July 23, 2009

Negima 258 : death flag

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I’ve already updated the entry after the spoilers, but it deserves repeating, because it’s finally confirmed. Mundus Magicus is Mars. Well, a spirit/phantasmal world overlapping on the ‘real’ Mars. The term is 「異界」 ‘spirit world’, as Nodoka continually repeats, an overlapping world that is slightly removed from the real world (ah, Gensokyo, then?)

Negi strings the following together immediately:

“The cradle of civilization”
“The power of the Age of Gods”
“Life Maker”
“The Mage of the Beginning”
“The founder’s descendants”
“The magic to begin and end the world”
“Princess of twilight”


“As long as an artificial spirit world exists, destruction cannot be avoided.” <- v. loose

(I haven't found an actual source to this yet, if there is one – 1908 theory? – so for now, the actual importance of this line will be an IOU.)

And this all somehow links back to Chao, who of course claimed to be from the future where "Mars was inhabited", not to mention that she herself cannot use magic for some reason, despite being a Springfield descendant…

Chisame brings up that this feels like "the point of no return" – if he continues trying to find out 'the secret of this world' then he wouldn't be able to return to the 'normality' of Mahora.

In other news, Rakan is almost guaranteed to die or somehow be removed from (most of) the rest of the story. It's been built up that Ala Alba is supposed to 'succeed' Ala Rubra and finish the job, so to speak, and now pretty much every member of Ala Rubra is gone: Nagi and Arika disappeared, Zecht is… somewhere, Gateau is dead, Al is trapped, Rakan has this very foreboding chapter, and I'd be surprised if something doesn't happen to Takamichi very soon.

On Fate (大)'s side, he goes right ahead and calls the inhabitants of Mundus Magicus "unknowing, pathetically transient puppets".

And finally (packed chapter is packed), we get to the confrontation between Rakan and Fate. Did Rakan mean Fate was invited to the ball? What did he mean when he called his adult form a way to “catch up with Negi”?

Next chapter, I guess.

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