September 16, 2009

Negima 264

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* One big plot hook right in the first two pages: Albiero asked both Evangeline and Eishun to go see him because of certain ‘information’.

* Godel asks Negi to meet him, with three companions, no more and no less. Negi picks Nodoka, Asakura, and Chisame. Asakura is there to gather information, Nodoka is to “act as previously arranged”, and Chisame is there… because Negi “wants her by his side at all times” (for her advice). Bad wording is bad.

Godel meets them in a ‘special room’ (think holopad) where he lays it on again: “Which do you really want to know about?”

A. the secret of Mundus Magicus
B. the goal of Kosmo Entelekheia
C. whether or not Arika is alive
D. where Nagi is

And before Negi could even answer, Godel denies him and says, no, what he really want to know is who his true enemy is, so he can have his revenge on the ones who attacked six years ago.

“Until you can fulfill this desire, you will never be able to enjoy your time spent with your friends – just a person filled with emptiness.”

“You’ve thought about all the possibilities, haven’t you? From that night onwards, every single day, you have sharpened the blade of vengeance, alone…”

A. Fate Averruncus
B. the demons
C. the Mage of the Beginning

“Any one of them would be an appropriate ‘mastermind’, and your revenge on them would make your tale very straightforward, no? But… the real world is a bit more complicated, a bit more shadier than that… ”

“It was us. In other words, the Megalo-Mesembria Senate. We are all of us masterminds. Of course, you would have considered this as well —”

* And as most of you will already know from the spoilers, Negi cuts him off with a SHORYUKEN.

Oh, this is going to be good. Or really really bad.

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