February 5, 2010

279 – the last hope

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– Negi goes black right off the bat. Maybe this’ll be the set up for him to eventually stop using Magia Erebea…?

(Or better yet, have Negi beat the darkness and use it anyway.)

– “Ra, Rakan…?”
“What, this? This is just fighting spirit.
If you put your heart into it, everything will work out.”

“…Looks like you’ve reached the truth behind this world.

…Well, I’m not saying that a kid like you needs to bear the entire world on your shoulders.

Have Asuna help you.

Besides the Lifemaker’s power, you should think about if they have the real Asuna right now.

…Heh… See ya, kid. Don’t get swallowed up by the darkness.

Don’t look back. Keep your eyes ahead, and keep going.”

– And back to Nodoka and the shadow mage:

“There’s no need to fear, little girl.
You will not die here.
As with those who had disappeared, you too will only be transported to a land of eternity.

But you will be different.
As a human, you will leave behind the flesh.

“…You think that I’m just a little girl…
You’ve let your guard down, sorcerer.

I ask, for your true name!


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