September 9, 2010

301 – behind the mask

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Since I’m kinda really late for this chapter and a full translation is apparently already out, I’ll just do my old “points”…

“Staff Lightning Halberd!”

I may the only one who’s still a bit disappointed Negi never used that sword he had at the beginning of the Magic World journey. He might be able to conjure giant energy blades from his bare hands now, but there’s something really undeniably badass about actually gripping a sword. (Plus, it had a cool design.)

I think I noted this about a dozen chapters back, but Fate and Dunamis really don’t get along, do they…

“Everything is in our favour. Which would mean… our victory would have been certain had it not been for those brats.

In this light, a certain boy’s failing in his mission to neutralise him was a hard blow.”

“That was at most a preliminary operation. At that point, even you did not really think of him as a point of consideration.”

“He must be removed.”

“As you wish.”

“Hmph… is that so? I thought you had become somewhat attached to that boy.”

“…Not at all. You can do as you please. I will begin the final steps.”

And now, time for something really different.

“A-Ah, Dunamis-sama.”

“…What is it, cat.”

“Are you all right… no, I meant, you are all right, right? Dunamis-sama is the sole survivor of the war twenty years ago, and a great servant of the Lifemaker for many years. I’m sure you have prepared some sort of trump card to use against these invaders…!”

Well, I guess Fate really doesn’t count as a ‘survivor’… Anyway, Dunamis taking off his mask was surprising, and very funny in the way the girls reacted.

“This is the first time Dunamis-sama has taken off his mask…”

“S-Surprisingly handsome…?”

“I’d thought his real face would be older, or more inhuman…”

The old man gets brooding…

“I am simply a defeated general bereft of his master. Yes… simply nothing more than a miserable aged puppet.

Well, speaking frankly, am I all right, or am I not? In that case… I’m completely not all right.

After all, no matter how I think about it, I have nothing but little girls like you lot for subordinates. (“Dunamis-sama, you’re so cruel!” “That was blunt…” “Sorry we’re not up to strength…”)

Think about it. We of Kosmo Entelekheia were once a giant organisation of over one hundred thousand.

It shames me to tears to think that we are reduced to five, six little girls.

Even if we look at this calmly… I mean, even if we don’t look at this calmly, it’s completely not okay. (“Really blunt…” “Sorry…” “Dunamis-sama is surprisingly frank…”)

And all of that is all because of Takamichi and Godel! (“Huh?” “Takamichi, isn’t he AAA…?” “I saw Godel on TV.”)

After we remnants of Kosmo Entelekheia survived the great war, he hunted us down one-by-one with snake-like tenacity.

We could have managed if it was just him. The problems were the elite forces that Megalo preserved, and Godel’s organisational ability. As we were pushed to the verge of annihilation… what do you think we did?

We played dead!

I lol’d.

Of course, by going into hiding, the group managed to survive, and even gather together the pieces needed (securing the Princess, taking the Code of the Lifemaker from the deepest section of the tomb) to try their plan from 20 years again… with only a few little girls. So “hold your heads high” (bishie sparkle).

“In truth, I must give thanks to all of you…

…for giving a final chance to one who has thought all his hopes were wasted…

…a chance to lower the hammer of divine wrath onto these foolish humans!

And scare the hell out of Takamichi and Godel!

Back to Negi’s team… Shiori does bring up how Negi’s been in Mega Dunamene the entire time, and Setsuna even explicit says that Negi is ‘expanding’ his mana capacity with Magia Erebea… maybe the constant fiddling with his soul has something to do with this?

Anyway, it’s interesting to see Negi interact with Shiori/Asuna like this, treating them as separate persons. I wonder if Shiori will actually have a way to ‘sync’ the real and fake Asuna’s memories back together (ala Eva) to bring her up to speed later.

And the other… other… highlight of the chapter, the ability of Natsumi’s Artifact is revealed!

Adjutor Solitarius
孤独な黒子 – kodoku no kuroko
“The lonely stagehand.”

Though it doesn’t look like it’ll be too useful in a head-on fight (unless it can impair even someone like Fate) it’s useful for moving from point to point. Like a Beta of Kaede’s Artifact for Kotarou’s team?

Another prep chapter, but more interesting that the last given Dunamis’ motive rant and the revealing of Natsumi’s Artifact, plus the imminent battle between Team Dunamis and Team Negi, though I’m wondering how Kotarou’s (and Haruna’s too, I suppose) side will play out.



  1. “I may the only one who’s still a bit disappointed Negi never used that sword he had at the beginning of the Magic World journey.”

    *LOL* Great minds think alike. My chapter 300 post goes up tomorrow (assuming no spoilers) and when I wrote the review, I thought about the sword that Negi was shown bringing with him to the Magic World and even mentioned it. Akamatsu-sensei has actually shown that sword for some time even before the current arc but Negi has never used it.

    “Well, I guess Fate really doesn’t count as a ‘survivor’… ”

    I do wonder if Dynamis is one of the previous Fate’s bishounen warriors.
    No, not if he’s version three.

    Comment by AstroNerdBoy — September 9, 2010 @ 4:45 pm

  2. I figured that was Dynamis fighting Al. I could be wrong though.

    Comment by Stormwhite — September 9, 2010 @ 5:41 pm

  3. Belive me, man, you aren’t the only one who missed that sword (it had a cool design, anyway, and Akamatsu draw it two or three times, only). At least, Negi is using his staff after… 2 years? Can’t remember anymore…

    Great minds think alike, indeed X3.

    I had Yami Yugi feelings, with the way Negi talks with both Luna and Asuna’s personalities… ^^”

    Comment by Blogima — September 9, 2010 @ 6:13 pm

  4. Why do I think that Dynamis is Nagi ¬¬

    Comment by Yami[Len] — September 9, 2010 @ 8:04 pm

  5. CanonRap. Your inbox at AQS.

    Comment by Anon — September 11, 2010 @ 9:22 pm

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