May 26, 2009

Negima 252

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And finally, we see a non-Negi pactio (actually see it happen, I mean).

Coming up on the end of 251‘s fanservice antics, 252 continues with a plot thickener.

* First 4 pages = Konoka & Setsuna date. Setsuna starts worrying on the whole “holding the sword vs. happiness” issue again – she’s really ‘living in bliss’, so her blade has grown dull, “if I stop being a swordsman, what kind of future do I have…?”

* The “Ostia Governor” is クルト・ゲーデル (Kurt Godel… this one?) – a former Senator of the Megalomesembrina Trust Territories. The guys he brought are “bodyguards”, even though armed forces aside from Ariadne Valkyries are not allowed within city limits during the festival (Collet calls – well, thinks – him a liar right away).

* He says he popped up to investigate the “Valkyries Gone Wild” in 251, but it’s pretty obvious he’s here for Negi, who he recognises as the son of the ‘great hero’… and the orphan of the “disastrous queen who destroyed her own people and country, Arika Anarkia Entheofushia”. Well, that’s another point confirmed…

* KonoxSetsu date continues – details can wait until the translations, but Konoka wants to be a Magister Magi, “great mages like Negi’s father and mother”.

….And even though I said I wouldn’t talk much about plot here, I did it anyway. Right… this chapter’s special.


And updates… er, nothing much. Rearranged the ‘Contracted’ section of Artifacts – now it’s sorted by the contracting Mage.

PS: And on that note – still waiting for Negima 26. It’s a bit early for scans, but I can’t even find a copy locally, and there’d be snow in Hell before I decide to import it, so… I’m complaining for no reason since it’s my fault anyway. Blah.

PPS: For some reason, the Work in Progress page got the Spells stuff pasted on two weeks ago and I never noticed. Whoops.

PPPS: Gone through 247 again for no particular reason, I noticed that when Negi pulled Rakan into that “show of strength” thing, Rakan’s attack was “Rakan Impact”… which really puts Rakan’s level of brokenness in a new light.


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