March 17, 2010

283 – Springfield interrogation techniques

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I got the magic stick
I know if I can hit once, I can hit twice
I hit the baddest chicks

* Firstly, I completely agree with the comment regarding Asuna’s wardrobe, and would like to add that it is highly stimulating.


* Note the throwaway line from Asuna on the first page: “Hm? These sleeves aren’t coming off…”

* Asuna no turn:

“You mean how Rakan-san died…?

I didn’t hear it from anyone. I just sort of knew. You were probably keeping quiet about it so no one would worry, right?

Or is it how you’ve finally decided to succeed your father? Or is it about this secret of the world, or whatever?

Or… is it about the side-effects of this dark magic?

You didn’t talk to me about any of this.

…Don’t apologise.

I won’t tell you to start talking now or to stop. I already know all this, and I know you’ve thought properly about this in your own way.

But… at least let me do this much for you, all right?”

* The Magia Erebea marks normally on Negi’s arms are starting to cover his entire body, so it seems my analogy of Shirou and Archer’s arm wasn’t totally off.

* Negi goes off in an entirely unexpected direction and starts stripping both Asuna and himself in order to “directly” confirm that Asuna is real (or not). Is Akamatsu justifying this with Magia Erebea again?

(Shiori’s inner reactions, and the Tatsumi-Chiu-Nodoka interrupt, are pretty lawl.)

* Asuna fanservice continues with her being chained by Mana.

“Looks like it can’t be helped… I will ‘question’ her.”

* Even Diarium Ejus fails to work, and Chamo points out a function of the grimoire which is problematic in this situation: it reads separate personalities (for, say, someone with split personalities) as different individuals depending on the name given. At the very least, the ‘external’ Asuna is absolutely certain that she is Asuna, which fits with the M.O. of Signum Biolegens given by Akamatsu a few books ago.

(Apparently, at that point the distinction is with the ‘deep stuff’ like innate names and souls.)

* Mana, of course, plays the cold pragmatist in this case:

“Even if she is genuine, the possibility exists that she is being mind-controlled – she could be an assassin set only to activate on a keyword, without even realising it.

It also cannot be ruled out that she could be an automaton with a personality transferred into it. Predictions are prohibited. You are far too naive.

We won’t make any progress like this. If even Miyazaki’s Artifact cannot break this deadlock, then there’s no other choice besides this.

This is loaded with an exorcist bullet that can reveal the true form of anything demonic taking the form of a human.

If she is fake, we will know in one shot.

Don’t worry. If this is the real Kagurazaka Asuna, her magic nullification will deflect it.”

* Negi doesn’t hesitate to take the shot for Asuna. On a different note… did Negi just take a bullet with no immediate ill effect?

* And as the big finale – which everyone and their grandma should be privy to by now – to a rather awesome chapter, Negi Pactio’s with ‘Asuna’, finally breaking Shiori’s disguise.

Would this be the first time Negi has converted someone to his side by kissing them? Well, “converted” assuming Shiori’s blush is entirely because of embarrassment and the “new emotions” mentioned in the tagline are not in fact murderous in a, “not even Fate-sama has touched me yet!” way.

(And given Moe!Shiori’s expressions in that last page, should some Shiori-Parsee crossover be expected?)


My question now is, how is Fate going to react? From appearances, Shiori seems to be his first, and most loyal, Pactio partner (she is after all his choice for deep cover).

Looking at the card – aside from the obvious (the Number, for one) what interests me is what Shiori is holding. Signum Biolegens is her Artifact? Again?

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