June 23, 2010

293 – crazy slasher with glasses

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It’s just a big red sign saying “DENIED” being passed back and forth.

“I won’t let you lay a hand on my friends. Please surrender now, Tsukuyomi-san.”

Continuing off… Negi holds Tsukuyomi off the ground one-handed.

(Huh. Was she that short?)

Tsukuyomi, of course, attacks with Zanmaken Ni no Tachi, spinning her sword behind her to cut off Negi’s arm.

And Negi totally avoids it by disconnecting his arm. Yes, Akamatsu finally makes it explicit that Lightning Form Negi can consciously rearrange his body. Instead of just his body’s physical constitution being loose, maybe the flowing lightning hair was intentional on Negi’s part?

Tsukuyomi, ridiculously flexible as always, hits Negi’s elbow with her knee before his arm fully reforms, loosening his grip enough for her to do a kick:

Shinmeiryuu Resshuuzan, Ni no Tachi
Raging Slashing Kick, Second Slash

Negi gets knocked back and Tsukuyomi grabs Nodoka.

“It seems you still have some way to go, Negi-kun. Wouldn’t it be better if you brought out that Magia Erebea berserker?

Ahh, I know. Will it come out if I cut someone? Eheh, even if I cut up humans, they’ll just be sent to the other side, so it’s all forgiven.”

Negi again disconnects his arm – and makes it fly into Tsukuyomi, eventually followed by the rest of his body.

“I’ve already said this. As long as my hands can reach them, I won’t allow anyone to get hurt ever again.”

(Akamatsu totally wrote Negi’s line this way just to pun off the Rocket Punch.)

Commence Hakkyokuken asskicking, finishing off with Negi punching out with both fists, throwing Tsukuyomi off the ship, through a floating rock, and onto another.

“Tsukuyomi-san, I don’t think you can win against me. If you are a mercenary working for money… then I would be grateful if you surrender now.”

But Tsukuyomi seems happier than ever:

Well, haven’t we gotten confident? But truly, it seems he possesses the strength to warrant that confidence.

The little chick from only half a year ago, now Fate-han’s equal on the same stage… oh, how… how…

…How very delectable…

(I wish that was a mistranslation.)

Tsukuyomi’s answer to a visibly disturbed Negi:

“Oh? You thought I was doing this for the money, Negi-kun? Heheh… you’re still a child.

This world holds no meaning.

All I seek are blood and war.

…You know should that, in this world, there are people like that.

Well, in this way, I feel sorry for Fate-han, too.

…I have a message from him.

‘I’m waiting’.

Goodness, you are awfully popular. I’m getting jealous.”

Done with the crazy talk, Tsukuyomi pulls out a Code of the Lifemaker, and begins a summoning spell:

Okuki Yakou
Night Parade of a Hundred Million Demons

“Don’t disappoint Fate-han.”

Negi tells Haruna and Johnny to take off immediately, and Chachamaru detects a giant magic power building up exponentially.

A giant ritual appears behind Tsukuyomi. Mana and Setsuna say this is “a repeat of the Governor’s Palace” and Tsukuyomi is calling forth summoned demons with the power of the Code of the Lifemaker.

Negi cuts off the charge and tells the ships to keep heading towards the Palace while he stops the demons. Asuna comes onto the deck to ask Negi if he’ll be all right by himself:

“…Yes, I’ll be fine. I’ll definitely catch up.

I’ll save you.”

A number of demons are still chasing the ships, and Sayo gets on the gatling again, with Mana at her side. Ku saves Nodoka from a demon (before Yue could, seemingly) and summons her Artifact; Nodoka gets embarrassed that she still freezes up whenever there is danger, “like a cat”.

Anyway, Kotarou, Kaede, and even Yuuna join in to hold off the demons, while both ships clear the mists and can directly see the ruins of Central Ostia.

Mana, after blowing up a big demon with an RPG pulled out from… somewhere, tells Yue and the Knights to start helping out against the bigger demons now catching up. The Valkyries take off – Yue already in powered armour – to provide air support around the ships.

Shiori!Asuna is still on the deck, and Setsuna notices that she is looking at where Negi is fighting… “Even if she’s a fake, Asuna-san is still Asuna-san.”

Setsuna decides to pull back and help Negi, leaving the ships (and Konoka) to the rest of Ala Alba. Asuna wants to go, but Setsuna reminds her that she can’t fly, and right now she should be “worrying about herself.” Shiori apologised to ‘Asuna’ for her illusion body, as Setuna takes off.

And that’s another chapter. Not much to comment on, except Tsukuyomi just recently jumped several rungs in terms of Negima characters I actually want to see more of, if only for being utterly psychotic and lascivious (…so I guess she would fit in pretty well in B Gata H Kei). I hope Akamatsu has a proper send-off planned for her.


  1. thanks for the translations

    Negi could totally could have taken on Tsukoyomi but takes the gentleman way……wtf for a crazy b***ch
    Yuuna and Makie happy takin one demon out , hell u guys can do better(Mahora festival arc- last day ..refference)

    Comment by NANEA — June 23, 2010 @ 5:30 pm

  2. Tsukuyomi really put the “pervy crazy assassin” expression on other level. Heck, and was Negi still a gentleman? He could totally own her (in fact, he owned her), but Tsuku’s resistence is on Godel’s level, enduring that attacks… O_o

    Comment by Blogima — June 23, 2010 @ 6:27 pm

  3. I’m expecting, for some reason, Tsukuyomi to be killed by her own blade… :/

    Comment by Yami[Len] — June 23, 2010 @ 8:34 pm

  4. Finally, WAR! I hope there would be more action scenes for Yuuna 😀

    Comment by Nestor — June 24, 2010 @ 5:17 am

  5. where to find cnet translations

    Comment by NANEA — June 25, 2010 @ 5:53 am

  6. Wow… I guess Tsukuyomi is bi, then?

    Comment by DKN117 — June 25, 2010 @ 11:20 pm

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