October 5, 2009

Negima 266 : “The world is our enemy.”

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Well, raws were bloody fast this week.


– To get it out of the way, Godel’s room is a set-up ‘projected into imaginary space/phantasmagoria’ (or something like that) hence the backdrop.

– Godel thought that with Negi so unstable due to Magia Erebea it would be easy to ‘pull him over’ to his side… which didn’t work, obviously. Chisame tells him to get on with it and explain why he wanted to do it in the first place.

“50,000,000 mages of mixed-blood descent; Megalo-Mesembria, the superpower wielding the greatest military strength in the magic world; at its core is the M.M. Senate. That is our enemy.

The Mage of the Beginning who was destroyed – that was also our, humanity’s, enemy.

Those who continue to follow his will, Fate Averruncus and company, they are currently the most dangerous enemy.

The empire of demi-humans, Hellas. Unfortunately, they are also nothing but an obstacle.

It’s simple, yes? Basically — I want you to crush them all!

That is the reason why I want you to lend me your strength.

Thus — we can save all the peoples of this dying world… every single one of our 67,000,000 brethren.

That is our objective.”

As Chisame points out, that more or less makes the entire world their enemy. Of course, as Nodoka says, Godel just said that he was one of the M.M. Senators.

– Godel considers what happened to Negi six years ago “a sin he won’t escape from” but doesn’t deny it when Asakura says he wasn’t actually involved.

He really does seem willing to die for the cause. He just needed someone for Negi to beat on, and “wouldn’t mind” if he was killed after everything was over.

– Finally, Nodoka confirms all this with Diarium Ejus, and that he was not involved six years ago.

(Possible point of interest, Godel – who Negi calls “Kurt-san”, by the way – notes Diarium Ejus by name. How did he know?)

– Godel shows Negi “the story of your father and mother” to have him understand directly – starting with Nagi defeating the Life Maker.

“Everything will be filled. There is no solution. Eventually, even they will fall under despair.

Become the hero who defeats me. And then, become the consolation for your flock.

But, never forget.

You are not an exception.

(Nagi does it the Gurren-Dan way)

“In the end, even you will understand – that the ‘eternity’ I speak of is the only philanthropy that can save ‘every soul’.”

(Nagi: “Don’t look down on us humans!”)

…Aaaand the chapter ends leading into the next, Nagi and Arika after the war.

It’s been a long time coming.

EDIT: I didn’t even notice this the first time, but when Negi did that last attack, the staff transformed into lightning, and he threw it like a spear. Very, very similar to Titanoktonon.

*Adds another note in the “WTF?” list*


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