 2010

303 spoilers

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To be honest, I can’t really read the spoiler images, so to prevent mistakes I won’t write much. All I can say to what I know for certain is: bwah?

(Updated post for full chapter is out here.)

This does seem to be that Youtou Hina, by the way. It is possible for a sword to take a level in badass?

EDIT: I had a little recap of what Love Hina (it’s been really, really long since I’ve read it) had noted regarding the sword. Some points:

  • It was passed down the Urashima line (according to Haruka? Keitarou didn’t seem to know about it.)
  • Holding it “feels good.”
  • An evil spirit inhabits the sword, which can possess anyone who touches it.
  • Drawing the sword releases the full power of the spirit – at this point, only someone at the level of Tsuruko would be able to exorcise it.
  • Tsuruko: “That is the sword which in the past drove our Shinmeiryuu to the brink of destruction – the legendary demon blade ‘Hina’ that turned Kyoto into a sea of flame.”
  • “As expected… of a demon blade which absorbs the vital force of its vessel to become even more powerful.”
  • The possessed (‘agent’ of the spirit) can absorb vital force (life energy) by kissing its target on the lips.
  • Motoko seals the spirit back into the sword using Zanmaken Ni no Tachi.
  • After Motoko mastered the sword, it can fly to her when she commands it.
  • Motoko uses it as part of a two-sword style (along with Keitarou’s, um, Pencil of Failing) in her last battle against Tsuruko.


  1. I’d hoped that with the Love Hina omake, we’d get a Motoko cameo of some sort with Tsuruko second. Well, I got my second so I’m REALLY happy. ^_^

    Comment by AstroNerdBoy — September 18, 2010 @ 3:12 pm

  2. We’re gonna see Tsukuyomi kissing one of the other girls at some point then, aren’t we? >_>

    Comment by Carect — September 20, 2010 @ 9:07 pm

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