March 26, 2010

284 – to begin and end worlds

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Even you will eventually understand – that the eternity I speak of is the only philanthropy that can save every soul.


First, picking off from the 283’s cliff, we have Shiori at gunpoint.

Tatsumi: Where’s the real Kagurazaka? Speak, woman.

But Negi, of course, uses his Paragon points to good effect, and gets Shiori Luna to divulge Asuna’s location. Not surprisingly, she is at the Palace of the Gravekeepers, the same location chosen for the last ritual Kosmo Entelekheia attempted (and judging from this chapter, where they are now attempting the ritual again).



“They’re coming!”
“It can’t be helped. We’ll have to make use of her again.”
“This is not a human being.
Think of it as a weapon.
A monster that for a hundred years has sucked away the lives of thousands and tens of thousands.

Asuna: I am nothing. I am nobody. I simply took… and was taken from, day by day…
The Mage of the Beginning… What a terrible… sorrowful person.

Lifemaker: Princess of the Twilight… my last descendant. Fulfill your original purpose.


Anya. Maid. Wut.

(Okay, she’s taking care of Asuna. But when you add in how Homura and company are all wearing maid uniforms as well, you start to wonder about Fate’s tastes… “everyone in maid uniforms, NAO REWRITO”)


To prevent any future fisticuffs greetings, Fate just outright tells Asuna that beating him won’t achieve anything, and explains exactly what their plan is.

Vetus \– cut off from –\ Magicus

Magicus –> Boom!


“The magic power supporting this world is depleting… well, it’s like the environmental problems in your world.

(Actually, I can’t see clearly what exact word was used there, so it might not be ‘depleting’.)

It could be ten years. It could be a hundred. It could be tomorrow. But this world will be destroyed. That is the unavoidable truth.

And once the illusion called ‘Mundus Magicus’ disappears, all the ‘people’ living there will be thrown out to a place that humans cannot survive in, the desolate plains of Mars.”


“Wait, if you’re going to save people, you’re supposed to save all 1200 million of them, right? Why is Megalo-whatever treated special?”

“That’s right. It’s because it’s unfair for them to be treated special… that they will also, without exception, be removed from this world. With your power, the magic world will be rewritten. It shall be sealed.
We are not killing them. They will simply be moved to the ‘rewritten world’ – in other words, to the Becoming World (Kosmo Entelekheia). It is an endless garden. I hear that it is a paradise free of all suffering and inequality.

“But… why…?”

“Because there’s no other way.

Unlike the clearly human citizens of Megalo-Mesembria, the other inhabitants of the magic world have no ‘reality.’
The Magicus people were created from the same ‘thing’ as the magic world itself. When the magic world disappears, they too shall disappear. In other words… they are all illusions.

They can not be saved.

That is the last piece of the puzzle, the unsolvable problem, the secret of this world.”


I don’t know about anyone else, but this chapter really cements Fate as an anti-villain for me, and his whole character is just begging for a chance to move to the ‘good’ guys camp.

In other news, I predict my subtitle for 285 will be ‘Tengen Toppa Kagurazaka Asuna’.


  1. I assume you got this from the leaked info, very good =)

    Comment by Shiirn — March 26, 2010 @ 11:53 pm

  2. Pretty much the entire chapter is out in cam raws, so why wait? ^^;;

    Comment by CanonRap — March 27, 2010 @ 12:10 am

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