April 21, 2010

287 – this is not our last line…

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…this is our front line.

Mahora finally gets into the fray.

Despite Prof. Akashi’s wishes, Takane decides that it would be more dangerous if Yuuna didn’t know about her own heritage.

Hilariously, it’s Chisame who panics:

“H-Hold it! Akashi, and the sports girls, they’re supposed to be the normal ones, y’know?! In a class loaded with idiots, they’re the real deal! They’re my last line of defense against this unreal fantasy stuff!”


Anyway, Takane summarises it quickly: Mahora was founded by mages, the Headmaster is a high-class mage*, and of course, quite a number of staff members are mages themselves.

*The Bible actually calls him “the strongest mage of Mahora”. I really, really hope that they just forgot “…except Eva”. Otherwise, Konoemon might be pulling a Yamamoto sometime in the near future.


Yuuna actually takes it pretty well, having made the connection (“I might be an idiot…”) between Donette and her father.

The story she was told about her mother, Akashi Yuuko, was that she died during an overseas trip when Yuuna was five. The truth (as far as Takane knows) is that she was killed in the line of duty, as an agent of Mahora dispatched to Megalo-Mesembria.

“Most likely… it was not unrelated to the battle we are now facing.”

(And on a completely different tone, Yuuna’s offhand Matrix reference was really unexpected.)


Back at Mahora, Prof. Akashi reveals that, with the connection between the worlds cut, there is a time lag between Magicus and Vetus, time is passing “about four to five times” faster for Magicus.


Konoemon assembles all Mahora mages because the World Tree is glowing despite the next emission being in 22 years. Konoemon guesses that something is happening on ‘the other side’ – that is, the other side of the Mahora-Ostia Gate below Library Island (the same place used by Ala Alba to jump back to the past?).


It has been 2 weeks (several months in Magicus) since Vetus has lost contact with the other side, as all of the 11 other Gates have been destroyed. While they have no idea who were behind the attacks, the most likely is, of course, the remnants of Kosmo Entelekheia, the true enemy of the last War.


The objective of Kosmo Entelekheia is to make use of the enormous concentration of mana now fixed at the Ostia Gate – at this point, the energy flow between Ostia (Magicus, high mana) and Mahora (Vetus, low mana) is a couple hundred million times higher than normal.

With this amount of mana, they can reattempt the ritual “to return the world to void” – same as 20 years ago. Naturally, Mahora would be ground zero.

Konoemon’s objective is “to prevent the conflicts on the other side from spilling over onto this side at all costs”. All mages are on standby for emergency rapid response.

Nijuuin will lead a “Investigative Reactionary Force” under Library Island, Akashi will prepare the surrounding civilians for evacuation, Gandolfiini will contact the magic branches at other countries, and Touko will explain the situation to the Kansai Magic Association.


Konoemon himself goes to ask Eva, Eishun, and Al for their help…

“It is possible that Princess Asuna has fallen into the hands of the enemy.”


In Wales, Ayaka is going through the 3rd report on Nagi when she suddenly gets a call from Eva, telling her to come back to school:

“If the boy’s coming back, he’ll be coming directly to Mahora. The same for your good friend (Asuna).”

Well… that was a really packed chapter, hence this really long post. In any case, looks like it’s time for Battlefield Mahora once again…

288 will be out May 12th.



  1. Post didn’t feel any longer than any others, but the revelations are quite a few in number.

    This one chapter threw out a good dozen or more theories people had about how the worlds worked with eachother, too… Oh well, science marches on.

    Comment by Shiirn — April 21, 2010 @ 5:28 pm

  2. Just got a look-see at the chapter. I’m glad we received a bit more info about Yuuna’s mom and the confirmation of her being a mage (which was pretty obvious from that one flashback ages ago showing Yuuna with her mom and holding the practice wand).

    Comment by AstroNerdBoy — April 21, 2010 @ 9:50 pm

  3. Shiirn: You mean Magic Marches On ^^

    ANB: Yuuna was actually somewhat serious this chapter, which is rare, and she took the truth about her mother surprisingly well IMO. I’m hoping she keeps developing along these lines – she probably won’t get any less rash and straightforward, but at least she can temper it with some maturity and thoughtfulness.

    Comment by CanonRap — April 22, 2010 @ 12:22 am

  4. Thanks for the summary. It’s good to see my theory about the time discrepancy between MW and Vetus was validated.

    Comment by Monic — April 22, 2010 @ 11:25 am

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