February 28, 2010

281 – Pactio spammers

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(First off: is dat sum Latin I see thar?)

Read this chapter with “Kung Fu Fighting” in the background for maximum enjoyment.

* I think I’ve beat that particular horse enough – Yue fanboy cough – so I won’t say much of Yue and Beatrix’ roaring rampage. But was it just the scene cut, or did she just launch White Lightning with zero incantation?

Anyway, aforementioned Latinz:

EDIT: Fixed for more fitting transliteration and translation.

Confirmatio Glacialis
Freezing Weapon Reinforcement

Confirmatio Fulminas
Shocking Weapon Reinforcement

(Oh, and right, Beatrix was old-worlder? Am I seeing another addition to Ala Alba?)

* Mana interrupts as she frequently does, bullets first.

“Power attained from anger clouds your judgment… stay cool on the battlefield, Ayase Yue.”

(Isn’t she already cool enough? Cough.)

* Finally, it seems like Yue is getting her memories back – at the very least, she remembers Nodoka. Though I think it would be a lot more interesting if part of her memory loss is permanent and we get to see how she’ll adjust back at Mahora.

* With the guests evacuated, the group in the ballroom (Shiori/Asuna, Misora, Takane, Mei) are starting to pull out themselves, with Mana, Yue, and Beatrix as the vanguard clearing a path.

* Back to Haruna and company, where Sayo is still on the minigun, they are still being chased by the B-movie tentacle Cthulhu thing, and every line looks like it’s taken from a space naval battle.

(But really now. Demonition Torpedoes? Fire main cannon? Captain Haruna? Full to port?)

* Vrkso Nagasya (the Dragon Tree, because probably no one can remember its actual name) goes down in one hit from Cthulhu, thanks to Code of the Lifemaker. The crew on Theodora’s ship mentions that “this is very similar to the phenomenon twenty years ago…”

* Apparently, Chachamaru’s Pactio artifact came from the future and was made by Chao. Yeah, I dunno lol.

Type-2130 Chao Bao Zi Satellite Support System


…Yeah, I’m lost.

“It is so powerful that I was worried about how I should use it, but this opponent is perfect for a trial shot.”


It seems to have been effective… Chao.”

(LOL @ Haruna’s response. “Portable Satellite Weapon Control Terminal WANT!”)

* With the collective saves of Theo, Seras, JEAN-LUC RICARD, and JEAN-LUC RICARD’s hair, Ala Alba might just be getting the recognition they deserve.


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  1. A bit-off Topic:-
    I had also created a pactio/artifact info thread on “Mangahelpers”.

    Though it is not upto the mark as the one you have made here, it is still good. If you can, could you check that thread out for me & tell me what i should do to make it better.
    Also i would like to ask your permission to add the link of the artifact section (as well your site) on my thread.
    Another thing i wanted to ask was from were did you get the extra info about the artifacts from. Are they from those extra info pages at the end present in the Volume releases.

    Comment by SL from MH — March 2, 2010 @ 5:36 pm

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