March 8, 2010

282 – raiding party

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Well, the Governor’s Ball is officially over for Ala Alba + dozen hanger-ons, what with all the kicking of demonic asses over the last several chapters and Theodora herself keeping the M.M. army from detaining them.

* Negi blacks out (literally and figuratively) again, so it looks like Magia Erebea is really starting to burn into him. He wakes up on Paru’s ship, finally back in shota form.

* Tatsumi’s outfit is awesome. That is all.

* Negi is suffering from something like “acute demonic poisoning” which could be fatal if steps are not taken immediately. Chisame got the Diorama from Theo, which can help buy some time for him.

* Johnny, of all people, is piloting the second ship carrying Yuuna and co.

* I brought this up elsewhere, and I’ll repeat it here: I don’t see why Negi would suddenly start wearing those sleeves unless Magia Erebea left some sort of permanent mark on his arms.

(Think Martin’s burial cloth and Shirou in Heaven’s Feel.)

* Negi says it best:

“I’ve heard about what happened. Holding your own against an enemy of the same class as Fate, and even managing to break through him…

If only I’d been more dependable… you wouldn’t have had to go through something like that.


‘If only I’d been more dependable’… I can’t even say something pretentious like that, can I?

Nodoka-san, as our comrade… you are truly worthy of the name of ‘adventurer’!”

(pachi pachi)

* Nodoka-san no turn:

“Having read the heart of the sorcerer of Kosmo Entelekheia, true name Dunamis, I have identified the power they have attained these last few days from reaching the secret of this world.

Its name is “Law of the Creator” (Code of the Lifemaker).

It is capable of using the powers of the creator of this world – the ultimate magic artifact.

There are three general categories of Code of the Lifemaker: First, the infinite number of Master Keys, a simple type used for combat. Though it is ‘simple’, with it the wielder can never be defeated by the peoples of Magicus.

Next are the Grand Master Keys, seven staffs which can imitate the powers of the creator on a higher level. These are the ones held by Dunamis and Fate.

Finally, there is the unique Great Grand Master Key.

The power one can draw from this is equal to the creator himself – truly, the ‘world’s last key’.

With this power… it should be possible to return the ones who have disappeared to normal!”

* Another round of applause for Nodoka as even Tatsumiya is surprised at how much information she got.

Chisame: This is exactly why that bastard considered her dangerous…

* Haruna reports on the abnormal amount of floating rocks in a place supposedly drained of mana, and this apparently started only a few hours ago; a large amount of mana is gathering at the Gateport. “Kosmo Entelekheia is starting something…”

* LOL @ chibi Takamichi and Godel. Also, crowded ships are bloody crowded.

* And finally, Negi asks Asuna to go with him into the Diorama first, for a face-to-face talk.

Next chapter looks to be very interesting, especially in how Negi will go about unmasking Shiori/Asuna…




  1. A few chapters later…

    *Dark Negi gets the GGMK*
    Negi:”And with the Great Grand Master Key, I will be able to open the door of this world – the door which will open the realm where all the people’s hearts of this world are…Kingdom Hearts!
    Kingdom Hearts, fill me with the power of darkness!”
    Sora:” You’re wrong! Kingdom Hearts is light!”
    *Dark Negi dies from a ray of light*

    That’s how Negima will end. Seriously.

    Well, whatever, thanks for the info. I hope, Cnet can translate the raws from RP, which have this stupid watermark. :-/

    Comment by Shure — March 9, 2010 @ 12:36 am

  2. Just started reading your blog, and I have to say I’m quite addicted. Snarky troper reviews get automatic A+ in my book.

    Comment by orion — March 11, 2010 @ 6:41 pm

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