May 19, 2010

289 – Oh God, it’s like some sort of harem manga!

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This chapter is basically the follow-up to the “Carnival” during the Governor’s Ball, so… yeah.

Ako has one hell of a dream:

“The fact is, I relied on my cousin Negi to temporarily act as my body double. I must apologise for deceiving you.”
“T-Then… the Nagi-san at the Mahora Festival…”
“…was of course I, Nagi (Ha ha ha!)”


“I am the prince of a lost magical kingdom!”

The bishie sparkle following him in every frame made it even worse…. thankfully, Ako wakes up, only to find Nagi next to her, coming for a Pactio, with Yuuna and co. watching from outside. Ako, however, makes Nagi swallow an age-pill just before they kiss, turning him back into Negi.

“Negi-kun, you really don’t understand a girl’s heart, do you? I don’t know if you thought that I would be happy about this, but you just made things worse, you know? Now it just hurts and you’re bringing back old feelings…”

Ako thinks about all the people who have helped a “minor character” like her – Yuuna, Akira, Makie (even though she likes Negi herself), Negi (already with his hands full with demon problems), the cheerleaders back at Mahora, and even in Magicus, the Chief, the announcer girl (wait, what?), and of course, Tosaka.

“Thank you, Negi-kun… I’ll do it. The Pactio. Not with Nagi-san, but with Negi-kun.”
(Makie: Wha-! S-So, now you’re just announcing that you’ll switch over from Nagi-san to Negi-kun?!
Chisame: Calm down.)

Ako’s inner monologue:

‘Negi-kun… you’re still only ten years old, so you’re not the one I admired. But, I know… one day, you’ll be like Nagi-san. Just like the one I admire so much. No…. you’ll do even better than that.

So do you best!’


(And yes, Ako’s Pactio Card is kept almost completely intact. That was a surprise.)


Akira’s one page in this chapter (what with the last one being an Akira chapter) and Negi brings up old concerns again:

“She’s strong, isn’t she… Ako-san…

Compared to her, I… Every time I think of stepping out and moving forward, I fall back down… I feel like I’m not going anywhere at all.

Is someone like me… qualified to have the feelings of Ako-san and Makie-san?”

…Didn’t Akira just bash you on this?


It’s the second day of Negi’s Magia Erebea training, and Eva decides to impale him with a big fscking icicle.

“What’s wrong, boy? You still haven’t managed to get a hold of yourself yet? You only have two days left.”

Yuuna complains that Eva seems to be worsening his condition:

“Ha! Why should I care. If one cannot tame one’s own darkness, then the result will be death either way.

If that’s what it comes to, then all that means is that this brat is not quite the man you all thought him to be.”


“Welp, being high-spirited is one of my strong points.”

Yuuna’s turn:

“Hey, Negi-kun… Why do you work so hard to follow your father?”

“…It’s everything to me.”

“Hm… Your training… isn’t looking so good, is it?”


“All right then – onee-san here will share some of her spirit with you!”

I really lol’d at how she lifted Negi off his feet to kiss him.

“Hell yeah! Now I can do stuff too!”

To repeat Chamo’s line: She really wanted a card, didn’t she…


The third day of the training, and for whatever reason, Negi ends up alone with Makie. Negi ends up repeating his “me no qualify!” argument:

“I, I’m very happy that you feel this way for me… but I… I’m not someone incredible, like Father…”


“Well, isn’t it fine if you just go and be incredible, like your father?

Right here and now – then, everything will be fine. Isn’t that right?”

Some tears of joy from finally kissing Negi later…

“What’s wrong, Negi-kun?”

“Makie-san… you’re incredible.”

“M-My kissing? Oh, Negi-kun…”

“No, that’s not-!”

Not what, exactly?

Well, that’s that. Negi continues to make out with his students and build his harem while stepping ever closer to demonhood. Then again, he might go completely insane in two days, so maybe he’s making the right choice here.

In any case, where’s my Eva Pactio?!

PS: My order of volume 30 was delayed…


  1. Three consecutive pactios and no Akira yet, right after her own chapter…-sigh-

    Well, Yuuna’s pactio was funny, Makie’s was cute, Ako’s was meh, and Negi is still playing his emo act (for the Pete’s sake… ¬¬). Normal chapter.

    Comment by Blogima — May 19, 2010 @ 5:07 pm

  2. Actually, since the Makie pactio is on the third day of training, and Eva said that two days are left on the second day, isn’t there something like one day left by the end of 289?


    What was really missing was Makie’s motivation for her own dreams that we haven’t seen since the Mahora Festival, that could’ve been made that scene very very well done. But oh well. >_>

    Comment by Kuze — May 19, 2010 @ 6:18 pm

  3. amazing given each a day difference …
    Ako goes and shows eventhough she is not over wth Nagi(adult Negi),she accepts realitty..
    Yuuna was way awesome ,givin my high spirits to you thing…
    Makie has her lone time without interference ,gr8 for makie ..
    and wtf how strong is Eva ,she just keeps battering the demon form Negi without pullin a sweat

    Comment by NANEA — May 19, 2010 @ 6:33 pm

  4. So Ako decided to enact Misa’s Reverse Hikaru Genji Plan? Better than loving a shadow I guess.

    Maybe Akamatsu is saving Akira’s pactio as being the one to cure (or at least, allows him to handle) the black magic? the guy *really* loves to tease afterall…

    Comment by Nestor — May 20, 2010 @ 5:34 am

  5. ok so who out of everyone that went to the magical world still dosent have there pacto yet

    Comment by tanner — May 21, 2010 @ 3:35 pm

  6. Aisaka Sayo ,Akira

    Comment by NANEA — May 22, 2010 @ 12:49 pm

  7. Anya doesn’t have one either 😀 … yeah … hard pressed to mention names otherwise :p

    Comment by Sian — May 23, 2010 @ 10:09 pm

  8. 290 raw out ,visit my blog

    Comment by NANEA — May 26, 2010 @ 8:06 am

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