December 21, 2009

Negima 274

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Since Negima is now foreign-less and will be for who knows how long (possibly until the end of the manga), and it would be weird to have lists titled “Latin/Greek spells” when the majority of the terms are now plain Japanese, I am considering reverting to just translated Japanese for all terms and pages (Latin/Greek/whatever names will be mentioned in the entry if they had one). Well, anyway, it’s too early for this. Let’s see how the tankubon handles this.

Anyway, 274 is basically the showing off chapter. Sayo getting loopy with a minigun (“Ahahahaha! For some reason, this is getting fun!”)… Kaede’s artifact name revealed… Setsuna’s new artifact with Konoka revealed…

(Tengu no Kakuremino)
Cloak of the Tengu

The Lightning Sword God

Along with Ku Fei’s artifact, I’m wondering how Akamatsu had planned to reconcile these with Greco-Latin mythology.

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