February 21, 2010

280 – Tomb Raider, starring Miyazaki Nodoka

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Well well.

She hasn’t gotten to the level of spell-slinging sword-waving Awesome!Yue just yet, but the Magic World has toughened up Nodoka quite a bit.

* First off, the shadow mage’s name is “Dynamis” (or Dunamis, whichever anglicisation you prefer). Starting to notice a trend with names here concerning Kosmo Entelekheia members…

* Aforementioned physical stunts by Nodoka, of all people. Yes, she already has the prerequisites (Library Exploration Club back at Mahora, tomb raiding treasure hunting for the past month or two) but it’s really, really incredulous to see Nodoka take this sudden leap.

(Of course, it’s justified in that during their travels together, Nodoka had asked Aisha to teach her some basic physical reinforcement magic, and Craig to teach her how to put up something of a fight.)

Dodging physical attacks, fair enough, but dodging the same spell that screwed over Kaede back at the Gateport, that’s… wow. Taking Dunamis’ staff from right under his nose – and then using it deflect all his attacks, and using it “Relocate” (read: teleport) herself and Asakura – is a bonus.

* Apparently, all magic related to the Code of the Lifemaker is spoken in English…

* Of course, Dunamis manages to catch up to them more or less instantly – either relocation magic is stupidly easy to track, or K.E. members are just that good at magic traces, considering Fate pulled the same trick before.

(Speaking of which, for some reason, he doesn’t seem to be a subordinate of Fate, considering he calls Fate by his real name – which he hates – and the text refers to him as ‘yatsu’, which is pretty rough.)

* Dunamis and the other K.E. members are “forbidden to kill ‘humans'” (remember Fate’s comment about Anya from before?) but he could still “take this girl’s soul to the ‘land of eternity’ – to Kosmo Entelekheia“. Well, that explains the name, at least…

* Setsuna gets another chalk on her Big Damn Heroes tally, landing sword-first and cutting off Dunamis’ arm, then cutting him apart with another slash – which doesn’t seem to do much, as apparently the “shadow mage” moniker can be taken literally.

* With their new partner relationship, Konoka can directly power up Setsuna (which coincidently uses the same term as Magia Erebea: Mana Charge 魔力充填).

* Takemikazuchi, the Sword God, Setsuna’s new artifact revealed a while back, can apparently grow in size based on mana input.

* Dunamis goes away for reasons best known to himself (“not interested” sums up his response to Kaede and Setsuna preparing to attack)

* Kaede suggests a hasty retreat, as for whatever reason K.E. members were instructed not to harm them (excessively). Yuuna gets pissed that they’ve decided to run* and Nodoka tells everyone that there is still a way to bring everyone back – if they can get their hands on the world’s “Last Key”, the Great Grand Master Key.

* From Japanese discussion: “Funny you should say that, considering you can do jack shit about it.”

PS: Also, Akamatsu finally gives the Japanese name for Melan Kai Spharikon Dasmoterion, and… it’s exactly the same as the Greek name.


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  1. I was loling so hard over the Freudian aspects of Setsuna’s artifact. She really likes her swords, doesn’t she?

    Comment by orion — March 11, 2010 @ 6:54 pm

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