August 4, 2009

Negima 260 (ramble)

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Still on the recovering end of a bout of flu. Anyway, the last two chapters have been nothing special (in relation to what Vetus is for, I mean) except all of Fate’s girls have shown their abilities.

Homura is a fire spirit/a salamander and can basically “flame on” like the armationem of Incendium Gehennae. I’m still wondering on the significance of her one-eyed flame power – why does it seem like it’s a separate ‘add-on’? She’s definitely not (completely) human, but only one of her eyes ever goes, er, torchy. And on that same subject, lol horns.

Koyomi is a, er, panther half-beast? And not too surprisingly, Horaria Porticus can be used to speed herself up, though the mechanics behind it will need an explanation. (It’s already said that she can’t make exemptions when setting down time fields – ie. everything in it gets affected including herself – so I guess it’s a ‘sped-up’ bounded field around herself?)

Shirabe is a dryad… is what I originally thought a couple dozen chapters back, but this chapter puts that in a new light. “Plant spirit/dryad possession, greatest manifestation” seems more like she’s demoning up dryads – then again, she is one for sure (her capturing vines are “an ability of my race”) so that’s weird. Anyway, seeing as she ‘became’ a tree dragon, it might be a good time to get that Creatures page up and running (because after all, I still haven’t translated ‘vrkso nagasya’ from volume 24, and who knows what relevance it might have…)

Tamaki, like the rest, beasts out and gets (just to go with the random words in this post) lizardy. Technically she’s a ‘dragon half-beast’.

This does put a dent in my original idea that Fate’s girls in part represent the “four constructs” (salamandra, drya, undina, sylpha) that Akamatsu brought up long ago during the Festival arc and the fact that all of them including Fate are constructs are supposed to be a plot point connected to “the magic to begin and end the world”. Let’s see how this turns out…

PS: Fate was totally going “Gate of Babylon” there with his pillars.

PPS: Well, I’ve translated Vrkso Nagasya for no particular reason (but it’s really short anyway) and put it into WIP due to a lack of actual content in Creatures. Bah.


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