September 30, 2009

Negima 265

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Late, not much to say, because the chapter was informative yet went nowhere.

– Diarium Ejus was totally overwhelmed by Magia Erebea, the first time the diary has failed, or maybe it should be said it worked too well and it just overloaded. Apparently enough so that the automatic ‘translation’ function broke down (or maybe the English’s just artistic license).

– The problem with Negi was the Mesembrina Senate views him as not “son of the hero Nagi Springfield” but “son of the Queen of Calamity Arika”.

– Godel seems to have wanted Negi to actually kill him, given his ‘disappointment’ when the girls brought him back from crazy demon mode. But it’s doubtful as Godel doesn’t strike me as the “dying for the cause” type.

– Negi’s choice turns out to be more or less correct, as Asakura, Nodoka, and Chisame are the ones who can appeal to him with words and emotions, something the fighters wouldn’t have managed quite as well.

– Chisame really is dethroning Asuna in this chapter. She was the only one completely distracted from worrying about ‘the other’ Negi (it never occurred to me at the time that Chisame hadn’t known about six years ago*) and the one to give the final blow – and longest rant – to bring him back to normalcy.


We have no idea what pains you tasted that day. We don’t even know how long that night of loneliness and anguish has carried you. But that’s not all, is it? Is worthless vengeance the only thing you gained that day?! That can’t be right!

No, what took hold inside you…”

– Seeing Nagi actually tearing up while hidden under the hood was… quite something.

* Which reminded me of something else from 2ch: it really is getting hard to keep track of and figure out who knows how much about what at any given time.


So what does attacking Negi’s village in such a roundabout way actually do for M.M. (or that “one part of M.M.”, as Eva puts it)? Evidently it’s something to do with Negi himself, and the way Godel planned this it’s as though they all expected Negi to have the potential to ‘fall to darkness’ in the first place.

And apparently, even Mahora itself has Mesembrina Senators in their higher-ranking members.

Well, I suppose for now we just take Chachazero’s theory:

“They did it ’cause it was fun, dumbass.”

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