September 14, 2010

302 – TDM

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The spear’s head.

And the first major battle begins, though it looks to become ‘Dunamis vs. everyone’ in short order.

Negi launches an attack which Dunamis couldn’t react to in time – seems to be happening a lot lately – but it’s stopped by the same multi-layer high-concentration mandala magic shield as Fate, which apparently only the followers of the Lifemaker can use. Negi’s claws explode out of his glove:

ネギ流闇の魔法 障壁破壊掌試作伍号
Negica Magia Erebea, Shouheki Hakaishou Shisaku Gogou
“Negi Self-Style Dark Magic, Shield Destruction Palm, Test Version Five’

The mandala shield is completely destroyed, but at the last second, Dunamis activates Code of the Lifemaker and throws Negi back with shadow spears, then uses the Key to interfere with Kaede’s cloak’s operation, forcing the girls (Chisame, Nodoka, Konoka, Ako, Yuuna, Akira, Makie, Shiori) outside.

Before Negi and Kaede can come up with a way to get them to a safe place, they are surrounded by Homura, Tamaki and Tsukuyomi.

“Worthless fools… with my power, I can turn you all to dust in an instant.”

“Let’s all have some fun together ♥ Starting with…”

Tsukuyomi aims right for Konoka and Homura starts powering her eye. Negi manages to knock Homura away at the last moment, and Tsukuyomi is interrupted by Setsuna (of course).

“Tsuku… yomi… I won’t let you lay a hand on Ojou-sama…”

“So greedy… after all… once these ladies have won, she can be… brought back to life again… it doesn’t matter if I kill her just a little… ♪”

“Enough with your ranting!”

On Negi’s side…

Pyrokinesis! Causing an explosion just by glaring… she’s a hard opponent to deal with!

Tamaki’s gigantic dragon tail comes swinging and stops Negi long enough for Koyomi to activate Horaria Porticus, stagnating the time around Negi for Homura to take a shot – only to be interrupted again, by a tackle from Nodoka. Yuuna makes a follow-up shot:

七色の銃 精霊化解除弾
Iris Tormentum, Seireika Kaijodan
‘Rainbow Gun, Spirit Form Canceller Bullet’

Makie steals Koyomi’s Artifact with her ribbon, and Kuu hits her with the staff, using its telescoping power to move into melee range. Kaede surrounds Tamaki with a familiar set of chains fixed with charms:

Bakuretsu Rasenkei
‘Rupturing Spiral Force’

Bakusa Bakuenjin
‘Chaining Conflagration Ward’

Cue jeering:

“How’d you like that! You thought Negi-kun was the only one who could fight, and this is what you get!”

(Konoka does immediately go to heal Nodoka’s burns, so Akamatsu didn’t forget Homura’s Human Torch factor.)

Back with the ships, the repairs look to be complete in about 30 minutes, but since they may be attacked at any moment, Takane urges everyone to equip her ‘Shadow Armour’ (with a new style, to boot!) Haruna and Misora gets furtive, and Mei gets panicky…

“What is it?! You don’t want to wear it?!”

“W-Well, no, that’s not… it’s just… uh…”

“Wearing my ‘Shadow Armour’ increases your defensive capabilities threefold! It can go up to sevenfold if it fits exactly onto the skin!”

“No, its’ just… we always… get stri-”

“No time to argue! This is an emergency!”

So it would seem there’s actual justification for Takane wearing absolutely nothing underneath… As for the others now also wearing the armour, Collet notes its coolness, Chachamaru notes its cuteness (as do I) and given than Johnny is also wearing it, I am assuming – praying? – that Akamatsu does not set phasers to ‘strip’ again.

Given that it’s Kaede and Kuu, there’s a decent chance that Tamaki and Koyomi are out for good – though having them come back for more would be a good chance to give the other girls something to do while Negi (or Kaede?) takes on Dunamis. Setsuna and Tsukuyomi will probably wander off by themselves again swinging their new swords at each other. In any case, exciting chapters to follow.

Or maybe it’ll just be about how Team Kota is doing. Seeing Yue in action again would be worth it.



  1. This was a pretty “Negi isn’t the only one able to fight” chapter. I surprisingly liked how Nodoka and Yuuna beat Tamaki (Kaede & Ku are obvious fighters, have no surprise from them), showing (again) Negi that he can’t does all by himself. What’s Yuuna saying to negi, by the way?

    Man, Tsukuyomi NEEDS several beatdown from Setsuna, really, that psychochick is turning annoying…

    Comment by Blogima — September 14, 2010 @ 6:00 pm

  2. Akamatsu-sensei knows he’s setting up the expectation for some stripping time. Question is, will he follow through or just tease those fans wanting the stripping? I’m rather hoping for the latter with Takane showing some improvement in skills.

    The good thing revealed here is that there is a logical reason behind Takane’s girls wearing her shadow outfits.

    Comment by AstroNerdBoy — September 14, 2010 @ 7:12 pm

  3. Since this was a easy chapter, and with not that much text… would you be willing to do a full translation for this chapter, CanonRAP? Just hand it to Zasel of animummutare if you do.

    Comment by Zext — September 14, 2010 @ 10:18 pm

  4. lol i have seen the raw and really hope that Tsukuyomi need to be taught a lesson
    and just where is Nodoka’s hand touching when tackling Homura

    Comment by Mike — September 15, 2010 @ 3:21 pm

  5. CanonRap — you’ve got a content stealer unless you authorized this.

    Comment by AstroNerdBoy — September 21, 2010 @ 10:56 am

  6. No, I didn’t know about this. Though I’m not sure if anything actually needs to be done with a site like that, considering it’s doing… nothing.

    Thanks for the heads up, though.

    Comment by CanonRap — September 21, 2010 @ 4:28 pm

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