September 24, 2009

Sept.25 small stuff (now with more Shinmeiryuu)

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General housekeeping. I really should just make Updates a real-time message-board type display so I don’t have to bother with posts.

Formatted Spells – only Latin spells, and a lot of stuff is cut for reorganisation (Magia Erebea and Pactio are probably getting their own pages).

Greek Spells now in its own page. Added the blurb about Kosmike Krystallopegia and finally got most of the rest of Kosmike Katastrophe up.

(More updates to follow…)

Negima Vol.27 still not available at local store. Waiting for it or scans, whichever shows first.

PS: Fairly sparse Shinmeiryuu page is up. Still working on Concepts terminology at the mo.

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