April 5, 2010

Ominous Latin chanting

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Housekeeping continues, quite a few changes in Spells, mostly overhauls on some of the more hideous translations done from when Vetus was first created.

The rest of the Spells (mental and flight magic, evocations, the Cantus Bellax line, etc.) will probably be the next update, assuming I don’t get derailed by OH GOD NAKED EVANGELINE

(Speaking of Eva and spells, I just realised how utterly broken Ensis Exsequens/Executioner Sword is. What with it being a guaranteed one-hit kill if you fail to resist it.)

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  1. Just wanted to ask why haven’t you added spells like “Chilipl (Khilipl) Astrape” or Negi’s synthesised spell “Raijinsou Titanoktonon”. Are you waiting for more info from the Volumes.

    This is a off-topic part: Sorry for asking so many thing but i need to clarify my doubts (there are a lot of ‘also’ in it).

    Is Albireo artifact name “Hai Bubloi Hai Biographikai” or is it “To Fyuron To Biographicon”. Also in Raken’s artifact name is it “Khilion” or “Chillion”. Also is it correct that Raken used a gravity based magic to break free from the ‘Encompandentia Infinita’ like you posted.

    Also do you know the name of Misora’s artifact and also where is it said that “Mei Sakura” made the pactio with “Takane D. Goodman”.

    And when are you going to add the artifact info for “Tengu no Kakuremino”, “Shinchintetsu Jizaikon”, “Type-2130 Chao Bao Zi Satellite Support System: Al-Iskandariya (“Flying Cat”/”Catwings”)”, “Tsurugi no Kami: Takemikazuchi”.

    Comment by SL from MH — April 5, 2010 @ 5:57 pm

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