June 17, 2009

Negima 254 : “I can’t hear you over the sound of my own awesome”

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Godel is another villainous type, which unfortunately means Negi gets another beatdown – though this looks to be temporary.

* Seras shows up in person backed by Valkyries and tries to hold off Godel’s advances.

* Adding to his mysteriousness, Godel somehow knew that the ‘Nagi’ who tied with Rakan was Negi in disguise.

* Seras uses telepathy to tell Negi that “his objective is you”, and is very likely the one who put the bounty on him in the first place. Godel manages to intercept this entire exchange – another first.

* Godel describes Negi’s power as ‘the real thing’ and ‘without equal’ (literally “never before, never again”) and that it is a “power to save the world”.

* “Or are you just satisfied with beating on that Averruncus? No, that’s belittling you.”

* Should be obvious by now, but Godel confirms Negi’s lineage – Vespertatia bloodline, “the last remnant of the creators of this world”.

* Godel finally drops everything and just outright offers a ‘rule the world with me’ (you get half, I get half…) Negi denies instantly (“Children are irritating…”)

* Negi’s “burst up” causes something to graze Godel’s cheek, which he takes as grounds for self-defense… except the entire MM Elite squad gets taken out by Mega Dynamene.

* Seras orders the Valkyries to secure Negi and protect the Governor – he did attack first, and she can get him away from Godel – but Godel, in his most awesome line yet: “That will not be necessary”. Cue Shinmeiryuu asskicking.

* Godel’s techniques:

斬岩剣 弐の太刀 (Rock Cleaving Sword, Second Cut)
Cuts ‘off’ Negi’s left arm and leg, but being in lightning form, Godel comments that “physical attacks don’t seem to work”. It also goes clean through Negi’s barriers.

斬魔剣 弐の太刀 (Demon Cleaving Sword, Second Cut)
Exorcism technique that managed to go through Mega Dynamene and hit Negi directly.

“Shinmeiryuu is that which protects the people and defeats the demon – the sword of exorcism.”

* Asuna, Yue, and Emily all attack Godel, but he uses Zanmaken again in a ‘stripping’ function (remember Love Hina?) Asuna keeps going anyway and gets hit with 斬空閃 (Air Cleaving Flash) – that it hits at all seems to surprise Godel, who says it should have been canceled out.

* Finally, Godel goes back to Negi: “Do you understand who you must face with that power? […] Shall I teach you… the name of your true enemy?”

Well, that was an informative chapter (hence this long, long post). Godel further secures his antagonistic role, but as a third party against Kosmo Entelekheia. ‘Asuna’/Shiori is more or less busted, as it’s clear that she doesn’t have Magic Cancel (which is how I thought it would turn out a few posts back). Whether anyone besides Godel noticed in the heat of battle…

On the factual side… Shinmeiryuu techniques are really damn powerful. All of Godel’s attack went right through magic barriers, and Zanmaken actually went right through Negi’s Armationem. Maybe I should put up a Shinmeiryuu section next…


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