April 6, 2010

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Answering SL’s comment in an earlier post, because I don’t know how many people might be having the same questions.

High Ancient spells

….are on the High Ancient page.

Albireo and Rakan’s Artifacts

I don’t know where “To Fyuron To Biographicon” came from, but Albireo’s artifact is Hai Bubloi Hai Biographikai. The Greek (hell, the katakana) should tell you that.

For Rakan, as far as I can tell “Chilion” and “Khilion” are just personal preferences. I have seen both “ch” and “kh” as transliterations for the Greek letter ‘chi’.

And yes, he used gravity magic to break out of Tamaki’s Artifact.

The other people

Misora’s Artifact has never been named.

The Bible mentions that “Takane is Mei’s Master…?” which is Akamatsu leaving room for options. But it’s not outright stated, so this is an assumption on my part.

The new guns

As for the 4 new Artifacts, I’ll put them in the Artifacts page proper (instead of dumping them in WIP) when there’s more information on them, either a lexicon entry or text from the manga explaining more about their function, or just how they work. We just don’t know enough about these Artifacts right now.

I mean – is it hinted anywhere in the manga itself (either in the artwork or the text) that Mega Dunamene Negi was “sacred fire”?

Or that Kaede’s suodi is related to Lorentz contraction?

Is it immediately obvious that Rakan didn’t just break through Encompandentia Infinitas with pure willpower (though that probably helped) but with a gravity spell he made up on the spot?



  1. Thanks for answering all my questions, it has been a real help.

    Actually i completely forgot that there was a High Ancient Spell section in here, and since i didn’t see them in the spell section i though that you hadn’t added them in there (sorry about that).

    Alberio’s artifact name “To Fyuron To Biographicon” came from the AQS’s translation of ch 117 (don’t know why they translated that name like that if it wasn’t incorrect).

    Its funny how Misora’s artifact name is still unknown till now as it is one of the oldest shown artifact in the manga story (first appeared in around ch 110, and is the 6th pactio card to appear in the manga when not counting the 7 Fake cards & Mana’s Dead card) and also has an official colour card printed out (in the style of the manga’s card art). We have known “Mei Sakura” artifact name from ch 141 even though there is no official card out for her till now.

    Comment by SL from MH — April 6, 2010 @ 9:52 am

  2. Ground contraction, suodi, shukuchihou, etc is familiar if you (er, me) you’ve read some of those coolio wuxia novels (there are probably martial arts manga with it too, Rurouni Kenshin for instance). It generally refers to the “shrinking of distance” by superhuman hermit martial artists who can turn a distance of ten paces into two or three, and the like. Basically, speed.
    But yeah, if you’re unfamiliar with the concept it isn’t immediately obvious from the first time Setsuna brings it up in relation to Instant Movement. I don’t even know what Lorentz contraction is without looking it up.

    It’s not obvious at all that Rakan used gravity magic to break out of Tamaki’s pocket dimension. I mean, Akamatsu already built up that image of him as being utterly HAX, so why would anyone assume otherwise without reading any of the side materials? Which I did, and that spoiled my day, but hey.

    Comment by mewarmo990 from BL — April 14, 2010 @ 7:35 am

  3. I think it makes him even more HAX to know it – because he did just bullshit that move on the spot, and it worked anyway, and it’s justified that he overpowers physics just by flexing his muscles really hard.

    Rakan dominates fights not just because he’s massively overpowered – he’s that, too – but also because of his experience, how he know a counter for anything you can possibly throw at him.

    Comment by CanonRap — April 16, 2010 @ 12:31 am

  4. That’s true. Like during the tournament final match, where Rakan was able to defeat Raiten Taisou not only because of his absurd constitution, but also because he had fought a high-level lightning demon with similar abilities before.

    Rakan can flex his muscles so hard they create singularities and shatter the laws of physics? When you put it that way, no surprise there.

    Comment by mewarmo990 — April 29, 2010 @ 3:17 am

  5. Hmm I thought her yelling 009s ‘Acceleration Module’ [“Kasoku Sochi!”] was it’s name all this time D: …

    Sorta like how Setsuna yets out her sica shishikushiro thingey…

    But looking at it… no bubble with Chao & no bubble against Fate in the gateport either…

    so I guess it’s not that :{…

    Hmm.. sacred fire.. well, the fact that Rakan can use it at least hints it’s not dark magic? Since he apparentely has no suitability for that? But the actual wording of the spell is… yeah…

    Hmm on the gravity spell thing, I actually thought it looked more like Kaedes technique against Ku:nel.. I was like.. *Rakans hands are down, then they are up* (The right one is in a chuudan block, the left in a gedan block)—> *place starts cracking* (both hands outwards streching like the sun, or V for victory).

    So it looked like a big motion to break a seal to me. So I was like hmm… seal breaking huh? Hey look at Kaede putting 2 fingers to her lips (in a way that looks sorta similar to Rakans fist near mouth), then hands outwards to touch the barrier (which Rakan also looks like what he was doing with his hands out streching)… so yeah…

    That was my thought on it… And the pressure looking stuff I though was his strong spiritual energy being built up (since it’s a whole lot bigger a barrier)… So I never thought it was through pure willpower, I just also never thought it was gravity magic either. I guess hearing him use practe bigi nar made my head sorta discard thoughts on him using magic in an actual fight…

    To #4 It’s not really an absurd constitution though. All you have to do is remember Chiko*tan taking a white lightning fist to the gut & not being knocked out even though it’s a whole lot more powerful than when he fought Kotaro(& in a fist while in 1100 dark form). Even though he seemed in pretty bad shape after that, I just think about Rakan being more than 10x stronger. The normal hits of rai. can’t be more than 10x of white lightning right? So it actually was someting that I sorta expected upon hearing that he was 12k, & doing my own thought process on where Chiko*tan was.

    Hmm also, in 244_09 he references that spirit as having been from “Noctis Labyrinthus Dungeon”– which is where Arika was held right? & isn’t “the ultimate spirit of lightning” different from a lightning demon? Hmm or do we happen to have different scans of the chapter or something.. I have MSN of 244 here.. Well it’s just because “the ultimate spirit of lightning” sounds a lot more epic than “a high-lvl lightning demon”. If it’s only a high level demon, then I’ll have to compliment Rakan more for his adaptive ability. If it was an ultimate spirit, then I’ll have to compliment him for his great strength during the war 20 years ago…

    Hmm… I would think he would get a cramp though. Flexing muscles without warming them up is dangerous D:

    Comment by want — August 15, 2010 @ 8:41 am

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