June 23, 2009

Negima 255 : “the man who knows it all”

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So, carrying over the 254 cliff:

* Godel gives a multiple-choice to Negi on his “true enemy”:

A) the secret society which is planning on destroying the world
B) the ones who took your father away
C) the ones who burned down your village and changed your foundation as a person

(loose:) “A is the present. B is the future. C is the past. You’re not really interested in A, because you can only see B. But the truth of truths is that your motivation is C. That is why you press onto and move towards the future. […] That is why you mastered Magia Erebea, isn’t it? It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You have a right to vengeance.”

Negi should ‘already know who did it’ – who would benefit and gain the most…

Godel asks Negi again to team up with him, then he would be able to ‘complete his wish’. Otherwise, Negi (“a dangerous existence”) will have to leave the stage.

* Negi goes into Mega Dynamene 2 (which has its own name now!) and denies Godel (again). His wound is unaffected, though.

* Tosaka and Craig use smoke bombs (magical sensory/trace interference) to ward off Godel. Setsuna takes Asuna, but not before Godel sees her, and they recognize each other.

* Apparently, Konoka’s “complete healing” with Flabellum Euri/Australe only works once a day, so Negi and Asuna argue about who to heal first. Konoka goes for Asuna anyway, then uses regular healing on Negi. Setsuna is studying his wound for some reason.

* Alone, Negi asks Asuna why her Magic Cancel didn’t work against Godel. Asuna thought it would work too, but she puts it down as her ‘not being very good at it’ and her emotions (from the stripping).

* Shiori makes an appearance! Apparently ‘Asuna’ works like an external personality, while subconsciously Shiori (totally separate) is still in control. ‘Asuna’ really does think she is the real thing, and Shiori can feel what ‘Asuna’ feels (emotions, etc.)

* And for all the NegixAsuna fans… Shiori pretty outright calls it “platonic love” – not that it can’t develop into something more, but coming from Shiori, this is worth noting. According to Shiori, Signum Biolegens can wear off if the “user’s own emotions are swayed” – eg. if Shiori herself fell in love with Negi.

(Also, apparently Fate’s plan springs in “one more day”.)

* Godel invites Ala Alba to a ball in the “New Ostia Palace”. Setsuna reveals that Godel is Shinmeiryuu (rly now ^^;;) and the techniques he used are forbidden to anyone except “the head of the family”.

Rakan waltz in: “Hey, I heard. You got beaten by Eishun’s student?”

Another chapter, another bundle of factoids.

Godel knows Negi’s motives pretty much down to the letter, so no matter which side he’s on or plays, he’s in it pretty deep. I guess the point of being Eishun’s student will have some significance later.

Mega Dynamene 2:

「雷天双壮」 (raiten sousou?) – Twin Vigour of the Thunderous Sky
タストラパー・ヒューペル・ウーラヌー・メガ・デュナメナー (Tastrapa? Hyper Oranu Mega Dynamena)

As for the Shinmeiryuu techniques, Setsuna says the one(s) Godel used (Zanmaken, I’m assuming) is/are supposed to be only taught to the “head of family” – and of course, there is the handy explanation of Eishun.

So, another chapter of plot thickener.



  1. correction about the magical cancel ability, the explanation ‘asuna’ gave anyway-

    she pointed out that her being able to cancel magic hasnt stopped magic from stripping her before… which is true… pretty much the only thing its been doing if left ‘passive’ (no control exerted over it from asuna), it only protects her body from magical effects, not anything else… she can however use it to shield folks from magic and such, but only if she focuses on doing so…

    anyway, that was her only point, that magic’s been stripping her of her clothing for ages, even though she’s got the null magic ability…

    negi’s done it loads of times, i think the first person /not/ negi to have hit her clothing was the stone magic guy… tried to petrify her, but it only petrified her clothes, which then crumbled… after that i didnt bother much keeping track of who stripped asuna seein as quite a few of the big magical battles she is in, she ends up naked O.o

    so, she was saying ‘not very good at it’, and ‘it doesnt protect my clothes anyway’, as in maybe theres something else involved she hasnt figured out yet… but yea, the second part wasnt a referance to emotional instability, but the fact that so far she doesnt know how it works, and on its own it seems to be rather unpredictable, which is crazy after that training she went through with eva :X

    Comment by kyanos — July 5, 2009 @ 6:09 pm

  2. So… what are you correcting exactly???

    It wasn’t talking about Zanmaken (because, like you said, Asuna’s always gotten stripped without problems, Negi did it just a few chapters ago). Negi and Asuna were discussing why Zankuusen hit, because even Godel thought Magic Cancel would deflect it.

    Comment by Jin — July 6, 2009 @ 4:41 pm

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