April 18, 2010

FLAME ON!! (and format changes)

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Finally done the Element explanation under Western Magic in the Bible. Which means I have to get through the lengthy, jargon-filled lexicon entry on Chisame’s Artifact, considering they have related issues – classical beliefs vs. modern science and technology.

And since it’s more or less my own observation, I’ve put Elemental Forms (that is, how Negi turns into lightning or Homura into fire) under WIP because… it sounds like speculation. I have no idea if Homura’s ability is anything like Negi’s, considering they’re from two completely different magics (Homura turns into a salamander, Negi’s soul fuses with a lightning spell) though the text implies they have the same effect.

Oh well.

EDIT: In a bit of a d’oh moment, I remembered that “fusing with a lightning spell” is the same as “fusing with a lightning spirit”. Which does sound really similar to “manifesting as a fire spirit”.


EDIT2: Done some fixing on the High Ancient page and I’m liking this new format. Maybe I’ll toss in a picture with each entry from now on.

Still waiting for 287.


  1. Nice idea about adding the pics. This would give us a more clear picture on how the spells look. Hope you add the pictures for the spell & dark magic section also.

    Aside from that can you explain a bit more what the last part of the Elements mean.

    “However, it is entirely due to the stagnation within the magic societies that these beliefs continue to exist and prevail over modern science. It is quite possible, given time, and further interaction between the worlds of modern reality and classical magic, that even mages themselves will no longer be able to use magic in the future.’

    Does this part mean that, if the mages change there attitude towards how the elements are explained in science, then they would lose the ability to use magic. Or is it the other way around (i am a bit confused about it).

    Off-Topic:- It seems that you have the volume 28 & 29 with you, so can you tell me whether the pactio cards art present in those volume in ch 252, 261, 262 & 263 are of better quality than that of the magazine release. I wanted to know about Setsuna’s card art especially, is it of better quality than the magazines & also is the art more clear than the magazines.

    Comment by Sl from MH — April 20, 2010 @ 8:37 am

  2. Yeah, I’m thinking of updating Magia Erebea soon, so I might as well add snapshots too ^^;;

    For the Elements part:

    Basically, the reason why magic works in Negima is because mage societies still believe in classical concepts (like the four-element system of Fire/Water/Wind/Earth) and are, well, stuck in the past – see Mundus Magicus. But of course, they can’t shut themselves off from Vetus completely, so some modernisation has taken place. The point is that, if mage societies become ‘modern’ (scientific) enough, the old beliefs are lost and magic will fail. This is implied to be one of the reasons why mages keep their own existence a secret to the world at large – so they can keep using magic in the first place.

    As for the Pactio Cards – well, they’re higher quality on virtue of being tankubon, but Setsuna’s card is still really small (and len flare’d) so it makes little difference. If high-res scans are what you want, you should probably wait for the Limited Editions of vol. 30 and 31 – Natsumi’s card is already confirmed for v30 and Chachamaru is (probably???) v31.

    Maybe Luna is v32? The number’s right…

    Comment by CanonRap — April 20, 2010 @ 3:49 pm

  3. Thanks for explaining the element part to me.

    But do you think that this might be the reason why Chao had to use that ‘Spell Pattern’ on her body (made through the power of science according to Negi) to channel magical powers from the surrounding so that see could use spells.

    Aside for that, did you send any question to Ken for being answered in the volume 30 release. I did send a few question to him but i know those won’t get be answered because i have written them in English & also because i have a bad luck as well.

    Comment by SL from MH — April 22, 2010 @ 6:02 am

  4. Maybe… Chao needed her tattoos just to forcefully process mana, which fits. But then Chao says it shouldn’t be a surprise that she could use magic. So yeah.

    Comment by CanonRap — April 24, 2010 @ 4:06 pm

  5. I also agree that Homura and Negi’s abilities are different but analogous. She becomes a fire monster thing, while Negi’s fusion effectively turns him into a lightning demon.

    The ability to use magic is tied to belief in those classical concepts? It sounds contradictory when you consider that modern people in the Old World can use magic as well, but you probably meant it on a larger scope – like, if societies modernize enough, there is no need for magic, therefore the craft is lost. Conversely, if magic is adequate enough, people might see no need for technological innovation. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” huh?

    I guess Akamatsu never really bothered to explain little details like this, but personally I don’t think that science/technology and magic must be mutually exclusive or opposing concepts, as many fiction writers like to make it seem. Cultural – and technological, by association – progress occurs when civilizations need to overcome limitations. Perhaps magic serves as a “loophole” that lets societies avoid this most basic aspect of development, but it can’t work forever. But then writers also frequently explain that by having power structures in place which work to prevent major changes to the (magical) status quo. Hmm. /rant

    Comment by mewarmo990 — April 29, 2010 @ 3:32 am

  6. It’s been implied in a few places that mages take in magical energy from their surroundings and concentrate it. What distinguishes powerful mages is the total amount of energy they can store and control (Eva explained Negi’s magical talents as him being a large reservoir of energy due to genetics). I would guess that Chao’s spell pattern forcibly grabs energy from the environment and pushes it into her. This allows her to use far more magical energy than she could normally safely extract from the environment and store. She could be a mage without it, but she wouldn’t be anywhere near as powerful. It hurts because it temporarily overloads her natural capacity for storing magical energy. I would expect it also acts like a wand/staff/ring, in acting as a magical focus for spellcasting.

    I can’t find Kotarou’s transformation abilities anywhere on this site. I’d love to read more about his ultimate wolf transformation technique, if you have any insight into it.

    Comment by Tadrinth — May 9, 2010 @ 7:29 am

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